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imapterodactyl commented on WiiWare, Fez Developer Does Not Like You At All:

The man is absolutely right, and I'm sure there are boatloads of developers out there who feel exactly the same way; boats that Nintendo missed this time around for sure. I can only hope that they've learned a lesson and are planning on a hugely improved online strategy for the next go, or I'll almost definitely be skipping the system's next iteration.

And what's with all the shock over Fish's language? People should be able to be candid in interviews.

And finally, why do so many people turn a discussion of Wiiware's limitations into a "PSN SUCKS THO!" rant? For one, it doesn't even make sense. I actually picked up a PS3 specifically for the downloadable content. Just off the top of my head:

Pixeljunk Monsters
Pixeljunk Eden
Pixeljunk Shooter
Pixeljunk Shooter 2
Hard Corps: Uprising (blows the roof off Contra Rebirth, btw)
Costume Quest
Echochrome 2
Scott Pilgrim vs. the World
Pac-Man Championship Edition DX
Critter Crunch
Super Stardust HD
Lumines Supernova
Joe Danger

.... heck, the list would be way longer if I actually went and looked at my PS3, and if I counted upcoming releases. So quit being butt-hurt because somebody doesn't like the way your system of choice handles it's DLC and responding by complaining about the other services just because you got your feelings hurt. It's silly. Wiiware's got some good exclusives, yes (Bit-Trip!! Art Style!! Fluidity! etc), but it's pretty much guaranteed that if a game is released on all 3 services, the Wiiware version will be gimped. Or Wiiware just won't get a release at all because 40MB and no advertising or demos is simply not worth most developers' struggle.



imapterodactyl commented on Review: BIT.TRIP FLUX (WiiWare):

Nice review Corbie. You managed to answer pretty much every question I had about the game. Given that BEAT is still my favorite of the Bit.Trip series, I'm absolutely dying to get my hands on this one. Too bad my pockets are empty. Oh Thursday, will you never come?

Also, I never understood why people found Beat to be so hard. Of course it's difficult until you learn the patterns, but you pretty much get a little further every single time you play, until eventually you can practically finish the whole game with your eyes closed (okay, not THAT easy, but still pretty darn simple with open eyes). It's just basic muscle memory and rhythm. Same deal with Runner and Core. Void and Fate are the kids that, while you still love 'em, are starting to look a lot like the milkman.



imapterodactyl commented on Review: Sneezies (WiiWare):

Iz200x said: "Apple's exclusives are going down more and more each week..."

Seriously? There's gotta be like 1,000 iOS game releases in the iTunes store for every 1 that gets ported to Wiiware. That's got to be one of the silliest statements I've ever read. In reality, Apple's exclusives list is growing considerably every week; and it's not even like the top tier games are the ones to get ported... I doubt anybody's ever said "I sure wish I had an iPhone so I could get me some SNEEZIES"!!



imapterodactyl commented on Fils-Aime: Nintendo's Biggest Current Threat i...:

The iPod is a better gaming device than the DS. I easily get way more use out of my 3rd gen Touch than I do my DS. It's got no buttons, sure, but that's led to a LOT of games with some pretty cool and creative controls. The screen's higher resolution (MUCH higher on the new Retina display devices). Graphically, there are many iOS games that surpass the vast majority of PSP games. Way more opportunities for online play... and DS has it's touch screen sure, but iPod has multitouch, making for some interesting finger gymnastics. I still enjoy my DS, but it mostly sits in the corner of the room. And the poor PSP's buried in dust in my desk drawer, dying. The iPod's the only system with a constant influx of excellent games... mostly quick burst action and puzzle games, but an incredible number of high end full size AA titles too. I don't think it'll compete with the 3DS, by any means. But if I could only own 1 portable device right now, it wouldn't be a DS.



imapterodactyl commented on Review: lilt line (WiiWare):

It's different than the Bit.Trip games though, other than the basic rhythm theme. If Gaijin made a game that plays like Lilt Line, I'm not necessarily convinced that it would in fact be BETTER than Lilt Line. It's great fun... I just wish it had more levels. I'd easily pay $10 for a nice 30-35 levels. High score grinds are fun, but I'd love more songs and line tracks. But once again, that would require Nintendo to let up on it's super silly 40MB restriction. You know, the same restriction that's preventing Super Meat Boy from Wiiware release, which is an even saltier wound since Meat Boy's actually in Bit.Trip.Fate.



