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Sat 18th Apr 2009

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Turbo_Genesis_64 commented on Review: The Addams Family (Super Nintendo):

We live in such strange and wonderful times.

Back in 1992, who would've thought that some 18 years later someone would actually write a review (about the length of a college paper) on The Addams Family SNES game?!

Great job Jamie. This site rules!



Turbo_Genesis_64 commented on Shigeru Miyamoto is Certainly Not Short on Coins:

@post 28

I understand the confusion. For the longest time, the Japanese had the business model that the mangers would never make more than 10 times the pay of an entrance employee, but it is true tha in recent years they have adopted more of an American model.

I think Miyamato could make more money if he wanted to, but with more money comes more restrictions on creativity so he settles for more creative freedom and a modest salary of a cool million dollars. I respect him for placing creativity beyond wealth which I think is a traditional quality.



Turbo_Genesis_64 commented on Shigeru Miyamoto is Certainly Not Short on Coins:

Talk about an unfair world.

We pay more money to the crooks who destroy our banks and oceans than a genius who tickles are imagination and makes us smile.

Blame the Americans for their greed not the Japanese for being responsible with their business leaders' pay .



Turbo_Genesis_64 commented on Stinger:

I always wanted this, but could never find a copy. I remember seeing the ad in a Fanastic Four comic book.



Turbo_Genesis_64 commented on E3 2010: Miyamoto Unexcitedly Scopes Out Xbox ...:

Wii Sports seems like Final Fantasy compared to the depth of Kinect. True, that Star Wars game looked cool, but it's bascially like a rail shooter with a lightsaber. Sony' Move is way more impressive.

I even think Project Natal sounds better than Kinect.



Turbo_Genesis_64 commented on Review: Intellivision Lives! (GameCube):

Tower of Doom is the best reason to get this. I would rather play it than Zelda for the NES! It has tons of re-play value with its random generated dungeons. A very satisfying game to say the least. It's amazing!!

Space Battle, Pinball, Shark Shark, and Thunder Castle are great titles too.

The upcoming DS version will have over 40 games. So fingers crossed we will get the D&D and Imagic games.



Turbo_Genesis_64 commented on Zaxxon:

It's a shame that Sega has forgotten the Zaxxon brand over the years. We need new Zaxxon games!