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Sat 1st Aug 2009

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Streakk commented on New Conduit 2 Trailer Suitably Full of Bombs, ...:

Gameplay looks just as slick as the original, which is great, but I personally found the graphics in this trailer.... inconsistent. The jungle and leviathan levels look fantastic, but the other ones look a little bland and lack-luster. Well, theres still alot of time between now and February, so I'm sure theres lots of polishing. Keep up the the great work HVS!!!



Streakk commented on Need For Speed in Hot Pursuit of Wii:

I still frequently play NFS Hot Pursuit 2 on my GameCube. A great arcade racer, but this separately developed version kinda sounds iffy. This might have to be a 360 title for me.



Streakk commented on Call of Duty: Black Ops for Wii in Doubt:

I would love this to come to the Wii, but shouldn't we get MD2 first? Just sayin. I'll be really optimistic and say that Modern Warfare 2 and Black Ops will come together in a package deal!



Streakk commented on Ask Steve Wiebe:

Is Donkey Kong Jr. your favorite game, or just the one your the best at, or both?



Streakk commented on WarMen Tactics:

Looks like you might have to use stealth tactics...or at least it seems like its not just a run n' gun. Looks like it could turn out good though!



Streakk commented on F1 2009:

From what I've heard, this game is pretty decent. I love racing games but I'm still on the wall for this one. I'm looking for a good Wii racer; so should I get F1 2009?



Streakk commented on Pearl Harbour Trilogy Shots Come In To Land:

This could either be a really nice addition to the WiiWare library, or horrible, clumsy game. Hopefully it will rock, but I'll have to wait for a review on this one before I get it or not.



Streakk commented on Rage of the Gladiator Coming to WiiWare:

Okay. I understand about the size limitation of the game. And what you were able to pack into the game sounds good. I espically like the full voice acting for characters.