imapterodactyl commented on Review: lilt line (WiiWare):

@iphys: yes, after playing both versions in rapid succession, I would have to say that the Wiiware version is a little easier since you don't have to tilt the screen (although, that was part of the charm of the game imo.. there was a learning curve, but it certainly wasn't annoying... heck, the game was designed around the platform afterall). The Wiiware version adds a little difficulty though with the extra distracting effects on the screen every time you hit a beat. They can be disorienting, somewhat making up for the lack of tilting. And yes, the game is definitely worth $5. Heck, I spent $7.99 to have both versions and don't regret it a bit. (I'd get both versions of Bit.Trip.Beat too, but for a few more weeks I'm still stuck with an iPod touch 2nd gen, which doesn't support Beat. I have a friend with a jailbroken 2nd gen, so he was able to install Beat, but when the visuals get crazy flashy it slows down and hampers the gameplay. Smooth as silk on my brother's iPod 3rd gen and iPhone 4 though).

Also, I'd have to say that I very much disagree with the "difficulty wave" comment in this Lilt Line review. Based on my scores, I'd say that each level is certainly more difficult than the last. That being said, I'm not the greatest at these games, and I didn't have to play a single level more than twice to pass it on the Wiiware version, except for the very last one, which took me 6 tries to finish by the skin of my teeth. The difficulty in this game for most folks will be purely in getting high scores. I very much doubt that the vast majority of players will hit any "walls" preventing them from accessing all the levels the game has to offer. For most players, they'll see every level in the game within 30 minutes, easily.



imapterodactyl commented on Review: lilt line (WiiWare):

The game was a blast on iPhone, and this version is equally good. I agree that maybe it was a better fit on the portable device, since it definitely seems to be designed for short bursts of play. But those bursts are frickin' delightful, and the Wiiware release is definitely worth a purchase if you don't have an iPhone/iPod. That being said, if you DO have an iDevice, I'd go with that version instead. It's just as good, only $2.99 instead of $5, and you can carry it with you anywhere.

I'm glad the Wiiware version came out and put this game back on the radar... it reminded me that I still need to hop on the app store and get helicoid, Different Cloth's other game. I wonder how it stacks up?



imapterodactyl commented on Review: Fluidity (WiiWare):

For the amount of content in this incredibly fun game, 1200 points is a steal. People complaining that the price is too steep are simply being ridiculous. All Wiiware games are not created equally, or with the same budget. There's no reason a polished title like this should cost the same as the myriad 500 point shovelware on the service. I would have paid retail for this, easily. It's the most fun I've had with the Wii in a very long time.



imapterodactyl commented on lilt line Dubsteps to WiiWare on December 13th:

The iPhone version is excellent. I didn't even have to pay for it, as a friend added it to my phone because they wanted me to have it. As such, I have no problem throwing some money at the Wiiware version to support these guys. Fast and fun tilt 'n tap action! It's easy to picture what the Wiiware version will be like... tilt the Wiimote to control the line and press A or 2 to tap the barriers. Should play exactly the same as the iPhone release, just like iPhone Bit.Trip.Beat plays exactly the same as the Wiiware release. The game scoring system is the reverse of most. You start with the highest possible score, which drops every time you mess up. If if reaches zero, you lose.

My only issue with the original Lilt Line is that the difficulty doesn't ramp up until the last couple of levels, at which time it does become tough, but only for those last 2 or 3 stages. Hopefully the Wiiware version adds a few more tough levels at the end, as the ending levels are the only ones I play on iOS anymore. I've gotten perfect scores on the majority, so there's no point in going back to them.

@Token Girl: I don't imagine the Wiiware version will play any better or worse than the iPhone one. The phone version plays perfectly, and I don't think a bigger screen will make any difference here.



imapterodactyl commented on Nintendo Download: 29th November 2010 (North A...:

Airport Mania sounds a lot like the iDevice/PSN (Not yet released on PSN in the US) game Flight Control. Flight Control is amazing, btw. I hope Airport Mania is something other than a cheesy ripoff of it.

