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thaantman commented on Pokémon X & Y Won't Be Patched to Accommodate...:

I wouldn't say it would make X & Y obsolete. For 1 we have to trade diancie over from X & Y if we want mega diancie so trading still seem to be possible. You'll prolly just won't be able to trade a pokemon from ORAS if its holding an unfamiliar mega stone. But we don't know all the pokemon that's available to be caught so we can trade pokemon from X & Y to ORAS such as gen 6 pokemon.



thaantman commented on Guide: How to Catch a Pokémon Omega Ruby & Al...:

Already have a trainer club account, have no idea when or why I created it perhaps it had something to do with me having pokemon X. Not sure if I'm opted in for emails or not and I can't get into my account despite reseting my password and asking for my user name. So really hoping I'm already opted in for emails.



thaantman commented on Mega Man Felyne Armour Makes Monster Hunter 4 ...:

I don't see an issue with free extra content. Either download it or don't. I actually never got in to the monster hunter franchise so see samus & mega man has caught my attention. Giving me characters I'm familiar with in a unfamiliar franchise would definitely be a good starting point in drawing my interest and perhaps make me want to buy past & future games.



thaantman commented on Not All Super Smash Bros. Characters Will Make...:

I fully expect the original 12 to be on the game (no matter how much I dislike jigglypuff) I also expect characters to be swapped out, like how young link went to toon link &roy to marth. I think pokemon trainer
should return with different starter pokemon should also add a female pokemon trainer too. I think clone characters should either be download content, or pick them the same way you pick zero suit samus, hold a button before the game start and it changes to that character. Or make a clone a costume change and the moveset is just altered



thaantman commented on Sonic 4: Episode II Teaser Trailer Due Tomorrow:

Cant wait 4 this to come out, the first episode was great. I'm almost certain this will b out for wiiware, this is all suppose 2b 1 game, so it would make more sense to release all the episodes on the same platform. I guess I need 2 hurry and finish sonic colors then play episode 1 over again before this comes out.



thaantman commented on Ubisoft: "Nobody Proved Wii Does FPS Controls ...:

I was never a big FPS fan, but when I first played metriod prime 3 (i consider it a fps i'm in 1st person and i'm shooting @ stuff) i fell in love with the control scheme, it felt so fluid. And from there I started to get into the genre a bit with games like the conduit, red steel 2, and golden eye And i would have friends that so stuck on xbox when they try to play with the motion controls, they act like their to lazy to hold the remote right and complain all the time, if they owned the wii and actually took time to get use to the controls, rather then try to just jump in thinking the controls are gonna b instantly perfect, the realize that motion kills duel analog.



thaantman commented on Feature: BIT.TRIP SAGA vs. BIT.TRIP COMPLETE:

I only have a wii so complete sounds like the complete package to me. online leaderboards for all your hardwork, easy difficultly if u can't hack it, hard difficulty if your just crazy, and a set of bonus challenges to keep you busy. But still having these games in 3D would be cool and be more accessible, I remember showing a friend bit trip runner, once I gave him the controller he didn't want to put it down, so it be nice to show this game off to more ppl in a portable fashion, I also would love to plug in some headphones to the bit trip tracks, that's pure awesomeness in my ear.



thaantman commented on Sonic 4: Episode II Not Due Until 2012:

It wouldn't make sense for this to be released on the wiiU simply because this is meant to be 1 game, to break the game across multiple platforms would be a bad move. I feel as though wii only owners deserve to get this 1st, mainly because were not getting generations, even though they could had easily made that for wii with sonic colors engine. how many episodes do they plan on making it's gonna be a year and a half between the 1st and second how long to they plan on making us wait for a third i'm sure ppl are beginning to lose interest.



thaantman commented on Nintendo DS Sales Figures Make Wii's Look Tiny:

well since i like to trade games in @ gamestop I haven't been able to have a large collection of games @ 1 time. I currently have around 16-17 retail games. and over 30 wiiware/virtual console. But if I never traded in any games I would have close to 80games including downloads. I don't have any ds games now or a working ds for that matter but if I had to guess I probably had somewhere between 20-30 games never had a dsi so no dsiware, but i do plan on getting a 3ds when the price drop



thaantman commented on Super Mario Converse High-Tops Let You Jump Re...:

