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Wed 16th Dec 2009

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jack0 commented on Sonic Colours:

FINALLY!! this game is what sonic should be!! and they haven't tried to make and corny storyline either! they've just taken the Mario approach to the story, but in this case, break all eggmans stuff.



jack0 commented on Fils-Aime: Nintendo's Biggest Current Threat i...:

apple will have absolutly nothing on nintendos 3ds, ther two different things, 1 is a dedicated platform with siccckk games such as mario, and the other is some try hard mobile gaming platform with little simple games such as angry birds and fruit ninja



jack0 commented on This Plush Donkey Kong Can Be Yours Down Under:

YES finnaly somthing Australia doesn't miss out on!!! and its exclusive to Australia too!

far out all you yanks sound so stupid complaining about this, you guys get everything first or exclusive to the states, us Australians are suprised all the new releases are coming out before christmas.



jack0 commented on First Sonic Colours Gameplay Trailer Drills, D...:

@ 1st comment
they were showing off sonic 4 at comic con its going to be on wii ware, xbla and ps3n

and im very happy that the devs for colours listened about the fact that we dont like fighting and dark sonic!



jack0 commented on Metroid: Other M:

yes, must want.... good thing there not doing a 1st person game again, they've kinda exausted wat they could do with it