EDIT: Despite the description being similar, I did a little research on Airport Mania, and it actually seems to be a very different title than Flight Control. Even if it turns out bad, I still give it more credit than I would have if it was a decent ripoff of the excellent Flight Control.



imapterodactyl commented on Review: Donkey Kong Country Returns (Wii):

Otaku wrote: "Retro Touches a game and the game becomes awesome, please touch SF, so it can be awesome again, also if you and Dimps touch a sonic game (I know it wont happen because of Nintendo owning Retro) It would be 100x better then the already Awesome Sonic Colors"

What the heck is SF? San Francisco? Super Famicom? Sasquatch Fever? Really, I have a lot of trouble with these silly abbreviations that people always type instead of actual game titles.



imapterodactyl commented on If Donkey Kong Country Returns is Too Hard, Us...:

@HappyHappy who said "If Nintendo is using the super guide why not just include a walkthough with the game, that would make a bit more sense to me."

A walkthrough doesn't magically enhance your dexterity. People aren't getting stuck because they can't figure out a puzzle, they're getting stuck because their fingers aren't as nimble as they'd like. Lots of people have no trouble "figuring it out" as you put it, they just can't physically accomplish the task at hand. And they should be allowed to see the rest of the game that they paid for.



imapterodactyl commented on Digital Leisure's Mix Superstar Decks WiiWare ...:

Lots of you guys are gushing over this, but have you forgotten? Digital Leisure's track record outright blows. I'm guessing this is gonna be awful. An app like this belongs on a PC where it can actually have a decent feature set. While this isn't a game, it's surely nothing more than a toy. My expectations are very low... it's like getting a guitar for Christmas, but it turns out it's a Fisher Price. Or in this case, a crappy Fisher Price ripoff with faulty parts that fall off and kids choke on. Maybe I'll be pleasantly surprised, but I highly doubt it.



imapterodactyl commented on Super Meat Boy May Skip WiiWare and Head to Re...:

I wouldn't hesitate to buy it on disc, especially with extras.

Also, there's a little misinfo in your article: "Originally available on PC, the game was slated to be a WiiWare-exclusive on consoles before announced as heading to Xbox Live Arcade"

The old free flash-based Meat Boy was indeed on PC (which really can't compare with this new version at all), but as far as I know, SUPER Meat Boy is only available for 360, with an upcoming PC release.

But yeah, once again, I'd buy it on disc in a heartbeat.



imapterodactyl commented on Super Meat Boy Will Miss November Launch Window:

Incredibly lame. If Nintendo doesn't GREATLY improve it's online strategy with it's next system, I'll be avoiding it like the plague. I was actually really hoping to grab Meat Boy on PSN, but as it turns out, Sony apparently showed no interest, so my only other option is my brother's X-Box (which is only a temporary solution as he's just rooming with us, well, temporarily). PC is a no go as I want to play on my large LCD in the living room, not my little monitor. And no, moving my PC closer to the tv and running video out is NOT an option, as I know that's what some wise-ass is going to tell me to do.

Man, I used to love my Wii, but lately it's just become a fat string of disappointments.



imapterodactyl commented on Review: BIT.TRIP FATE (WiiWare):

Great review, but:

"If we've learned anything from the BIT.TRIP series, it's that you don't need a lot of flashy visuals or complicated mechanics to make a great game."

.... the Bit.Trip games are LOADED with flashy visuals.

Also, the control options sound almost exactly like those of Geometry Wars Galaxies, except for the limited control of Commander Video.

I think I'll pick this up later today.



imapterodactyl commented on Happy Holidays: Halloween:

Yep, it sucks. I wish your headline for Nintendo Download: 18th October 2010 reflected this though. You reviewed the game at 1/10, but your headline makes it sound like a very worthy download. If people don't take the time to read the actual review, they're screwed. Shame.



imapterodactyl commented on Review: Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1 (WiiWare):

While this game IS excellent, those who have the option should go with the PS3 version, as there's a real difference in the graphics and sound. The sound is less compressed, and therefore more full, and this applies to the graphics too. In comparison, the textures in the Wii version look very dithered, and if you've got an HDTV there's a HUGE difference between 480p and 720/1080. Exactly the same gameplay on both systems, though. My only other recommendation is to avoid the X360 version, as it's D-pad is terribly gimped, severely damaging the gameplay (as Sonic is certainly not meant to be played with an analogue stick). Great review James! After finishing the game, and being 1 emerald away from Super Sonic, I agree completely.