I like the red & black & the light blue ones with world 1-1, don't really care for the other ones with all the marios on them. just looked on ebay and these bad boys are going over $300, only time I'll ever consider paying that much for mario is if it comes with a game system.



thaantman commented on 3DS Drops to $169.99 from 12th August:

now I want to get a 3ds more than ever, I can buy one before august 12, and not have to worry about buying a game right away because I'll have 20 games, or wait till august 12 and not pay over $200 for the system, use about 30-40 to buy a game and still have some change in my pocket.



thaantman commented on Feature: The State of WiiWare:

Wii ware definitely has some gems in there, it's just ashame because wiiware could had really been something more. lost winds 1 & 2, world of goo, mega man, cave story, bit trip series, nyx quest, swords & solders, sonic 4, jett rocket, FAST, art style series, and a few others i may not have mentioned or haven't played. wii ware has high quality games on a low quality service, tons of shovel ware, only afew demos, no price cuts or weekly sells, and a horrible interface, also the file limit, which is one reason why alot of games can't have online (not sure what's the excuse for alot of retail games not having online) one way nintendo could announce game sells is though the message board apparently, the only time I really see that blue light is when I get a new record in wii sports



thaantman commented on Feature: Staff Memories of Sonic the Hedgehog:

my first offical game console was the N64, when i was 3 my big sister who was 12 @ the time had sega genesis and the only game she had was sonic 2, I watched her play it and it didn't take me long to start playing it, I eventually took over the game system, because all the games brought for it was mines. I believe sonic 2 was the 1st game I ever beat, I'm not 100% sure I do remember getting all the way to the last stage multiple times, It took me forever to beat metal sonic, I eventually beat him but was low on lives than I got to the final boss, that mega huge dr robotnik robot and I know I failed to beat him, but I just can't remember when i actually went back to beat him though. Also remember sonic 3/knuckles when u got all the combined chaos emeralds (i think it's 14 altogether) u turn into ultra sonic or ultra knuckles, but my absolute favorite was tails when he had the birds following him, I just thought that was awesome, I don't believe I ever got all the emeralds more than once per character. I actually played the first sonic the hedgehog last, I didn't beat it on the genesis, I remember making it to the last stage and losing, I believe I beat it on my psp. Also remember when one of m cousins showed us how to get knuckles on sonic 2 & 3 with the cartage, we tried doing it with like ever sega game to see if knuckles would be on there lol like street fighter, earl & toejam, etc. Sonic brings back so many memories, while my cousins had sega & nes they placed mario more than sonic, but I was a sonic man growing up, the 1st mario game I owned not counting mario kart 64 was super mario 64. I began to not like sonic some much when I got a dreamcast didn't care much for the 1st sonic adventure, I had the sonic adventure 2 demo and always wanted it because that 1st stage was fun. sonic shuffle was awful, once I got a ps2 & later on a gamecube I just lost interest in sonic altogether, the 3d games just didn't appeal to me, sonic heroes looked like fun and I played it for a sec @ a gamestop but never brought it. sonic rush was great, it was just a random purchase, the sense of speed was just awesome and I loved how it switched from both screens. sonic 4 ep.1 was good for what it was, a nice throw back, even if it did feel like a tech demo, I guess sega wanted to wipe the slate clean by eliminating tails & knuckles and using similar stages from past games. I think it was a fail to just put sonic even though they're suppose to add tails & knuckles to the future episodes, but still I would had been willing to go through the game 2 more times if I had them to play as, they need to add an update/dlc to add them to sonic 4, it's the least they can do for wii owners that won't be getting there hands on sonic generations as we wait for episode 2 which seems it may have been put on pause. for the time being imma try to get my hands on sonic colors that has been received well. to end this just gonna thank sonic for all the fun times, and being the one that got me into gaming, has been one of if not my all time favorite game franchises :)



thaantman commented on Feature: Sonic: The Nintendo Years - Part One:

