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Sat 15th Aug 2009

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Malouff commented on Reggie Has Seen The Xbox One And PS4 Launch Li...:

Nintendo does make great first party games.
However, I am tired of the lack of third party support for Nintendo and when they do finally get support is it sometimes a different game with missing features for example.

Because of the lack of third party support for Nintendo I too will be getting a PS4 this generation.

I also like how Sony and Microsoft let you sign into an account to access games unlike Nintendo who ties games to the system.

I hate when you upgrade from say a DSi to a DSiXL and have to send them in to Nintendo to transfer content. Not only that but you have to purchase multiple copies of the game for each handheld where with Sony and the Vita you can register two Vita's and access your games on either system.



Malouff commented on Developer Interview: Mathew Solie on Disney In...:

I wish you would have talked more about the Wii limitations.

There is no two-player option except in the toy box.

There is also no online in this toy box so you can't import or export anything.

They really should have made the Wii version have a lower price tag as it is not the full game compared to the other ports.



Malouff commented on Nintendo DS Sales Figures Make Wii's Look Tiny:

Here is another thing to think about.
In my home we have one Wii and three DSi's for on the go gaming.

We all don't need the same DS games and can swap with eachother unless we want to be able to play that game together (a lot of games however have a download and play option).

There are however some good DSiWare games that we can all play that are cheaper then buying everyone a retail cart game.



Malouff commented on Nintendo DS Sales Figures Make Wii's Look Tiny:

I don't see it strange to have less ds then wii titles.

If people are like myself then they are home more than on the road.
They also probably like playing together on a much bigger screen.

I also don't wan't to be carrying around a bunch of games during a trip.
Therefore I have more DSiWare then carts. My favorite is Fieldrunners.



Malouff commented on Wii U is Technically 3D-Ready:

Better then 3D why not have D-Box motion code and try and get that technology mainstream. A lot of movies already have the D-Box code for them and so do some PC games.



Malouff commented on Interviews: Monster Tale - Dreamrift's Peter Ong:

@stuffgamer1, Thanks for confirming about the level 30 bug.

I did the same thing and can't progress any further.
Got to maze stages with the girl that laughs with the pet alligator.

I have been backtracking all over the place looking to see if it was because I missed something for Chomp or Ellie



Malouff commented on Hudson Entertainment Closes its Doors, Cancels...:

I was waiting for Bomberman Battlefest to come to WiiWare.
Looks like that too might never come and we will only have the first WiiWare Bomberman..

Goodbye Hudson
(Hopefully Konimi is smart enough and will rebrand and continue current projects)



Malouff commented on Nintendo Power Claims Sonic 4: Episode 1 Will ...:

I too would be more willing for a retail disc release then this.
The next Wii Console should also be able to let us play current disc games.

I doubt the WiiWare will transfer so don't want to waste that much money on something that is stuck on my current system only.



Malouff commented on 586 People Playing DS Earns Them a World Record:

To bad there is no DS(i) game that will let 381 or 586 gamers link to play together.

What is the most that can link something like 8 for Mario Kart and something like 16 for brain age calculation.

I wonder if they even had 16 people linked together in such large group of gamers in one place.



Malouff commented on Software Pirates Beware: No 3DS Booty For You:

I would love it if the 3DS would have the games come with a digital copy like newer movies.

I love how portable DSiWare is and hate to bring a lot of game carts with me to end up with the possibility of loosing some.

I also agree Token Girl that the DSiWare should be transferable.

But to that same degree why cant we mail in all of our original games in exchange for their virtual console counterpart?

I hate buying some of my all time favorite games either as a complication disc or as a digital virtual console title.

It would be nice if Nintendo would keep a log every title we ever owned on their systems (including 3rd party games) and give us a transferable licence from system to system to play the game.

It would also be nice if they would include a movie player in one of there portables and make an agreement with the movie studios to include a digital copy for the system.

Nintendo is now seeing Apple as a competitor and they do get a digital copy of movies.

To tell you the truth if Apple would make something that was not just touch screen/accelerometer based (had buttons) I would consider it for my portable system.
There counterpart games are cheaper, you don't have to have a lot of carts with you, they can play movies, etc.,
I would however really miss the Nintendo branded titles but would always get them on the home console (Wii2/HD/etc)



Malouff commented on Software Pirates Beware: No 3DS Booty For You:

I don't keep tabs on these types of things.

But if it's anything like the movies then perhaps Nintendo needs to make each game cart have a unique serial number embedded in it and also make each gamer activate the game cart. This way they can track who is distributing the roms.

I know that the movies still have not stopped pirates from distributing movies but do wonder if these markers do help track down the source.



Malouff commented on These Games Sold Over a Million Copies Last Year:

I know in our household that we have more DS systems then Wii Systems.
However we have own a lot more Wii games then DS games.