@Blizzaga: Yeah, $15 isn't bad at all. Considering a full-length Sonic game would cost you $40 back in the '90's (so a solid $50 if you consider inflation), this is a great deal. It just seems that everyone automatically assumes that 2d games take less work, and therefore should cost less. This is false.



imapterodactyl commented on Prepare for Celebrity Overload in Nintendo's C...:

I googled Jedward, and it turns out they're twins named "John Paul Henry Daniel Richard Grimes" and "Edward Peter Anthony Kevin Patrick Grimes". Jeeez, do a LOT of people over there have SIX NAMES? Please tell me it's a phenomenon as strange and awful as that of "Jedward". Ugh.



imapterodactyl commented on Review: Robox (WiiWare):

@zkaplan: "aging mechanics" is an inherently negative term. Sure, some old games have aging mechanics, but those are games that folks don't play anymore because the gameplay doesn't hold up. "Retro fans" don't just like any old crap because it's old, they like titles that stand the test of time. Those titles, for the most part, hold up just as well as they ever did, including in the controls department.



imapterodactyl commented on Review: Robox (WiiWare):

Blakey said: "All I was saying is that retro fans will enjoy the fact that the game does have some older style mechanics and a retro feel, however, the fact that it handles worse than a Robin Reliant is off putting. Oh, and that for a beautiful game there's about as much behind the looks as there is with Paris Hilton turned me off.
It's not that it feels too retro, there are loads of retro games with good controls, so that factor hasn't been replicated from the 1980's . I love retro games, on the proviso that they are actually fun."

OKAY! I actually got more insight out of this response than I did from your review. I'll avoid this game on those words. Thanks for saving me the $$.



imapterodactyl commented on Review: Robox (WiiWare):

This line: "Retro gaming fans will enjoy Robox for its idiosyncrasies and aging mechanics" seems pretty nu-gamer elitist to me. Do you really think retro gamers like the classics for 'idiosyncrasies and aging mechanics'? Sheesh. Turned me off to the whole review, unfortunately. You might as well have said "if you like crappy old games, you'll like this". 'Cuz that's sure as heck what it sounds like.



imapterodactyl commented on First Impressions: Lost in Shadow:

I've played the Japanese version, and the game is really a lot of fun. There are a lot of ways to manipulate shadows. You can swing hanging lamps, move objects within the level, and sometimes even rotate the entire area in order to drastically alter your shadow area. There's really nothing out there like it. Well, Shadow Physics I guess, but this is more polished and intuitive, and I think it started production before Shadow Physics did. The shadow monsters are pretty cool, too. It's definitely very ICO-esque. The environments, your clumsy handling of the sword, and even the feel of your movements, but in 2d. Even the monsters are made of black smoke like ICO (well, shadows, but they look the same). And when the game goes 3d here and there, your 3d character is very similar to a boy version of ICO's girl. I thought it was a rip-off, but upon playing it, it's really a very well done homage (there's no denying where they got their inspiration), and there was definitely a lot of love put into making it. It's addictive, but you can also easily pick up and play for five minutes here and there and actually accomplish something.



imapterodactyl commented on Nintendo Japan Humbly Attending to Metroid: Ot...:

Nintendo of America has started doing this too. There's an article at Kotaku. Nintendo's Support site has a description of exactly what causes the bug and what to do/not do to avoid it, and you can call 1-800-255-3700 to set up a repair via sending them the save on SD or "other options". I wonder if "other options" includes sending them the save via e-mail. I doubt it, but that would be nice, I suppose. Still a hassle though.



imapterodactyl commented on Nintendo Japan Humbly Attending to Metroid: Ot...:

@The Fox: Agreed, wholeheartedly. The inability to patch games on the Wii is inexcusably ridiculous. It's nice that they're fixing the problem, but who the hell wants to send their system to Nintendo and go without for a week or more just to have a save file fixed? That's.... stupid. I still can't comprehend how Nintendo ever thought that developers making games in this day and age, with this much complexity, would never release a game with a bug. It's a baffling lack of foresight.



imapterodactyl commented on New Robox Trailer as Game Launches this Friday:


So people don't spend their money on crap, perhaps? I understand the point you're trying to make, but not everybody can throw money at every game that looks like it might be interesting without having some general idea of the product's actual quality. Sure, people should form their own opinions, but that's difficult without demos, and generally if 10 different sites all give a game a negative review, you can bet it's probably bad. And vice versa.



imapterodactyl commented on Everyday Soccer:


How does 'Everyday Soccer' sound ANYthing like 'Art Style'? 'Everyday Shooter', maybe, but that's on a totally different platform. And how do 'World of Zoo' and 'Science Papa' sound alike? Or like 'Art Style' or anything else for that matter. I'm not saying they're not crap, I just don't understand you're argument. These are 3 titles with 3 very different names that don't sound at all alike.