I missed out on the entire sega saturn, never owned it, never played it, would love to give sonic cd a try because it looks like the one's from genesis. fav sonic games are still the genesis ones, the 1st sonic rush was good, and I actually like sonic 4 ep.1 and I maybe 1of the few that liked sonic 3d blast. Did anyone else ever did the cheat when u turn on the game and hit the cartage it went to this menu type of thing where u could select any stage u wanted to play, I stumbled apon that by complete accident when i was like six, never knew if any 1 else ever do that.



thaantman commented on Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 2 Due "In the Ne...:

agree with every1 about the physics, but once you got use to them they weren't bad, I wouldn't even mind if they kept them, but just make sonic a bit faster, always felt like I had to do the homing attack to pick up the pace. But yeah throw in some more original stages, tails & knuckles and it's all good. It will be great if the second one did have tails & knuckles and it was a way to put them both on ep.1 as playable characters similar to putting knuckles on sonic 2



thaantman commented on Gaijin Games Details New Content in BIT.TRIP C...:

Will definitely be looking into this one, I have beat, void, and runner already, and the extras seem worth it, online leaderboards is gonna give these already addictive games mad replay value. And it mentions something about new difficulty modes, i would love for some of these games to be easier simular to how mega man 10 had an easy mode.



thaantman commented on Talking Point: Should Nintendo Have Made the 3...:

I think that the fact that the 3ds stills uses cartages shows that it's still primary a game system. The reason the iphone & ipod touch games don't have physical cartages because they aren't gaming devices 1st their phones 1st. The reason the digital media failed for the psp go is simply because the psp was already out and alot of people owned 1, myself included. No one was gonna trade up their psp's if they already had a full library of games, because they couldn't play those games on the go, they would have to buy them all over again. Nintendo is video games at heart not phones not music players and I don't expect them to get rid of physical media anytime soon.



thaantman commented on Nintendo Download: 27th May 2011 (Europe):

sigh, no FAST demo for europe, so were probably not gettin one, so i'll keep a look out for the review. any1 from europe gettin this on day1 please leave ur thoughts on the game, cause I definitely got $10 ready I just need confirmation that this game is HOTT!!!



thaantman commented on First Impressions: FAST - Racing League:

Been waiting for this game for a while, this looks solid, I never played an F-zero game, but have play several of the wipeouts and I love that series, I do hope this gets a demo on the same day of release, I definitely think this is a day one purchase Need for speed Nitro & mario kart say hello to fast.



thaantman commented on Start Your Engines for FAST - Racing League's ...:

been looking forward to this game for sometime, I love wipeout and i'm really hoping this is a clone of that or even better. this & motoheroz i think could be day 1 purchases because both these guys have solid track records. Where the heck is sonic the hedgehog ep 2? and night game and la mulana from nicalis



thaantman commented on Nintendo Drops Wii to $149.99 and Launches Bud...:

pretty decent, but come on nintendo, throw in smash bros, mario strikers, super paper mario, Fire emblem, mario party 8, wario ware, mario and sonic @ the winter Olympics (since the london Olympics will be out soon) wii sports resort should be $20 since Everyone owns wii sports and resport is significantly better, punch out, and I'm sure there's plenty more I've forgot to mention, but nintendo needs to go all out with this. Any nintendo wii games that was released before 2010 should be on this list. Will be getting supersluggers though loved that game and may get twilight princess



thaantman commented on Review: Mega Man X (Virtual Console / Super Ni...:

@ BellGoRiiing never beat this game either, would make it to the last boss, I believe it was some sort of robot dog, then U would fight the guy in some sort of machine and I don't think I ever figured out how to hit him. I may have to get this, considering you can save virtual console games and don't have to worry about going all the way to the beginning if you lose.



thaantman commented on Rumour: Nintendo Stream Coming Sooner Than We ...:

I don't mind the name being Nintendo stream, but assuming of the style of the controller it doesn't seem this system will use any sort of motion control. If that's the case I hope the wii won't die soon after the release of stream, because I still feel like it's alot of untapped potential for the wii, and I can see it being like ps2 as far as life goes. I hope the wii at least get alot of stream ports



thaantman commented on Features: The History of BIT.TRIP, Part 3:

