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Tue 30th Jun 2009

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BL_Donth commented on Metal Gear Solid Creator Briefs Us on What We ...:

They were stealthly working on a stealth game?

In Microsoft's press conference, Kojima confirmed that he is not directly involved with the development of Metal Gear Solid: Rising so I think it would only makes sense that he is involved with this one.

"Everyone wants to know the story of The Boss...MGS3's story can't change, so we're thinking of Co-ops, 3D and portable-like elements."
I like this. Big Boss and The Boss' story will always be more interesting than Raiden so I'm more excited about this game. Still getting Rising though.



BL_Donth commented on Valentine & Redfield 'Fall Out' in the Residen...:

What?! I thought Valentine and Redfield were 'partners'.

The graphics are stunning indeed and they are real time. You can tell because you see the polygons on Chris' fingers when he points the gun. Nevertheless it's still gorgeous for a handheld.



BL_Donth commented on Review: Pokémon HeartGold & SoulSilver (DS):

Nintendo used "Spare Time Eater"...
...and it's super effective.
Awesome review James. I already have 30+ hours on my HeartGold but I'd like to get a copy of SoulSilver in the near future so I can experiment a bit.



BL_Donth commented on Bass Coming to Mega Man 10:

I have 200 points leftover. I'll be downloading this.
Edit: You guys didn't mention this but apparently Bass has his own story.



BL_Donth commented on DS2 Rumour Is Rumour No More:

@23 TWEWY 2 is possible? That's awesome!

Well, looks like my Lite's successor won't be a Dsi.
I'll get a DS2 if it even exist.
Anyone else thinks it's the Big N's Feb. 24th announcement?



BL_Donth commented on Gaming from the Heart:

I agree with Machu. No More Heroes!

There is also FFX, MGS3 (love on the battlefield?) and Kingdom Hearts.

Happy Valentine's Day you guys



BL_Donth commented on Mega Man 10 Coming March 1st:

Sooner than I predicted. Very nice.

I was hoping Blade Man's special weapon would be a melee one just like MM5's Charge Kick.

March will be a busy month indeed. There will be something for everyone.