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Sun 15th February, 2009

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Aenaida commented on Street Hoop:

It has now been ESRB rated as well. I wouldn't be suprised if it's the next North American VC release.



Aenaida commented on Review: Snowboard Kids (Nintendo 64):

I've yet to play the first game, but its sequel is my #1 favourite N64 racing game of all time (my all time favourite would have to be Monster Truck Madness 2. Yeah, I'm weird ).



Aenaida commented on Buy Ufouria If You Want More Quirky Virtual Co...:

Bit of a stretch to label one unofficial forum post on Sunsoft's own community forum as a plea for money. It's natural that Sunsoft would wait and see how much money they make (or potentially lose) from Ufouria before green-lighting games of similar background.



Aenaida commented on Buy Ufouria If You Want More Quirky Virtual Co...:

Want to see more oddball titles available for download? Pay a measly 600 Points for Ufouria and hope that enough people do the same to justify more translations.

That's somewhat misleading, as Ufouria was previously translated into English (with some graphical changes as well). I do hope Ufouria sells well regardless, as I'd love to see Sunsoft continue their support of the VC (and I'd also love to play an English translation of Albert Odyssey).

For the record, I've bought Ufouria and I'm enjoying it immensely.



Aenaida commented on Nintendo Download: 28th June 2010 (North America):

Mario Tennis is an excellent game, however I already own it for my N64. Anyone who loves sports games should download it at some point.

Finally a VC game. I am going to grab that one for sure, now are we going to have to wait 3 weeks again for another VC game???

Two, actually, unless Nintendo decide to break the pattern they've been using for the last few releases.



Aenaida commented on Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest:

I've played a bit of this game, but not enough to form an accurate opinion on it (although I am aware of the bad rep it gets for being dumbed down for Western audiences). It wasn't terrible, so I might buy it if it's ever released here. More Square Enix support is always great.

By the way, I'm curious. What do you mean by "trademark filed?"



Aenaida commented on More Pokemon Black & White Monsters Revealed:

It's because you haven't seen all of them yet. That's why.

Neither have we, and I certainly don't need to research anything to see that the Pokémon revealed so far are incredibly bland (seriously, Gear is just... two gears. There's nothing special about him or any of the others). All in my opinion, of course.
About stating your opinion in a news piece, I'd be inclined to agree with you if this was a serious issue involving politics or whatever. In this case, however, I don't think it really matters. Although...


...I could be wrong.

That's my two cents.

Fun Fact: Araragi translates to "Japanese Yew," so that'll probably be her name in the English translation (minus the first word, of course).



Aenaida commented on Rumour: Retro Bringing Back Donkey Kong:

I've actually been replaying DK64 over the past few days. I wouldn't classify it as a terrible game, but like maka said, it's just boring.

Here's hoping Retro can do much better (if this rumour is true).