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Thu 22nd Oct 2009

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ReddLionz commented on Mario Kart 7:

So no bikes? I'm fine with that, bikes were way overpowered, with their sharp turns, and their wheelies, and their...ways.



ReddLionz commented on Feature: 3DS Games Worth Buying Before Mario:

Hehe, haven't been on this site in a while. I really want a 3DS now, $169.99 sounds delicious. And wut up with these bit trip collections? EPIC 'cause I only have one of them (runner).


How is cave story gonna be in 3D? Isn't it a 2D platformer with retro graphics? Or are they completely re-doing the graphics?



ReddLionz commented on Research Shows More Consumers are Choosing The...:

To be honest, I do most of my real, immersive gaming on consoles. On the go, simple pick up and play type things that are on my iTouch are awesome, not to mention often cheap. I could play NinJump on my iTouch for an hour straight, as long as I'm motivated by some kind of high score.
And for people who don't think that you get a quality game for $.99, have you PLAYED Trainyard? Or Plants vs. Zombies? Or Angry Birds? Or Fling? (I could go on all day)

And yeah, I also agree with Pixelman in that you can also get awesome core games on iDevices.
Can't wait for NOVA 2.



ReddLionz commented on Review: Donkey Kong Country Returns (Wii):

I love how you didn't mention SUPER MARIO GALAXY 2!!!!
Is it just me or do when people think of games that came out this year they think of games that came out in the last 2 months. And there's a lot of great games that came out in the last 2 months, too. Wow. Great year for Wii.



ReddLionz commented on Fils-Aime: Nintendo's Biggest Current Threat i...:

Nobody insults Angry Birds in front of me and gets away with it...

And he's also gotta realize he's comparine a $1 iPhone game to a $35 retail RPG.

On a somewhat unrelated note, has anyone bought the Angry Birds: Halloween Edition? Looks pretty cool.



ReddLionz commented on Red Wii and DSi XL Coming Stateside on Novembe...:

It would be cool if we could buy the red Wii Remote Plus separately. but i guess we'd have to buy another Wii. Well, I can get another one. Who doesn't have two Wii's anyway? well, actually, no, I probably won't get another Wii, once I think about it



ReddLionz commented on BIT.TRIP FATE Coming October 25th:

@egg meister
Well, they confirmed that there would be 6 in total. So, one more Bit. Trip after FATE. But I am so getting this. And Sonic. Oh wait a minute, then I'd need 3000 points...darn.



ReddLionz commented on Japanese 3DS Surveys Reveal Awareness Low, Pri...:

I'm not surprised. So, half of the country doesn't know about the 3DS. They're probably just not into gaming, or don't keep an eye on the latest gaming news. The casual gamer. A huge part of Nintendo's profits. And a lot of people would probably put "too expensive" because they don't know really what it's capable of, or what that technology's worth.