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Tue 7th Apr 2009

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Tails commented on Review: Flip the Core (DSiWare):

Nice review corbs. I literally wrote a review for this game just recently for the website i work with. gave it a 6.5. I agreed with everything you said too. Loose controls they could have been tighter. But also the music wasn't half bad neither. Would have like a soundtest feature if anything. Hope we can possibly get a sequel.



Tails commented on Wii Has Featured Fewer New IPs Than Rivals:

@retro_player_22: You forgot also Phantom Brave: We Meet Again. (I believe that was also a Wii Game only. If i'm wrong sorry.) Also Nintendo just needs to release games like Starfox & FZero. Kirby would be nice But Zelda I can wait for another year for Zelda. Lets just see what they have in store for us.



Tails commented on Nintendo Download: 19th April 2012 (North Amer...:

Nothing for me this week.. But i might try the Pyramids game out. I am at least glad for people who don't have Kid Icarus: UR can now get the 3D verison. (Being poor isn't cool But, at least Nintendo isn't flooding e-shop right now with games.) I'll expect big stuff coming E3 to the service though. Especially for Wii U.



Tails commented on Rayman Origins 3DS Delay Goes Worldwide:

I probably won't pick it up day one But i too want to see what the 3D depth can do to this game. Every version i have played on (excluding the Vita version cause its not on the demo and that i don't have one.) Has been outstanding. I think it will be an awesome game to play via handheld with great 3D effects and maybe the possibility of it have extra content included for 3DS only. But i'll wait till i hear more.



Tails commented on Tekken 3D's Multiplayer Mode is 2D Only:

They took out too many modes for this game. So I cancelled my preorder and decided instead to preorder Tales of the Abyss 3D. Which also comes out the same day. No harm done on my end. Might pick up the game when it is around $25 or less though.



Tails commented on Out Today: Resident Evil Revelations (North Am...:

After playing already 3 episodes so far of RE: Revelaitons (typo intended) I honestly love the game.. The CPP though is exactly what I expected. "Nicely made secondary Circle Pad and Bumper Triggers ." (with also that 2nd R button of course.) Not the clicky loud buttons like on a DSi system. Will keep this game for a VERY long time.



Tails commented on Nano Assault Delayed Until December 5th:

Already have my preorder... I was upset that when i went on the 22nd to pick it up.. They said delayed.. But that gives them more time to fix up anything wrong with the game. Go Shin'en! I can't wait to play this amazing game in 3D !



Tails commented on Zelda and Mario Break Into UK Top Ten:

Skyward Sword will get to the top soon. With Black Friday around the corner in the US I am more than positive Skyward Sword and 3D Land will fly off the shelves. Very nicely done so far Nintendo.



Tails commented on First Impressions: Nano Assault:

This will be a for sure pick up after I get Skyward sword. I Love it beautiful graphics intense gameplay and 32 levels?!. Shin'en Multimedia keep on cranking out those awesome games.



Tails commented on Sonic Generations Still On Course for Release ...:

I'll be picking up the 360 version so the 3DS version doesn't really bother me if its a little delayed. But for those who have it preordered or are picking it up.. Hope its smoothing sailing for you 3DS owners getting your copies on Nov.



Tails commented on 3DS Second Circle Pad Formally Announced:

I'll still buy it. Just to try it out. But as everyone else is saying, I hope that battery will not run out real quickly. And also does anyone know anything about if it actually has anything built in other than just the circle pad? Is it another trigger in the back or dual triggers?



Tails commented on Round Table: Looking Back at the Star Fox Series:

Nice article . Waiting to see really what this game can do now on 3DS. Really liked reading this round table look back at Starfox in the earlier years. Sure brings back memories. and "DO A BARREL ROLL!"



Tails commented on Feature: 20 Years of the Super NES:

Always will have a place in my heart as the greatest Console that ever was made by Nintendo. Such amazing games, Such amazing soundtracks, Such epicness that will never be matched ever again.



Tails commented on Download More New Solatorobo DS Quests Now:

I'm hoping that Gamestop is giving true confirmation about the OST that is suppose to be included with the game for the NA launch. (Has it labeled there so we can only hope its true.) Hope also this DLC comes to NA as well



Tails commented on Hands On: Netflix for 3DS:

I have already watched over 5 tv shows and 3 movies with this wonderful Netflix App. Heck even playing Lewis Black stand up which was awesome. I am signed up to Netflix 4 life. Now just gotta wait for that 3D feature.



Tails commented on E3 2011: Reader Questions:

Congrats to you WolfRamHeart. Hope you enjoy all of those goodies, and awesome mine made it on the site as well. Thanks for picking my question Nintendolife.



Tails commented on Talking Point: Should Nintendo Have Made the 3...:

Having a cartridge i believe is just the nostalgia of being a gamer. Yes they are nice to have for collecting and as well as playing. But anyone can download a game off the internet. Having a actual game cartridge i believe is still going to be the true way to go for still a while longer. Yes we will eventually have everything downloadable, But I still think It's going to be still awhile longer before it happens.



Tails commented on Wii Just Couldn't Handle Sonic Generations:

@5: Jump that was hilarious! Also I agree with Link79's response. I think Project Cafe will get a release for it. If it doesn't the 3DS version will still be cool. Heck it could measure up probably great like the console versions. 3DS Sonic would be really cool.



Tails commented on Okay Australia, Your Zelda 3DS Pre-Order Bonus...:

I agree Shadx.. NA hasn't gotten anything good..except a very few amount of things... I wish we could atleast get something special for this game. A poster, or something. Heck if anything i'd even take a 3D Slipcover for my game like how they did for Super Street Fighter 4 3D.



Tails commented on Max & the Magic Marker Relaunching on Wii and DS:

I might take a look at getting this.. I still have that shirt that was signed by the real developers.. But i'll see if it goes down in price. If its $30 like everyone else said and has no extra content i'll be passing on it as well.



Tails commented on Tales of the Abyss 3DS Confirmed for Europe:

I still own the PS2 Version thanks to Pheonix (aka feenie which i still thank her for recommending me.) I might even pick up the 3DS version when it hits the US. But, it's great to see that Europe will be getting the game too. I know one certain person (from Youtube) that will get this day 1 release.



Tails commented on THQ Cancels Saints Row: Drive-By for 3DS:

I've honestly never bought a game from THQ ever except for Darksiders on the PS3, and that was a budget title that was horrible after just playing 30 mins of it. But, otherwise not worried about Saints Row never was a fan.



Tails commented on Review: Conduit 2 (Wii):

I took my chance the first time and knew i was smart not to try even looking at this piece of crap... I'd rather play Incoming than play this... (Yes i said it or I could say Sexy Poker. )



Tails commented on Nintendo Confirms New Console:

Will pass on this for now. Nintendo you really are trying to destroy my wallet this year. Last year was meh.. This year you are pulling out all the stops.



Tails commented on Don't Get Too Excited About Next Week's Invest...:

@Corbie: Ain't that the truth. I'll still listen in though. Otherwise i kinda hope there isn't a new console this year.. i don't think my wallet or parents could take me owning another game system. Atleast not just yet till one other kicks the bucket.



Tails commented on Shift Your Continuum with BlazBlue 3DS on 31st...:

I will sadly not be picking this up till it goes down in price. I just preordered Zelda 3D and Starfox 3D so don't worry though i'll get some more fighting games when my wallet isn't completely butchered. But it looks freaking amazing.