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Poll: Have Your Say on Satoru Iwata's Nintendo Strategies

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Plans to bring prosperity?

After a couple of weeks of rampant speculation and opinionated musings around the web, Satoru Iwata stepped out following Nintendo's financial results reveal and put forward some plans, ideological shifts and teases to indicate, loosely in various cases, what the company would do to revive the Wii U and return to significant profitability. Reactions around the web seemed mixed and Nintendo's share prices declined during the briefing and, in relatively minor numbers, in the days that have followed.

We're not sure how concerned Nintendo will be by the muted reaction, and would speculate that it won't be overly affected. Satoru Iwata's briefing was a reminder that his leadership won't see Nintendo jumping to match perceived trends or mimic competitors, with great emphasis placed on the company's individuality and ability to innovate. So there will be services on smart devices and a team dedicated to that area, but don't expect major releases or Virtual Console games to be officially released on Android or iOS any time soon. The GamePad will be a focus for Wii U this year, as Nintendo backs itself to affectively sell the concept and make a success of the controller and its system, and the description of a new separate platform focused on "Quality Of Life", initially with a Health theme, was suitably vague that interpretations on what it could mean are likely to be varied until Nintendo reveals more.

With the major policy decisions and announcements of that briefing, we want to know what you think. Below are the important points, as we see it, with brief summaries and links to the original articles; more importantly, below each are polls awaiting your votes.

A New "Quality Of Life" Platform Focused on Health to be Revealed in 2014

As highlighted above, details on this new platform are vague, yet it is clear that it'll be separate platform, forming a new business arm for Nintendo. It'll feature "non-wearable" technology and be released after 1st April 2015, with Satoru Iwata expressing optimism that it'll be a major "blue ocean" product to attract a large audience around the world.

Are you optimistic about Nintendo's "Quality Of Life" Platform? (910 votes)

Definitely, I trust Nintendo to make a success of it


Yes, but I need to learn more on what it is


Not sure, I'm still wrapping my head around it


No, Nintendo should focus on games only


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Nintendo Confirms a Dedicated Development Team for Smart Device Services

There were loud calls in some quarters for Nintendo to bring substantial content to smart devices, by which many meant major games. Perhaps as expected the company is resisting that move, but Satoru Iwata has set up a team dedicated to creating software to engage gamers on their smartphones / tablets and attract them to Nintendo's hardware and games. Games in some form aren't ruled out, though Iwata-san said it'd be inaccurate to say it will "release Mario on smart devices"; we'll see what these "services" entail this year.

Were you pleased with Nintendo's smart device policy announcement? (870 votes)

Absolutely, it seems to be the right way to go


Yes, but I need to see what's actually released


Not really, I don't think the announcement was very bold or interesting


No, Nintendo should bring lots of content to smart devices


I can't decide


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A GamePad Focus and DS Games on the Wii U Virtual Console

The role of the GamePad on the Wii U, and the cost it inevitably adds to the system, was certainly on the agenda throughout January. Satoru Iwata has made clear that it's going nowhere, however, emphasizing that the GamePad would be a focus for the company this year. A Summer system update will introduce a quick-start GamePad option to open games with haste, while NFC will be a theme at E3 2014. Most notably, it was confirmed that DS games would be coming to the Wii U Virtual Console, utilising the GamePad touch screen.

Are you looking forward to the GamePad quick-start feature? (892 votes)

Yeah, I think it looks brilliant


I am, though it's not that big a deal


I'm not bothered about it, to be honest


I don't see a big benefit, so it's a waste of resources


I'm not sure


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Are you excited to see more of NFC on the GamePad at E3? (849 votes)

Definitely, and it's about time


I'm intrigued, so look forward to seeing more


Not particularly, I'm not worried about NFC


No, I don't think NFC is worthwhile or exciting


I can't decide


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Do you look forward to DS games on the Wii U Virtual Console? (892 votes)

Absolutely, I can't wait


Yes, though I'm curious to see how well it actually works


Not sure, I'm still wrapping my head around it


Not really, I'm not sure whether it'll work


No, it's a bad idea


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Nintendo to be More Open to Licensing Opportunities

The big N is sometimes accused of not exploiting the variety and depth of its franchises, particularly away from the core business of hardware and games. With brands such as Angry Birds so prominent in toy stores and beyond, Satoru Iwata's statement that the company plans to expand its licensed merchandise with partners is welcome, and there was even a crack in the door for digital products that are "win-win".

Do you think Nintendo needs to up its game with licensed products? (875 votes)

Definitely, much more merchandise and licensed items are needed


It's decent just now, but there's room for improvement


I don't really have an opinion on this


Not really, the merchandising seems fine


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Mario Kart 8 confirmed for May release

Previously loosely pegged for Spring, Mario Kart 8 carries a lot of responsibility for boosting Wii U sales — the successes of its predecessors highlight the brand's value. We can expect plenty of coverage of this title in the coming months.

Are you happy with the May release for Mario Kart 8? (885 votes)

Oh yes, that's an ideal release month


Yes, but I'd hoped it'd be sooner


I think it's a little too late


No, Nintendo should have had this ready sooner


I'm not actually bothered about Mario Kart 8


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Nintendo Planning Flexible Price Points for Games

Evolution was a buzz word in Satoru Iwata's briefing, and he made clear that the standard practice of charging retail prices for all major releases is becoming a thing of the past. The main principle seems to be to offer lower prices to those that buy more games, and similar incentives for others that successfully convert others to buy particular products. We've seen hints at these ideas in promotions, with the goal of rewarding loyalty, and the indication is that early experiments with pushing through new pricing structures will start on the Wii U at an "early stage".

Are you pleased about the idea of flexible pricing? (886 votes)

Definitely, it's smart to reward loyal gamers


Yes, but I need to see more information on what this will mean


I actually think prices are fine, so it seems unnecessary


No, I think Nintendo should leave pricing as it is


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Share your views with some votes and comments, there's plenty to discuss.

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User Comments (169)



EverythingAmiibo said:

I'm really looking forward to this new 'non-wearable' technology, chiefly because I have no clue what that means xD Iwata's strategies are what I was looking for: now that we have 2014/15 set as far as games go, lets dedicate our 3DS fortunes to actually trying something new! This poll is going to be really interesting to see once it's done, It's all just perfect percenteges so far



Kaze_Memaryu said:

So many questions... but I'm not sure how much I am personally affected by Nintendo's plans. For now, I can only wait how it turns out.



Jazzer94 said:

A lot of these announcements lacked information so more time is needed before a real opinion can be formed at least for me thats the case.



sleepinglion said:

@PvtOttobot Better to say something of consequence last than to say nothing first.

I'm most skeptical of the VC announcement.
Not only would DS emulation be better suited for the 3DS VC but we're still waiting on the promised GBA and N64 emulation on the Wii U VC, not to mention the Gamecube potential fans have been asking about since day one.



TenEighty said:

Nintendo just needs to focus on games. I do believe the Wii U gamepad is unnecessary and a Gamecube controller would be best and lower the price of the Wii U. Love the 2DS. Would like to see some N64 games ported to it.