I know there is a huge library of DS games but most of them are not worth a purchase in my mind.

We do however like the portability of the DS/DSi compared to the Wii.

However, like most people we don't spend that much time away from home so that would also probably account for why people own more Wii games than DS games.

Not only that but the quality and content in a Wii game is much better than the DS counterpart.



Malouff commented on Review: WarioWare: D.I.Y. Showcase (WiiWare):

Here is a D.I.Y. paper craft

Also I noticed that some people are asking about the four player mode.

I have completed all 72 minigames and have this mode unlocked.
It is just a extra mode that splits the screen into four.
However, only some of the games will use all four screens at once.
Other games will just zoom into one of the screens and all of the remotes can click on things.

Here is my save file
For anyone who wants to skip into four player mode right away.
It is a 6.13 MB download.
On the Wii it says the save file is 50 blocks.
Also I think the four extra NinSoft games are included/embedded in the save file
(If anyone does try it let me know if they are)

Also if some one has the DS game they could export all 72 of these games to it.

That or if someone would be kind enough to import some of the DS games and share the save file.
(This is assuming the games get embedded into the save file and I think they do)



Malouff commented on Feature: The Making of the Nintendo Virtual Boy:

Still have my Virtual Boy.

I got a few accessories for it too like the case that holds the system and several games and the legs go in a back compartment.
Not only could I play with batteries but I also got a power adapter so you could plug it in the wall.

When I was younger I could play it and now it does give me a headache.

I have Mario Clash, Mario Tennis, Nester's Funky Bowling, Red Alarm, Teleroboxer, Golf, Vertical Force, and Wario Land.

Interesting read though as I never knew that it could have been made in Color.



Malouff commented on Famous Developers to Create WarioWare D.I.Y. M...:

So if a person only got the WiiWare game (WarioWare: D.I.Y. Showcase) could we also download these featured games?

That or is the WiiWare edition only limited to playing the 70 included microgames and those transferred from the DS game to it?



Malouff commented on Cave Story to Cost 1200 Wii Points:

Corbie let us know if your friend Tyrone Rodriguez of Nicalis ever gets some type of a code that can be purchased for this game like Amazon has for World of Goo.

I hope Nintendo reads these comments and can see where people are not complaining about the price of the game. They are complaining about having to buy 1000 points at a time.

These leftover points can really add up when a person has to have them both on their Wii and DSi.

Maybe a developer can write a program to convert/move points between systems.



Malouff commented on Cave Story to Cost 1200 Wii Points:

@81 Corbie
I think very few of us are b*tching about the developers.
Most of us are b*tching about the way we have to buy Nintendo points.

Like I have also said this would be a purchase for me if I had 200pts sitting around.

But I don't so Nintendo needs to offer smaller dominations of points, combine Wii and DSi points so I have enough, or start offering some more of these games through a online shop like Amazon did with World of Goo.

I am all for supporting most WiiWare developers but against purchasing more Nintendo Points than I need.

At least if there was a pool of points I could spend the extras on cheap DSiWare titles.



Malouff commented on Cave Story to Cost 1200 Wii Points:

For some people, it's not about $10 to $12, it's about $10 to $20, regardless of the fact that the other 800 points can be spent on another game.

That is how I am seeing it.
Until I see a 800pt game I also want than I am out.
In the tangible world I don't ever overpay and have credit for future purchases.

That or if Nintendo ever decides to allow us to buy smaller dominations of points then there will be less complaining.

As a temporary fix they could offer us to buy a downloadable code like Amazon has for World of Goo.



Malouff commented on Cave Story to Cost 1200 Wii Points:

I will not be getting this for 1200pts unless either Nintendo starts letting us buy single points (or at least 500 point dominations).

That or Nicalis gets some sort of online shop good for a downloadable code like Amazon did with World of Goo.

Nintendo is hurting some of these developers not by setting prices (point values) but by offering these stupid point dominations for purchase so we have to buy more points then are needed.
Not only that but also by not having a common pool of points for the Wii and DSi systems in a household.



Malouff commented on Rage of the Gladiator to Cost 1000 Wii Points:

@TwilightV, I think 1200 points would also be hard (until Nintendo offers single point purchases)

In my mind at 1200 I am thinking that I will have to buy 2000 points just to get this game and will have 800pts left over.

If there is already a good 800pt game that I have been wanting that it would be a good price. However, if there is nothing at 800pts than I would not purchase as I don't want points just sitting there collecting dust.

I will admit that I have passed up many good games just because there are priced odd and could not be paired with another game. (The lowest number of points that can be purchased is 1000 pts)

If Nintendo would offer a person the option to buy single points then I would not be looking at prices like I am now.

They also really need to make a pool for every DSi and Wii systems in a household as it stinks having separate banks to hold the points for each system.