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Sat 7th Aug 2010

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Senri commented on Original GoldenEye Designer Suspicious of Wii ...:

Eurocom said the Wii GoldenEye will "blow away" all other Wii FPS games. Since most FPS games on the Wii are bad PC ports that's not saying much. And they also didn't say that it will be better than the other James Bond games on development for PS3/X360 (I just hope it's not Transformers all over again).

But I do like them to try at the very least be better than Metroid FPS games.



Senri commented on Review: Metroid: Other M (Wii):

I played a little bit at a friends and I got my own copy. Samus voice is hella annoying. The dialogs are cheesy though it will guaranteed to sound better with it's original japanese audio (if any). Now I always watch anime with the Jap audio (with subs ofc) instead of dubbed english. It's always much muchhhh better. There's always that missing in translation vibe.

Hopefully I find a jap language mode or something in the option in this game...



Senri commented on Review: Samurai Warriors 3 (Wii):

Is this the US version of Sengoku Basara ? I watch the Anime so it would be nice to know familiar faces to those historic japanese figures.



Senri commented on Review: PokéPark Wii: Pikachu's Adventure (Wii):

I can't believe N takes regular dumps on its biggest franchise. They make plenty of good accessible (playable by kids, adults) games like NSMB and MG2. I know Pokemon stuff sells itself but really there's not one quality Pokemon game on the Wii.

Is a full fledged Pokemon RPG for the Wii too much to ask ?



Senri commented on Last Story:

I HOPE this won't be another FF side project with a small enclosed monotone world with only one or two towns and no Over World connecting them.

The trailer is kinda drab needs something cheery like open fields of green, which hopefully is one of the worlds to explore in this game.

Other than that the game looks a lot like Vagrant Story, graphically and the play system. VS had real time and turn based fighting (depending your choice). I liked it but it was short and there wasn't much exploring...if this game is like VS the name shouldn't be FF.