NintyMan said:

I still need to learn more about QOL, but the smartphone promotion, NFC focus, flexible game prices, DS support for Wii U VC, and more lenient character rights all sound fantastic to me. The quick start menu sounds good, but I don't think I really need it. It'll be nice to shave off a few seconds, for sure; but it'll mainly be a bonus. I hoped Mario Kart 8 would come in April or late March, but I'm fine with May, especially because I'll be done with college and be in summer vacation.

One thing I'm also happy about is that Nintendo will be putting more focus on the GamePad, as they should be.



Yamitora1 said:

I think Nintendo needs to slightly retool the GamePad. They need to add Multi-GamePad compatibility, Game play and sell the damn thing individually outside of the Wii U.

Also I think they need to look into making it less dependent on the Wii U and do secondary marketing where it is a Gaming tablet in itself, with out the need of the Wii U what so ever. They could easily make the GamePad a secondary Handheld console with added functionality as a controller and entertainment hub.



Maelstrom said:

Each large announcement was much to vague to draw any conclusion from. I guess we'll just have to wait until E3 or the next nintendo direct.



Dark-Luigi said:

Even though I I wanted it sooner, I though pushing MK8 to May was a pretty good idea. That's probably a sign that it's gonna be amazing, obviously!



MikeDanger said:

NIntendo will make a comeback and not sell out like Sony and Microsoft did. And I shall be waiting.



Zero_Revolution said:

The new "quality of life" platform or whatever is interesting, and I would like to see what it is, but I doubt it'd be something I'd use if it's just related to health, education, etc.



Taceus said:

I feel Iwata-san has raised more questions than answers with his strategies. Still, I'm curious as to how it pans out. My main concern is the games. It's looking a bit bare for 2014 so here's hoping that an ND arrives soon with some good news for the customers/fans.



AdanVC said:

I honestly was waiting for more severe changes in order to improve Wii U as a whole on the near future at the Investors meeting, plus all of this announcements are just vague plans that I'm sure Nintendo has not begin to work on those yet ... MK8 in May... it's cool and it's aiming to be the best MK on the series but we're gonna have another drought of worthy games since february with DK: Tropical Freeze all the way through May. DK: TF is going to be awesome and it would keep us busy for weeks I'm sure even months if we try to 100% the game, but having just 1 game every 3 months is not gonna help Wii U at all. But again, since this was an Investors meeting Iwata's main focus was with them. Now it's our turn, the gamers/customers with a damn NINTENDO DIRECT!! Seriously, Nintendo, it's been more than a month! We need game announcements, release dates, something to recover hope on Wii U!



GuSolarFlare said:

I don't see any wrong ideas in the Nintendo side when it's put on topics like this. it all looks promissing



Haxonberik said:

Looking forward for those loyalty discounts, saving my recent CN codes and such. I would have saved me so much money this last 5 years.



Linkstrikesback said:

I'd be excited for DS virtual console on wii u, except for the fact that Nintendo has done an absolutely terrible job with Virtual Console on both the 3DS and Wii U.

At the absolute very best, we get a slightly better slow trickle of games. At worst, this means we get even fewer SNES games. (And we're unlikely to get many of the games I really want, like pokemon/ the world ends with you)



MrWalkieTalkie said:

Totally can't wait for the eShop deals. I'm an avid user of both Wii U & 3DS eShops so I could really use some sweet deals. And all i play are Nintendo consoles, so if that ain't loyalty, I don't know what is.



Jstar269 said:

I remember when Mario Kart 8 was confirmed for 2013, then it was changed to Spring, now it is May. Glad to see it release before E3 so that Nintendo can put more effort into there other games as well.



wombatkidd said:

@Yamitora1 they actually can't do that. The gamepad isn't a tablet. It's a controller. It doesn't do any processing. Doing that would require completely redesigning it, which would increase its already hefty cost and take development resources away from the other things they are working on.



ScreamoPichu said:

Strictly speaking about Wii U, I feel like Nintendo is moving on. Still putting a good amount of work into the software, but there was no mention of their usual "More quality software for Wii U = Better Wii U sales." They seem to just want the Wii U's image to be clear by its, for lack of a better word, death.
Sort of side-note: I have a feeling Miyamoto's new IP could be this NFC thing.

Speaking of smart device stuff: I don't really know what they're talking about. It sounds just like a Miiverse app, but I see no reason for them to not just say it's Miiverse. I'm really curious to see what they're doing with smart devices.

Future of NNIDs: This one sounds fantastic. Though one thing that kind of bothers me (simply because I like stuff) it sounds like digital sales will me a big deal to Nintendo the future.

Speaking of the QOL stuff: I'm starting to understand it. They want their next console(?) to make as much of an impact as Wii did when it released. (Although, they want it to be bigger than Wii.)
Their next thing is going to be something anyone has seen before and they want it to be the next big thing. (Comparable to how "wearable tech" is now.)



sinalefa said:

I remain optimistic about Wii U's and Nintendo's future. MK8 in May does not feel bad as Mario Kart Wii was released in April 27th. I also hope that things like Scram Kitty may fill the gap between DK and MK, one example of this is Siesta Fiesta releasing in March.

I am also very eager to see the discount program as I do buy a lot of Nintendo games.



rbmoura85 said:

@sleepinglion ehh...its anoying hear people talking about ds emulation on 3ds while the 3ds is fully backward compatible with all ds software...just getting tired of people forgeting that



shigulicious said:

Pretty obvious that we all want more games, cheaper games. I have no idea what QOL is and don't care. Smartphone apps is a great strategy to advertise the products. Nintendo does need to evolve. But please don't travel too outside the box. I just want great games.



Gold said:

"Not sure, I'm still wrapping my head around it."
I thought it was unwearable.



shigulicious said:

@AdanVC I was actually expecting another Ambassador program. I have never asked for it, but it worked for the 3Ds, along with great software, so...



Gold said:

@MrWalkieTalkie I'm loyal to Nintendo, but I want to to play Banjo Kazooie Nuts & Bolts, and buy the 2 Banjo games off of the XBLA, but don't have a 360.



ningeek185 said:

After I heard that DS games will be available via E-Shop, I got excited. Who knows, maybe I will purchase a Wii U after all



WhiteTrashGuy said:

Nintendo won't compete with XBOX ONE or PS4, so seeing them develop new technological spaces which will sync with the WiiU and 3DS is exciting to me. If there were better 3rd party games out there I might be sad with my WiiU, but Nintendo is the best developer out there. I'll get my PS4 when MIRROR'S EDGE 2 comes out.



King47 said:

Thinking about the DS virtual console on the Wii U makes me a bit sad. I'm not against it. But I think the entirety of the first party DS games should be on the 3DS eshop, as I do think the Wii games should be on the Wii U. The only exceptions are for games that might have licensing issues or games that are being remade. It makes no sense that if people are willing to pay 100+ for a used Wii game that Nintendo doesn't make it available new, or digital, for 60.

