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Fri 26th Mar 2010

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JulioMorataya commented on 3DSWare File Size May Be Bigger Than WiiWare:

I hope they announce the limit soon, i'm still waiting for confirmation on which SD card size is better, the 3DS holds 300 different titles, so dependind on the size limit i'm going to select the SD card that can old as much games without getting any free space not utilized.

I use a 8GB SD on the Wii, because the limit is 240 different titles (20 pages by 12 titles each) so if you assume the max size is 40MB (320blocks) but on average (on my case between demos and games) is goes as far as between 24MB and 32MB, so 240x32= ~7GB.

If you got more than 240 titles you'll need a different SD anyway...



JulioMorataya commented on Review: Game & Watch Vermin (DSiWare):

I bought this one the day it came out, great game and a really addicting one... and for 200 Nintendo Points and 13 blocks on my DSi it's right next to Flippnote on the DSi Menu...

Mode A it's quite easy and try Mode B for a bit more challenge...



JulioMorataya commented on Pikmin 2:

Better than the first one, while keeping the same feeling and gameplay, a great game...



JulioMorataya commented on Review: Tales of Symphonia (GameCube):

This one the by far better than the sequel on the Wii, but, both were great additions to RPGs on Nintendo consoles, hope Tales Of Graces for Wii lives up to the expectations with its new story



JulioMorataya commented on Review: Super Mario Sunshine (GameCube):

A true Mario classic, still needed that extra touch to make it fully memorable, but still a great example to how great Mario games are...

Although in my personal taste I liked better Luigi's Mansion (had a ringtone with the "Maaarrrioooooo !!" sceam that luigi does...)



JulioMorataya commented on Review: Perfect Dark (Nintendo 64):

Great game, it even had a sort of achievements on missions... I remember being the little alien n multiplayer mode, since you were small, it gave others a hard time targeting you...