Ah, I take it back to an extent. 'World of Zoo', 'World of Goo'. K. I'll give you that one. 'Science Papa'... 'Cooking Mama'? K, I get those. I still don't get the 'Everyday Soccer' one, though... unless you did indeed mean 'Everyday Shooter' instead of 'Art Style'... but I still doubt anybody would get them confused. Perhaps if 'Everyday Soccer' was being released on a Sony platform.



imapterodactyl commented on Review: Metroid: Other M (Wii):

@Buffalobob (post 72)

Obviously you've been reading that douchebag Sean Malstrom's blog. You've pretty much cut and pasted his sentiments, and he's been on an anti-Sakamoto rampage for ages. He's got way too much pent-up nerd rage to focus all on one game series, but he still does it. I mean C'MON, does ANYbody, even he, think that Other M is going to end up like the Zelda CD-i game? REALLY? That's just silly.



imapterodactyl commented on Jett Rocket's Return May Not be in Platform Form:

I'd love to see them do something different, or at least ramp up the difficulty. The first game bored me to tears. There was so much potential with the engine and the game's world, but it seems that in the end they decided to make an overly casual game for those who've never played a 3d platformer before.... and exactly who would that be on a Nintendo system?



imapterodactyl commented on 1 in 10 People Can't See 3D Properly:

Kimiko said: "Well, about 10-15% of people are left-handed and they'll be inconvenienced by the placement of the buttons and analog thingy. At least the 3D effect can be turned off."

Not necessarily. I'm a lefty, and I've always felt that videogame controllers are designed for us. Why would you not want your character's movement, which requires far more dexterity than pressing buttons, to be controlled by your dominant hand? It seems to me that if game controllers were really designed for right handed folk, d-pads and primary analogue sticks would be on the RIGHT side. Gaming is one of the VERY few situations where us lefties are actually at an advantage.



imapterodactyl commented on Review: Jett Rocket (WiiWare):

My biggest problem with Jett Rocket is it's difficulty level. It's PAINFULLY easy to the point where every level seems to be nothing more than a tutorial. It's perfect for the Lego crowd I suppose, but it will be over far too quickly for any player who's motor skills have started coming together (if you can stay awake through it, that is). Compared to this, the Mario Galaxy games are shriekingly tough as nails smash-your-controller-into-the-tv hardcore.

WaveBoy: In my opinion, LostWinds (1 and 2) and Cave Story blow this out of the water. Rage of the Gladiator, meh... poor man's PunchOut.



imapterodactyl commented on Review: Jett Rocket (WiiWare):

Bah, the game's fun, but I certainly wouldn't say it raises the bar. And what's with the World of Goo bashing? I'd still rank it as the most polished game released on Wiiware to date. By a landslide. And incredibly fun right up to the end.



imapterodactyl commented on Nintendo Download: 21st June 2010 (North America):

Everyone's so busy complaining about Square, nobody's even mentioned the excellent news: Art Style - Rotozoa is out today! It's easily one of the best ways to spend $6 on Wiiware. The game is excellent, especially when played with the dual analog sticks on the classic controller. Do yourselves a favor and pick it up; it most certainly makes up for not getting Mario Tennis.



imapterodactyl commented on Jett Rocket Trailer Melts Your Face with Graph...:

I wonder how long the game is... I would imagine it must be pretty short, and that the trailer must show off just about every texture in the entire game... if not, then I'm having trouble fathoming how it all fits into 40MB.

Definitely looking forward to this one.



imapterodactyl commented on Review: Zombie Panic in Wonderland (WiiWare):

Decent game, but in response to the first post by V8 Ninja, it plays NOTHING like Sin and Punishment. I played through the story once, and I suppose I'd say the game deserves a 7. It's downfall is it's monotony, as it gets very repetitive rather quickly. If you're looking for this type of game on Wiiware, there's already Shootanto, which I found to be a lot more varied and fun. This game has nice presentation, but Shootanto tops it in gameplay.