The only worry I have is that Nintendo keep on insisting on mediocre, pathetic VC offering. So once this rolls out, I'm expecting horrible games no one wants coming out every other blue moon. And in the special rare occasion we get a good game.

That being said, I'll keep an eye and see how they do it. But I don't trust Nintendo with being remotely logical.



alLabouTandroiD said:

Beside the quick-start feature i'd really like see an option to only turn the GamePad on when you truly need it. It's not a big deal, but it sure would be convenient.



unrandomsam said:

@LeasTwanteD It is a big deal because without that then there is a mandatory 16ms of latency added overall. That means on say a 30ms tv then it is noticeable whereas without that latency it wouldn't be. (Be interesting to find out if that was the reason for Donkey Kong making no use of it).



Franklin said:

The pricing thing would be very easy to manipulate, just use a mate's account.

Also, to maximise profits, Nintendo should have more than 2 Nintendo World Stores, in the er, world.



Wildfire said:

The part of the licesing and lower prices to those that buy more games are definitely the more promising changes, at least in my opinion. As for the QOL thingy, I just don't care.



Sceptic said:

I just can't imagine that the company that so royally messed up their flagship console in the crudest way can now suddenly go all Steve Jobs. Especially that talk about "focusing on the Gamepad" sounds like the same hot air we were served a year ago about "it's all about content, stupid" (which turned out to be true but not in the way they thought). Their track record shows they barely have any ideas at all for the WiiU gamepad, what changed?

Also, with their licensing adjustment they may suddenly have to wake up to the idea that people are just not that into their IP anymore. While everybody and their grandma plays and thus knows angry birds, the Luigi-savvy are a dying breed.

But we'll see.



BestBuck15 said:

Nintendo have totally made the right decision to 'not' release their games on mobile devices. I don't feel that optimistic about anything else Iwata said thought, he said they will reward players who buy more games, the problem is there are no games or only a few anyway.
As for 'Quality Of Life' how can i be excited about something I know absolutely nothing about? It might be aimed at pensioners for all I know.



HaNks said:

i believe with current leadership nintendo's downward trajectory will continue. they have not said enough to suggest that the core problems (creating a compelling digital ecosystem, pricing) will be fixed anytime soon.



enderboy221 said:

Man, I can't wait for DS games on the virtual console! Maybe it's not required, but it still sounds nice.



okamiki said:

If they buy sega, capcom and platinum no one stops ninty...

I know it s almost impossible but if they are in the mood to spend money they can buy capcom.



zool said:

Notice that the results are all in Nintendo's favour, they agree with Nintendo's proposals. Well they would because I guess most of the answers are given by Wii u owners.
It is not Wii u owners Nintendo are trying to get on is Wii owners.

DS games on the WII u. If I did not have a WII u would that be the 'deal breaker' for me......... now I will rush out and get that Wii u I have been These games should be on the ds / 3ds.

I did not spend £250 on a WII u with HD graphics to play old ds games.

The lack of GAMES is the core problem, reasonable priced games, with a 'normal' controller and no more gimmicks. Dare I say maybe like the new PlayStation controller.

The lack of GAMES is the core problem, reasonable priced games. Fix that quickly and the Wii u, priced at £199 (without the gamepad) will sell.

Otherwise just make good games and release than for the playstation, at least we will have something else to play in between Nintendo games.



Kmno said:

I don't still have a completely formed opinion on what Iwata is proposing for Nintendo and I don't know if it is for the best, but I want to say, after all this announcements and reading comments upon comments from multiple sites I'm realizing something, people still want Nintendo.

I don't know if trolls are sleeping or just didn't know how to troll with this news but more than ever before I'm watching disscusions unfold in what seems the most civil manner between people who range from fanboys to supposed haters on what is going on, people are proposing Sega and Capcom buy outs, Valve or Sony mergers, and even then there are more people interested in buy outs than in mergers so that means there have been less stupid "go third party" kind of thinking. Really even on /v/ there was a civil disscusion on this, on /v/ of all places!

Nintendo somehow now more than ever is showing it is still the most respected and important gaming company there has ever been, and while many people covet or out right hate them it still shows how vital they are for the industry.



HandheldGuru97 said:

I going to be cautiously optimistic about the Nintendo GOL platform.I am glad to see Nintendo going out of their way to support the Gamepad I love the Gamepad and want to see it support throughout the Wii U's life



Daz-brum said:

Nintendo shoukd do a skylanders type set up imagine the rush to buy all the figures to open new levels in a game the posibilities are endless even mario kart each car has a new track etc to race on. Comd on Nintendo.



CHECKit095 said:

I hate that Mario Kart 8 will be released in May. I have my final exams that month...



SavoirFaire said:

@Daz-brum I was thinking something along those lines too. Even partnering with Disney and brining them into infinity, with Nintendo lending support for making sandbox games would lead to good fun for us and good money for Nintendo and disney



c1pher_c0mplet said:

I don't have a Wii U nor do I want one. But I find Iwata's "strategies" more perplexing as they raise more questions than anything else. Just my 2 but I really don't care for him as Nintendo's head. At all. Besides their handhelds to which I'm always loyal, I haven't been compelled by a Nintendo console since the SNES as a kid. Only thing I care about is games. All these inventions, creative ideas, and "new blue oceans" are... mmm, whatever. I think they should focus primarily, first and foremost on GAMES. Then if they want to do all this other stuff, they can knock themselves out.



michaelshellman said:

there is so much that i love about what the game pad can do, one is play and watch tv and another is the ability to play two player with out that split screen.those two things alone make the game pad idea a genius concept! and it could do much more. every brand new and fun idea that nintendo had invented on the ds and 3ds can be applied and if the game pad is going to be a main focus this year i can wait to see how ill be able to play home console quality games in a immersive 3d world. if they make a real time strategy game as solid as starcraft just think about how much quicker we could multitask using the game pad. you could scroll on the map and still be able to build your army without scrolling back there might even be able to have more time to custom build a tank or a kick donkey robot if the game pad is used right. a new game like that with stunning graphic could be the game of the year especially if online co-op is available in fact its a must for a game like that. it might also win over a lot of respect that other gamers have being holding back from giving nintendo.
Please watch the profanity — TBD



Ren said:

i don't get what this tells us. it's like asking us our opinions about time travel, or presidents of the next decade. There was almost nothing specific at all about these 'anouncements', it was just standard business double talk to keep shareholders from completely bailing out. This is not the admission of any products that exist it's only scrambling to assure in vestors that changes are happening when they haven't been preparing for changes at all. It's good pressure to have on them but ridiculous to treat it like a product announcement.



Ben_Rage_V2 said:

I am thirty five years old and have owned Nintendo stock since the late 90's. When the Wii and DS were in their respected primes I should have sold my stock, but I was so confident that Nintendo's next system would be an even greater success, that I held on. In hindsight that was a terrible move. I don't think I'll ever profit off of it now, so if Nintendo wants to buy my stock I would gladly sell it back.