Just finished reading this 3 part feature, and have so much more respect for gaijin games and there series. They had a goal for their series and accomplish them with such a small team. I only own beat & void, sadly haven't beaten either, definitely gonna take the time out this week to go back. Still plan on getting runner & fate soon and maybe flux, need points. As many others said before they need to rerelease all these games on a disc for around $20-30 throw in some online leaderboards and some other extras like art work or something name it "Bit Trip Journey" or something like that. I'm sure anyone that played at least one bit trip game would get it, and for the people that may not know about the series may grab a hold or may even visit the shop to buy an individual copy.



thaantman commented on Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 2 Likely to have...:

can't wait, loved episode one, the physics took some getting use to, but it didn't hinder the experience. I just want the game to be cheaper and throw in tails & knuckles so i can get 3 times the replay value, and maybe sum sort of multiplayer, like on sonic 2 & 3 it would be split screen and you could race through the stages



thaantman commented on Mario Sports Mix Giveaway!:

Great sweepstakes to start off the year, and @ least every1 has a decent chance, it's not a US or UK exclusive and this is one of the biggest releases this year. Don't expect to win, but you can't win if you don't try so I won't give my hopes up, hope it's more sweepstakes like this, I hate when theirs an awesome prize being given away and it's for UK only, and I'm sure UK feels the same way when it's US only.



thaantman commented on Liight Approved for WiiWare:

Definitely been interested in this game for a while, looks like some pretty good wiiware games are on the way. With Liight, fast racing league, and motoheroz, I'm gonna need a couple of nintendo point cards.



thaantman commented on Review: Mario Party 2 (Virtual Console / Ninte...:

mario party 2 is definitely one of my all time favorite N64 games. Me & my cousins used to be up late night playing this, sometimes it would be more than four of us and whoever got the lowest score on a mini game would have to give up the controller. There was times when we would gang up on the person with he most stars and steal their stars away. I can't really remember any of the mini games, but I know some of my favorites was on mario party 2. I kinda fell off mario party when it came on the gamecube, the only one i had was seven. I wouldn't mind grabbing this, but it's alot harder to find four ppl to sit down and play this game with.



thaantman commented on WiiWare Super Meat Boy Gets Canned:

Their's gonna be some irate people, I was interested in the game, but I didn't really think much about it. I feel bad for the people who been looking forward for this for months.



thaantman commented on Review: Just Dance 2 (Wii):

I'm not much of a dancer, but feel like I need this game for casual settings, every1 already played wii sports, I think this is a good game to have, what I don't understand is how the game detects certain movements, dance central on kinect has a full fledge camera detecting your entire body while this only has the wii remote, with no balance board support or motion plus.



thaantman commented on Zelda: Skyward Sword is Half Finished, says Mi...:

not a big zelda fan, but if this game is like slated to come out @ the end of next year, what is nintendo going to come out with to feel in the gaps, so far the only schedule release date is mario sports mix, and last story is suppose to be coming so time next year, and maybe just maybe a pikmin 3, but not much is certain, and from the 3rd party side so far the only games to look forward to is the conduit 2 & de blob 2. Nintendo is more than likely to focus on the 3DS the 1Q but I just hope wii isn't getting neglected. But you can never be sure what nintendo has up their selves



thaantman commented on EA: Nintendo Needs to Drop Wii Price, Help Thi...:

Nintendo could help 3rd parties more, but honestly what else are they suppose to do. Advertisements for 1st and 3rd party games are posted weekly on the nintendo channel, not to mention they have nintendo week. If EA would actually put more effort into their games, especially their main franchises maybe they would sell better. The reason EA don't advertise their wii games themselves is because majority of their games that come out on wii are multiplatform, and the wii version always get the short end of the stick. I never seen any commercials for madden 11 on wii, I never seen any commercials for need for speed hot pursuit on wii, I wonder why. Probably because they want gamers to think their getting the same game as the HD consoles, when their actually getting crap. This goes out to all third party publishers that complain "MAKE BET-TER WII GAMES!!!. No Ps2 ports, and no careless crap like nfs hot pursuit on wii that wasn't even made by the same developers that made the good version. The wii may not be a ps360 but it's loads more powerful than the gamecube which had decent looking games, If RE4 can look that good even by todays standards on a freakin gamecube, there's no excuse why games can't look that good on wii. Look @ the conduit, monster hunter, sonic colors, sin & punishment, Metriod prime trilogy, mario galaxy 1 & 2, and numerous games I haven't mentioned, all 1st and 3rd party games that look good and if were in HD could stand close to ps360. Sorry if I went off topic a bit with this rant, just tired of 3rd parties making the same excuses.



