Outside of the gaming media, videogames rarely find much airspace, and at times suffer large-scale ‘video nasty’ shock stories. However, when ABC News ran a favourable webcast, comparing Metroid Prime Trilogy to Orson Welles' renowned cinematic classic Citizen Kane, Mark Pacini, the series' design director, was shocked by the report.

I found out about it like everyone else did. Somebody sent an e-mail out saying, 'Look at this.' It was a WTF sort of thing… I honestly had a similar reaction to everyone else. It's flattering, and it's great, but I didn't get the comparison at all.

Mark Pacini, speaking in an interview with Kotaku, went on to say: “For me, when I talk about games with my friends, we never compare games to movies, we compare games to games…”

The webcast from IGN’s Michael Thomsen suggests the isolated atmosphere of the game is similar to that of the film, and that the delivery of story through the scanning mechanic echoes the movie's thriller exposition.


Pacini prefers to distance himself from the analogy, saying “that comparison works more for people who don't speak the language of games."

If our linguistic training is up to speed, the language of games seems to say "Metroid Prime Trilogy is phenomenal", as our 10/10 rating says. Would you compare the Metroid Prime games to a film or book series? Let us know!