I never thought I would lose confidence in the company that turned me into a gamer, but I have no hope for this generation anymore. I think the strategies Iwata has planned show an out of touch company that has very little chance of repeating the successes of the past. Nintendo is stagnating in the software department, and I am not seeing the new innovations that lead to new experiences. All I see is a company cannibalizing past ideas and trying to pass them off as new. Nintendo is out of new ideas it seems and I am very sad about it. After the recent briefing I've lost my faith in what was once the crown jewel of the video game industry.



Superryanworld said:

Good to see Nintendo is trying step it up,but there are a few things that should be a main focus.Online needs to be up to the standards set by the other two competitors.Microsoft started Xbox live with the their original console and that infrastructure only improved with 360.Sony had a ton of catching up in that department,as a solid online infrastructure is not something you can have up and running even after a year of a consoles release.Nintendo needs to listen to its fans in regards to vc offerings.Unless they are severely under staffed in their virtual console deparment,one game a week is not enough.I would also say stop releasing
games no one wants.It would be interesting if anyone from noa read Nintendo life's download polls over the last few months,and maybe they would realize we want games like Donkey kong land,smb3,Mario sunshine,star fox,but we get mighty bomb jack?Cmon Nintendo step it up.



Ren said:

also more licensing now? what about actual advertising? advertising is still abysmal with Nintendo. If nothing else Iwata should be held accountable for the total failure of Nintendos advertising the last few years. If things are going slowly and their still swimming in money then dump it into some advertising to actually selling whats there. Things might have turned around this holiday with the right kind of marketing but word of mouth just doesn't cut it in todays market, since they're up against negative press as it is. This site is the ONLY place I've ever heard of the WiiU. Nobody I know, even gamers seems to know what the WiiU is, it's really sad.



Ic3pick039 said:

What about selling a screen that attached to the gamepad, and we made 3ds games playable on the wii u



Technosphile said:

@Ben_Rage_V2 this.

It just seems like every bad decision Nintendo has made over the last 20 years is finally coming home to roost; and instead of facing the challenge head-on with a clear game plan, they're just flailing in all directions.

Can you fathom Nintendo limping along with the Wii U for the entirety of this generation? I will be honestly stunned if they're still supporting it three years from now.



JaxonH said:


I disagree about 3DS. VC is virtual console. It's designed to provide access to games played on older consoles that are no longer accessible on current hardware. 3DS actually PLAYS DS games. There is no need for DS VC games on 3DS. It is only needed if the hardware itself cannot play the physical games. Releasing VC games of titles that can actually be played on the console makes no sense. Wii U cannot play DS games, so that makes sense.

I do agree about the GBA and N64 games, which should have been released yesterday. Rest assured, however, that console lifespans for Nintendo are only 6 years, and one of those years is already past with Wii U. AND they're going to want to fill the VC library a couple years before the console's life cycle ends. Which means we only have 2, possibly 3 more years, tops, before the Wii U VC is filled to the brim with every kind of game imaginable for NES, SNES, N64, GBA, DS, and possibly, Gamecube.

If I had to fancy a guess, I'd say that they're intentionally releasing the muck first, and slowly, because the longer you hold off releasing the rest of the goods, the higher the frequency you can release them afterwards. For example, they could release, let's say, 2 games a week for 6 years, some of them crap, OR, release the crap very early on, infrequently at that, so that years 2-4 they can release 4 games a week, all good. I could be wrong, but that seems to be the case. If it's not though, then I have NO idea what they're doing...



jedisquidward said:

Not drastic enough. These plans, while good in their own right, all sound like something Nintendo would have announced anyway.



HaNks said:

i believe there's still a bright future for nintendo if they play to their strengths and reach parity with other platforms. and at an attractive price point. for example there's no excuse for why the VC service is so inept (could be a system selling, revenue driving feature) aside from bad management. this left-field QOL stuff could be profitable, but it's besides the point for many of us.

the wii U has been a perfect summation of how terribly out of touch their leadership is. there should have been much stronger investment in digital services & HD development toward the end of the wii lifecycle. and no high price being forced upon people with the gamepad. an overwhelming rejection by the market that could be seen coming a mile away.

they massively underestimated how much of the wii success was enabled by a lower price point. and anyone paying more than $300 for a console will want technological bang for buck...both in hardware and online services. the gamepad feature is simply not compelling enough use of this money. i don't believe nintendo has stepped outside of their echo chamber to get a feel for what the gaming consumer expects in 2014. they'd sooner step into other markets than get the core business up to date. which is sad.



bobbypaycheque said:

I really think a smartphone Pikmin spinoff would work really well. They don't have to license their past games or even biggest franchises to smartphones to have a great presence on those devices.



bobbypaycheque said:

@Technosphile They supported Gamecube for the whole generation. It is about profitability more than sheer numbers, I think Nintendo is aiming to make the platform more profitable.



Williaint said:

They need a new Super Mario Super Show, with Charles Martinet doing all the voices (even if there are live actors)!
Releasing MK8 too soon after DKCTF would put out what little flame it already has. Like, if it was released in March, "Oh, well DKC is so close to March, it's just going to be pointless to buy it since I'm more excited about MK8."



OliverAdam said:

"his leadership won't see Nintendo jumping to match perceived trends or mimic competitors, with great emphasis placed on the company's individuality and ability to innovate"

Their biggest weakness

So far they have totally ignored "trends" that have become standards:

  • Online functionality
  • Achievement systems
  • Unified account service


Nintendo calls it, as it says in the second part of the line: "emphasis placed on the company's individuality and ability to innovate", but this is a bunch of bull. Everybody can slam a second screen on a controller and call it "innovation", touchscreen by itself wasn't innovative, and ironically Nintendo has YET to change the way we game.

I think Nintendo should realize which landscape they're in, and stop saturating their console with platformers. All their 1st party titles have completely ignored the dominant genres like RPG's and FPS's - Look at their output for zeus sake. All their "best selling games" have been platformers, but platformers aren't system sellers anymore, and other companies like Sony can still provide the platformer fans with exclusive titles like Ratchet & Clank, Puppeteer and Sly - maybe they aren't as perfect as Mario, but they are solid entries.

It's the sole reason you don't see a new FPS Metroid or racer like F-Zero. These games don't make money, no matter how wanted they are, Nintendo do not have ressources to put out the "selling software" and "satisfying software", so they put all their money in one corner; the kids corner.

Now i'm not saying the games are bad, but they obviously lack appeal. People want scale too. God knows X will be the only true open world experience, and that's sad, especially considering the fact ,that it will cover another genre they haven't even bothered to touch: JRPG's - what happened? The Wii was packed full of loving awesome JRPG's and now Nintendo is just not letting any get through? Are they afraid that the western market will dislike Japan or form a stereotypical image of Japan? I don't understand it at all...

Nintendo are forcing themselves to become niche, at least with regards to their home consoles, it's rather frustrating, when you have been with them for decades literally.

Profanity is not necessary -Lz



IceClimbers said:

I think some of you people on here need a reality check. Xbox and PlayStation are both set to crash and burn despite being far more popular because they aren't making any money. It's become clear that Nintendo's home console can't recover, and God knows what will happen to their next console.