thaantman commented on Review: Fluidity (WiiWare):

I may get this at some point, my only problems with the game is that I just don't like the particular look of it, wish the art style looked more like world of goo, and the price is a little bit steep



thaantman commented on Nintendo Download: 22nd November 2010 (North A...:

I've downloaded all the demos, the only one I didn't play yet was "And Yet It Moves". Bit trip fate which I already planned on getting, I know I'm gonna get for sure now. Jett Rocket was solid, i'm in no rush in getting it, I might as well save thoughs 1000pts and just start playing Mario Galaxy 2 again for the extra stars. Thru space isn't worth it, it just feels like a mode that should be in a tetris game. I'll be playing "And Yet it moves" later. Next week I hope to see cave story, excite bike, you me and the cubes, bit trip runner, and art style light trax



thaantman commented on Review: Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit (Wii):

Man I'm still extra pissed about this game, I look forward to need for speed games every year, and while a the wii versions was somewhat flawed in one area or another, they was still fairly decent racing games. I really wish EA Montreal could just whip out a nitro sequel in like 3 month, with just more stages, cars, and customizations, pick ups and online. Even though nitro was a bit lacking, nitro was truly a great racer, from the sense of speed to the graphic style. I'm begging that wii gets a decent nfs exclusive by 2nd quarter next year because this crap should not be able to pass as a yearly entry in the nfs franchise.



thaantman commented on GoldenEye's Success "Proves Core Games Sell on...:

The nostalgia maybe part of the success, but at the end of the day golden eye is completely different from the original and holds its own as a good game. Activision unlike ubisoft & especially ea takes the wii seriously. Take a look at the guitar hero & COD games, they didn't port thoses games from ps2 like alot of lazy developers has been doing, they haven't taken out the online like ea been doing to games like nba jam and the entire nfs series on wii. Heck they even threw in modes you can only get on wii like in the guitar heroes through DS connectivity. All they do is scale down the graphics. Theres 3 things developers do on wii when a multiplatform games is released they either A
give us a crap wii verision, which is usually a ps2 port or a rushed piece of crap that includes choppy framerate, and no online B give us a build from the ground up wii exclusive which usually takes advantage of the wii strengths but can be hit or miss (Shaun white snowboarding, Madden 10 & 11, nfs nitro, etc...) and C give us an exact clone of the HD versions all modes intact, only problem is watered down graphics. Now for example EA just released NFS hot pursuit on all major platforms a game I been looking forward to all year, the wii version was not made by the same developers of the HD versions, and that game looks like utter crap, I've purchased every nfs since underground and this will be the 1st time ill skip over getting the latest nfs game unless I get a ps3 or fix my 360 cause I never seen a nfs game that look so horrendous, look up the game for yourselves and ask me do you think the wii version of NFS hot pursuit will sell well from it's nostalgia, anyone in their right mind would say no, because there was no effort put into the game. Long story short activision makes good wii games, activision makes money, maybe ea & ubisoft should take notes since it really seem to be that difficult for them.



thaantman commented on Reggie Wonders Where Metroid: Other M Sales We...:

Like a couple other ppl said it's likely the bad press the game has been getting. two particular reviews that stand out is the one's received from G4 & game informer. Game informer gave it a 6.25, remember game informer magazine is distributed from gamestop where most ppl buy their games, so alot of ppl who seen the review apparently thought the game was mediocre. And I heard G4 gave the game a 2, I don't know if G4 review games on any of their television programs, but if so I'm sure when alot of ppl saw that horrendous review they got turned off from the game