Nintendo HAS to reach out of the video game industry to survive long-term (beyond 20-30 years), which is exactly what the QOL platform is for. Gamers expect top-notch graphics and hardware power, but the reality is going for that is a set up for failure as no profit would come from it. Gamers are the ones who are out of touch with reality. Like it or not, but the console market is GOING TO CRASH.

Now, in regards to Nintendo's online functionality. The NNIDs are going to no longer be hardware-tied. As for the VC, it is in NO WAY a system-selling feature, contrary to popular belief around here. Hopefully Nintendo steps up their release schedule though.

Advertising: They're going to invest in more advertising. It will improve, and that's exactly what the smartphone stuff is for.

Now for the big thing, the games. Nintendo is working as hard as they can on games, but its simply not enough because they are struggling to juggle two systems at once. They need to buy more studios. Capcom would be a good starting place. Can't fix the games issue until they buy studios. With their current studios, I can guarantee the 3DS will have a massive games drought in 2015 and 2016.



Sockymon said:

A non wearable, non-video game quality of life product? To me that says Nintendo wants a product that's not used in the living room, but never leaves the house - so that's one used in the bathroom (maybe a standalone Wii Fit branded set of smart-scales) or the kitchen (a DS type device that monitors the nutritional value of the food in your fridge). Off the wall, maybe, but there might be a market for it.



Superryanworld said:

@OliverAdam You make many valid points,and these games that are aimed at kids?Nintendo has lost a vast majority of the younger audience to smart phones,tablets,and competitor console's.They better realize that kids and casual audiences are not what's keeping them aloft.We the dedicated Nintendo audience are the ones supporting them in these tough times.



Superryanworld said:

@IceClimbers Um...ps3 just recently recouped all losses from its terrible launch.I think your doom and gloom prediction is a little early considering ps4 and Xbox 1 haven't been out a whole year yet.Geez you sound like Michael patcher with these early predictions.



IceClimbers said:

@OliverAdam There simply aren't any JRPGs to let through. Only one is Dragon Quest X, but that's on Square Enix.

Oh, and Nintendo was already niche in the first place. Core gaming is niche. Games like CoD, Assassin's Creed, Battlefield, and the other "AAA" games are casual.

@Superryanworld The PlayStation division is still deep in the red alongside the rest of Sony. Xbox has always been in the red. Microsoft has never made any profit from Xbox. Investors have been trying to get Sony and Microsoft to ditch their gaming divisions for years. Oh, and Xbox One sales are declining.



Superryanworld said:

@IceClimbers By casual I didn't mean cod or talking about what gave the wii a ton of success.People who never played video games before such as those who only played wii sports with grandma.



Captain_Toad said:

Heh, if done correctly and acknowledging and solve the biggest problems Nintendo has right now i.e. better marketing for the WiiU, NNID, Virtual Console this could bring Nintendo to even grander scales than before!



Shambo said:

I just looked at my preorders, and it seems my Wii U won't be resting too much this year. Most games announced/confirmed are at least pretty interesting. And then there's 3DS, almost the same story, albeit with a little more shovelware, which comes with good selling systems. So whatever Nintendo does within this year is interesting to see evolve and take shape, but games-wise it's already pretty okay for me. And for the most dedicated game consoles, that's the most important thing.

I must even say, and don't shoot me for this, but I think the lack of third party support in large numbers is even fine by me. I'd rather not waste money on ports of triple A titles which I forget the moment I put them down -which is often before reaching the end-, when I have an entire collection going and enough games on the horizon to answer to my gaming 'needs'. I love Nintendo systems for their varied, weird, often quite experimental games library.



HappyHappyist said:

i only care about nintendo for games. anything above sounds lame. i dont want a nintendo cell-phone, or some BS like that.



Williaint said:

@Legromancer Think about it: DKCTF, no matter how good the game is, won't generate as much hype as Mario Kart 8. It's the same effect SM3DW suffered. I think April would have been a better time to release MK8, but earlier would just hurt DKCTF sales more.
@Superryanworld But CoD and Battlefield are the Kings of the hardcore-casual... If you really want to play wii sports, not online, pop in the disk and play in Wii mode.
@OliverAdam They haven't "totally" ignored these "standard" trends. Collecting Stamps (SM3DW) may not be as exciting as "kill your team mate 20 times", but it's an achievement. I'm not sure what you mean by Online Functionality. As far as I'm concerned, it functions pretty well online. Although it hasn't been applied yet, they ARE working on the Unified NNID.
Just because it's in the Kids corner doesn't mean it's not fun for adults. As for the future, I can't say, so you may be correct about having X the only exclusive JRPG type console game.



IRNBRU115 said:

I had a good idea for a phone app!!! A street pass app which you can use as a go between your 3DS and another persons phone... e.g. you register your 3ds with your phone, your phone takes the data and you can use it just like a 3DS on street pass! So you can share street pass information using just your phone! Although you have to sync it back to your 3DS to reap the rewards.

It should work 3DS to a phone and vice versa... And that will bring users back to intends console!



SakuraHaruka said:

I like some ideas, but I'm not convinced on some points, I wish that these new strategies not directly affect what we know about Nintendo.



Obito_Sigma said:

lol I love the results on that last question. Only 3 votes out of about 400 total votes said that Nintendo's prices were fine and is unnecessary to change. That is the most logical. The first two are somewhat greedy answers, (and of course I went with the majority) and the last one is kind of supportive to Nintendo for either selfish reasons that they could only play Nintendo games, or so Nintendo would get more money out of their sales. I find that funny...



theberrage said:

I came to this site when it was (I think) because the virtual console was the main draw for me to purchase the Wii. I have been very disappointed by Wii U's utter lack of virtual console .



erv said:

I never care much for retro, virtual console and things past to be honest. The flexible pricing thing got me most excited.



Superryanworld said:

@Williaint I agree that cod is a hardcore-casual and that the series with its yearly cut&paste Installments grew old long ago.What I was talking about was the fact that Nintendo needs to realize two things.The first being that trying to pull in the casual " non hardcore" people that bought the wii, and only played the pack in wii sports with the family won't be jumping on board with the wii u.I knew several families that bought the wii played the pack in game,and bought maybe two or three games and it wasn't Zelda or smash bros.Call this audience what you will,but those masses of "casual gamers" are not coming back.second is the fact that kids don't rush to the store to buy Nintendo products like they did with the wii and ds.As I've said before with mom and dad getting the kids smart phones and tablets on a family plan,this has cut into Nintendo's handheld business enough to sting a bit.People can say Microsoft and Sony are in a bad spot,but many of these young gamers would rather have a x1 or ps4 over a wii u.I will always support Nintendo,as Ive been with them since nes,but times have changed and I hope they can deal with this changing market.Guess well just wait and see.



Williaint said:

I agree with you. Nintendo is still stuck in "Yaumauchi Economics".
The cookie-cutter sequels, like CoD or Madden, are how this "General [uninformed] Audience" (the casual gamer audience) views Super Mario Games, and — inevitably — will view DKC:TF... This "General Audience" contains a casual audience, and even more casual audience.
In the end, it's a popularity contest, and PS4 VS Xbone have piqued the General Audiences attention.
Is it funny how Xbone and PS4 are aiming at the Mature audience, and are popular with the kids? Is it funny how Nintendo is aiming at the Everyone audience, and aren't popular with anyone?
I think one of the worst things is that emulators and roms are so easy to find, and use, it makes buying products pointless, and negates any reason to even LOOK at the VC. Only on a Nintendo [console]? Nope, it's even possible to run emulators on your phone, 360, or Wii...!

Needs, wants, needs, wants, needs, wants, needs.



McGruber said:

I'm not impressed. Nintendo needs to expand so that they can offer more first party content if they want to survive. They clearly lost 3rd parties and I feel like they are foolish for not acquiring a big studio by now given the game situation they have. Capcom would be huge.



Aozz said:

My Options on the votes
1. Yes but i want know more on what there doing for QOL on Games
2. Yes but i want know on what there doing in future for Smart Devices works
3. Sort Of not much big deal to me anyways
4. Not Interested In NFC So No
5. Yes But im curios on how there working on it
6. Yes i hope they do more improvements and h pre order stuff for future games here in NA
7. Yes and i hope for a early May date this year
8. yes maybe low 40$-30$ ?



raith said:

The strategies he described should be just the beginning of what Nintendo needs to do. They need to shake things up in all aspects of their departments-advertising, developer communication, 3rd party support, etc. Regardless of what their intentions are, actions speak louder than words.



ICHIkatakuri said:

Since it's announcement I had been toying with the idea of getting a ps4 though i know now is not the time to buy. I have a gaming pc but like to sit on the sofa while gaming so maybe in the future i'll consider a new playstation. However today I read an interview with FROM SOFTWARE about dark souls 2 in gamesTM from a couple of months ago and when asked about making games for the next gen systems they said they didn't think they could afford it! This makes me worry about the state of the gaming industry and allows me a little more faith in what Nintendo are trying with the Wii U. I can imagine a big game drought on the Xbone and PS4 over the next year or two as they end up having to rely wholly on the biggest studio's making games, which will all be sequels to hedge their bets. I hope thats not the case but it doesn't sound good having successful devs turn down the opportunity due to cost. Here is where Nintendo should start to reach into its bank balance and get some more exclusives.



MAB said:

Looking at the ideas coming from analysts, investors, haters & fans... It's a good business move for Nintendo to NOT listen to any of them



Williaint said:

@AutumnShantel That's because it's hard to explain...
Nintendo wants to bring games that aren't just fun, but educational, healthy, as well. Sort of like Wii Fit, sort of like Brain training.
In a way, they are trying to attract an audience — the "fit" audience — to gaming, while keeping the other audience around as well.

@MAB A lot of professional Analysts are about as informative as professional trolls.



DarkKirby said:

More merchandise is a must. I want my Gardevoir and Zelda plush.

I think the strategy to try to try and get business from casuals in other areas since they don't care about the Wii U is a mistake. Why does Nintendo not want to develop and compete for the money of hardcore gamers so badly?

Casuals do not care about the Wii U and Nintendo's continued effort to advertise themselves as a kid/family friendly company drives away hardcore gamers. Stop with the friend codes, stop with the censorship, stop with the intentional prevention of communication between players. Have blocks in the parental controls if you want, but to intentionally prevent ALL players from interacting and communicating is RIDICULOUS.

Nintendo's anti consumer practices and policies like tied to console digital purchases and region lock are ridiculous and the amount of time and money they spend doing stuff like trying to make modding their console illegal would be better spend just making games. PIRACY ISN'T KILLING YOUR BUSINESS NINTENDO. YOUR DECISIONS ARE.



BrightBeing said:

Nothing Iwata announced was at all relevant to me as a gamer. The new health device is irrelevant to me. The release date wasn't a suprise. I don't expect much from any pricing scheme changes before they implement a decent account system. DS games on an HD console make zero sense. I could care less about anything on smartphones. As a gamer, I want three things from Nintendo: A powerful console, a decent online infrustructure, and GAMES. The first want is impossible to fulfill this generation. The Wii U is underpowered. The second want is completely doable. Ill settle for nothing less than feature parity with competing consoles or equivilent alternative features. The third want is also very doable. Maybe a future Nintendo Direct or E3 can fix that quickly. But at this point, I'm starting to loose faith in Nintendo as a video game company, sad to say.



AVahne said:

The only merchandise from Nintendo that I would care about at this point would be scale model kits for the mechs featured in X on Wii U. They should ask Bandai to design and manufacture the kits. If they do this, I'll love Nintendo again.



enderboy221 said:

@CHECKit095 Hey, to me that's a good thing. Tropical Freeze comes out a tiny bit before my High School AIMS. It will (hopefully) help me get through the stressful times!



MasterWario said:

Mario Kart will get here when it gets here. Right now it's all about DONKEY KONG!

In regards to the majority of the article, the only thing I had a solid opinion on was licensed merchandise. I really wish I had more access to Nintendo non-video game stuff, but I don't.

Every thing else I hardly care for. I already know I look forward to and will buy Nintendo games, and the people that don't I can't really influence to do so. The popular option isn't often the best option, but try telling the popular people that.



miletich3 said:

Why bother rereleasing DS games on Wii U! The only platforms that deserve to be on the VC are N64, GCN, DC, etc!



Cyberbotv2 said:

@AdanVC : I truly believe these Nintendo Directs need to stop. Attempting to appeal to a dwindling core Nintendo fan base is a huge waste of time. Have a streaming press conference via YouTube with some game journalists or developers around to ask and answer questions. These recent financial meetings also seem to be a lot of gibberish. Vague ideas...check. DS games on Wii U...uh, no. Firm release dates...none. MK8 in May? They're kidding, right? Essentially, nothing concrete was explained, and Nintendo needs to be out there pushing the Wii U as if this is it for them. But there seems to be no desperation. No push to be the best. I've been patient since 1997, when I picked up my N64. But they have totally disinterested me the past year. Ugh.



Melkaticox said:

Now that Nintendo is more open to license their IPs...MAKE THE DAMN SUPER MARIO CGI MOVIE HAPPEN, IWATA!!



remlapgamer said:

Looks like alot of people are interested in Nintendo rewarding regular buyers, I hope they keep us with your website.



2Sang said:

I'm just glad he's admitted the wii u is a failure. Iwata's in a real slump, but I trust him to get nintendo out of it, provided he learns from these mistakes over the past few years. He's brilliant in Japanese culture, but needs to remember Europe and America aren't the same type of culture as Japan, and need to be treated as such.



element187 said:

"No, Nintendo should focus on games only 16%"

Wow, people still don't understand. Nintendo cannot survive long term in just video games, they need to be much more than a video game maker.



FJOJR said:

Anybody hoping for a Martinet voiced NEW Super Mario Bros. NEW Super Show?



Bolt_Strike said:

A lot of what they're doing for the Wii U seems to be too little too late, DS games aren't going to help much, and the claim that they're going to make more games that use the Gamepad just sounds like more empty promises. They better hope this QOL thing pans out.



Vriess said:

DS games belong on the 3DS and the Virtual Console....STILL NEEDS MOOOOOORE GAMES!!!



Angered_Pegasus said:

Iwata Satoru-san:

All I ask you is to get rid of region lock on retail games.

Please let us be our own judge, and deal with cultural differences. Please flood our local market with different console gaming universes, so that the people here can broaden up their gaming experience, and increase Nintendo profits.



KittenKoder said:

Nintendo tried a revolutionary idea for the home console, but alas it didn't catch on, not like their ideas for the portable console did. I say they just need to slow down on the Wii U, focus on what's a hit, until they come up with the next generation.

Nintendo has always been a company to depend on starting trends, adding a new idea or technology to their products to garner sales and popularity. It's one of the reasons I love their electronics, each gen has something different to try out. The drawback to this is that there will be some ideas that just don't work well, but meh.

@Angered_Pegasus .... "quality" is subjective.



paniccoffee said:

Instead of trying to do everything, Nintendo should definitely focus on games ---- Quality games. Maybe having good relations/partnerships with developers, after all, they are their bread and butter. Abandon region lock and culture typecasting.

They keep on complaining about needing more profit and yet they never listen to the fan base.



Theober555 said:

I think bringing DS games to Wii U was a bif of an iffy move, seeing as how the DS is still a relevant console and games are still being sold at retail



1990irock said:

What they should do is create an streetpass app on phones so you can exchange Nintendo information with your phone instead of only 3DS. Everyone carry his phone with him. After exchanging through this streetpass you could upload the data to the nintendo systems for use



open said:

Basically for each option there should be a "this is OK, but really this isn't a big deal. So much room for more improvement"

Yes DS games are cool. Bring them to 3DS, oh and add GBA, 64, SNES and GC games.

Work harder at bringing content to non Nintendo owners.

Yes deals are good. But content is already too over priced. Like 40% off monster hunter deal, I was like whoa lemme check it out... To be disappointed with a £29.99 price tag - I can buy it new in store, physical copy for that price.

The Thing is I understand they want to be unique, and in some aspects they are, but in other aspects they offer the same functions as others but not as well.

Stop sticking your head in the sand Nintendo and play catch up. There is no shame. Keep the hardware, but completely restructure how you see your UI, online and web store/web presence.



SpookyMeths said:

I always get a kick out of that picture. Silly Iwata-san, you can't play the Wii U with that. It's too big!



Nomad said:

Is anyone else getting sick of all this " business" side if things? Can we get back to games now. Can we get back to DK, Kart, Smash, X, Zelda, 3DS etc.



jjmesa16 said:

One thing I wish that Iwata would have talked about at the briefing was accounts (NNID). There is much improvement that needs to be done on that front. I really wish that games weren't tied to systems but were tied to accounts instead. It's something that Nintendo really needs to do and I hope that's it's done before E3 2015.



8bitforever said:

@HaNks Amen! I really wanted to hear news about fixing their account system and VC but this meeting was terrible. I feel like Iwata has failed and needs to start making changes before it is too late.



Blackleg_sanji said:

@8bitforever yea I know Nintendo is going to make a come back...we'll I hope anyway but let's not take credit away from sony they've really improved and their gaming line up looks great



WebHead said:

I definitely agree that that loyal customers should be rewarded. Still bummed about MK8 not being released until May though.



Agent721 said:

I'm not sure how anyone can be excited about their QOL crap. The stated bypassing of wearable tech ( which hasn't even taken off yet) to non wearable tech (huh?) is just too obtuse to figure out, so I'm not even focusing on it at all. I own a Wii U. How about putting your entire focus on that? I'm disappointed that Nintendo seems to already shifting focus. At this point, we can only hope the Wii U becomes like the Cube or N64. But it seems to be headed somewhere between them & the virtual boy, in terms of success and support. It is a darn shame..I hope I've read into these announcements wrong.



cusman said:

All I want to know is what are Nintendo's plans to make the Wii U online services and capabilities in line with other leading gaming consoles.

As a Wii U owner, the lack of party-chat in an 8th gen system basically means I don't end up playing with friends who happen to get online. Party chat allows people to talk to each other while even playing different games and allows for coordinating what common game they can all switch to. It is the most essential feature currently missing on Wii U.



Agent721 said:

Most of us only care for Nintendo as a game maker. If they want to get into fitness or well being even more, good for them, but I'm here for the games...not well being. I got a yoga teacher & a girlfriend who's an RD for that. I am not very interested in Nintendo beyond gaming & I'm quite certain most members of this site would feel the same. I grew up PLAYING NINTENDO GAMES. So as a fan, I'd like to see them succeed in that continually. If they can't & need to focus on other businesses, ok, but I won't be around for that, in the same way that I don't care if Sony decides to delivery groceries...I care about games!!!!



Nico07 said:

@Sceptic Nintendo has ideas for the GamePad you only need play NintendoLand, Game and Wario, or Wii Party U to see them. They only need to roll out some of these ideas in a full game scale. Mario 3D World and Wind Waker HD hardly used the Gamepad and both have options to not use it. While games like Wonderful 101 are unplayable without the Gamepad in the campaign mode.



EngieBengie said:

Couldn't careless about Quality of Life, same for the Smart Device thing, DS games on virtual console is AWESOME, Have to see more of the NFC games, Nintendo more open to licensing their franchises is a big HELL YES!!!, Mario Kart 8 is coming out sooner than imagined which is great, Flexible pricing is another HELL YES!!!



JimLad said:

Why oh why can't they just make more games... is that so hard?
Lord knows they have the money for it.



Subie98 said:

Im not ungrateful to be getting ds games but I have zero interest in those. Id much rather they got a lot more nes, snes, n64, genesis games and for the love of god gamecube.



tovare said:

I think getting into health is a really smart and a good long-term strategy. Looking forward to playing mario kart while the nintendo elysium-device improves my health.

I do hope that nintendo continue to produce gaming platforms, since they're the most innovative company out there.



azg said:

Getting into health industry could damage game development.. Depends on the profits. Nintendo used to be card company. Let's hope they don't shift into medical/health stuff and forget about us gamer's.



faustcoolio said:

I'm seriously starting to regret buying wiiu for our son this holidays. If it was not for Mario 3d world we would probably try to return wiiu. The games that I know he would enjoy playing so few and are so fricking expencive, we can't spend 60$ per game. At least it is compatible with Wii games.



Benjelo said:

Mind blown I can't even wrap my head around all this stuff right now. I'm both excited and nervous about all this change.



MetalKingShield said:

The only way I'd be interested in the Quality of Life platform would be if there was some sort of sleep/dream training. Maybe it could assess how relaxed you are and adjust accordingly? Overall though, I'm very sceptical that Nintendo itself will make any interesting breakthroughs in this area, and would really rather they went back to making games/consoles like in the N64/GC days.



QuickSilver88 said:

@Yamitora1 When hackers reverse engineered the gamepad they found it can be firmware upgraded and could be streamed thru wifi. Also there appears to be two channels supported. I am happy Iwata doubled down on Gamepad now show us something Nintendo!



Tornado said:

QOL sounds like another funky peripheral that'll be an uphill battle to explain to the public. N doesn't seem to realize that the Wiimote's success hinged largely upon its simplicity.



AyeHaley said:

You know what bugs me? I finally got into a Wii U mood again due to 3D World, Black Flag and Deus Ex (meaning playing it all the time, like when ACNL or Pokemon XY came out on 3DSm I binge played it) and now I have nothing new to play for at least another 20 days heck, maybe even more since I'm not a huge Donkey Kong fan...
I hate it when I get into something and I have to stop cause there is nothing new to check out. Are we seriously getting a drought again? Is there nothing between DK and MK8 besides a small list of indie games?
Not really want to complain about 3DS as it still has some games I want to play but is there anything announced for the first half of this year? Just Layton x Phoenix Wright as far as I know.
Can't believe after 40 million units sold it still doesn't have the 3rd party support it deserves. I'm curious to see what Nintendo has lined up to get us through the year, they have to release at least 1 game a month to keep momentum going.
There are so many franchises waiting to get a second chance on 3DS and Wii U.
I love 3D gaming and I love my 3DS but I definitely need some more (variety of)stuff on Wii U...pronto. I almost have the urge to get a PS3 to fill in the gaps.



MaverickHunterX said:

In my opinion, Mario Kart 8 definitely NEEDS to be out earlier, like either March or April. I agree with what Williaint said--as good as DKC:TR will be it's NOT Mario Kart. Mario Kart is more or less Nintendo's Call of Duty, that game just moves consoles. Hell, MKWii is STILL moving Wiis after all this time.

Now Smash Bros U/3DS, that should be released in May. Yarn Yoshi, Monolithsoft's X, Bayonetta 2, and Hyrule Warriors need to be out this year.

And while it is interesting that Nintendo has decided to release DS titles on the WiiU Virtual Console, they SHOULD really be releasing N64 & Gamecube titles on it. And maybe a few popular JP console & arcade titles that never made it west.

And while they're at, how about fortifying the Nintendo Network for the imminent arrival of MK8 & SSBU/3DS. Remember how the Pokemon Bank crippled the 3DS network in Japan for a month? Imagine that mess x30.



Caryslan said:

@MaverickHunterX I would say around October or November is the best time for Smash 4 to arrive. Next to Mario Kart, Smash in Nintendo's second biggest hitter and I think it needs to come out around the time the other two systems are getting their heavy hitters.

The Xbox One is getting Halo 5 around the time, and I would not be shocked if Sony has a major holiday title ready to go as well. Yarn Yoshi, X, Bayonetta 2, and Hyrule Warriors are likely major games, but I don't seem them pushing units the way a Smash Bros can.

Rushing Smash Bros out in the summer will waste its sales potential, and leave the Wii U without a major title during the holiday season. Mario Kart 8 coming out in May helps push the Wii U, especially during the barren Summer Months where few major titles are coming out to platforms. It also sells the Wii U at a time were kids are getting out of school, and might have time to play the game.

Yarn Yoshi and the others could be supplemental games that help keep the Wii U going, while Smash Bros 4 would be the major holiday title that helps the Wii U during a period where the Xbox One gets stuff like Halo 5.

Plus, I don't want Smash 4 to be rushed to the market. If it misses May of this year, if it misses the Holiday season, then so be it. Smash Bros will sell no matter when it comes out, and I would rather have a game that surpasses Brawl, over a game that was rushed out without giving Sakurai time to finish it the way that he wanted.



Windy said:

I just have 1 frustration. I can care less about sales and numbers. Its been a couple years now since Reggie said that a Robust online gaming was on the way. Well its still frustrating. There are a few good online games. Mariokart, Kid Icarus and Animal Crossing. But there is something missing.



Firebird360 said:

I'd like to see them release the next iteration of the Ds with HD screens and a significant boost in power along with an additional thumb stick, and bundle in with every machine a wireless HDMI reciever that you can beam whatever ur playing to the TV. And have them drop out of the home console market, have the portable Ds home console hybrid and then just focus on great games.



Heiki said:

As long as Nintendo keeps doing great games, I don't mind what kind of approach they decide to make. If they can make money with this health device, great. They can think of ways to expand their business and that's a good thing.

The one complaint I have would be DS games on Wii U VC. Come on, Nintendo... Where are the N64, Mega Dive, GameCube and GBA games? If you must go with DS titles, make them available on the 3DS eShop, not on the Wii U. Most of them are still available if you want a physical copy and I can't imagine how you can possibly play DS games with the GamePad.



defrb said:

I would like to see Nintendo makes a new console within 2 year, wich is 2 times as strong as a playstation 4.
And i want to play 3ds games on my big screen.

I'm totaly not intrested in mario on mobile phones or ds games on my wiiu.
In my opinion you cant spam mario on any device to be succesfull.

Also its amazing to see how they keep on spamming their 16bit games on every system they make, without 1 word about gamecube games (wich are so awesome, still!)

I would like to see more radical changes other then spamming ds games on a wiiu and cheap mario on phones -.-



PAppleyard said:

I was sad to see them talking about DS games on the VC when people have been asking about other systems since day one.

The rest of it is nice but no kind if deal breakers. They will not win any new customers.



Manaphy2007 said:

May is a good time to release mario kart 8 because it gives them just enough time to polish the game and it is basically the last month of school for kids so they can focus on MK8. i wanna see at least one gcn game work on wiiu vc to see how it plays out and that may have given the investors a bit intrigued



Marshi said:

Heres my metaphor on how nintendo have been over the last year:

Its like the two other guys are on a balanced diet,eating 3 square meals a day(though they may eat a bit too much fps!)
Nintendo takes a look accross the table and says "im not with these guys" and decides to only eat fruit and light snacks, assuming all the while that the dietition(us) would favour nintendo's food. Suddenly nintendo realises that most people actually want a nice balance diet of games but rather than listen,nintendo says "we dont need any other foods, we'll just add water and stick to our little corner" thus nintendo slowly starves themselves.

Thank you. Thank you very much



ChuKuNezu said:

I'm intrigued by Iwata-san's visions for the future of Nintendo. I am a little sad though that I have to wait until May for Mario Kart 8. But at least it's this year. LOL



Cyberbotv2 said:

Reading all these comments has provided some clarity. If Nintendo actually does create a unified type of account system, I think it would be separate handheld and console wise, but with the ability to carry your purchases onto future devices. That would be huge because that would truly reward the long time customer especially if you won't be able to purchase some of these games down the line. An example would be if they offer SMB3 on the Wii U, and never offer it again on another system thus rewarding the loyalist big time.



64supermario said:

A lot of my choices were also the majority choices, haha good to know I'm on the same page as everyone else for once.



Kale77 said:

I hold no faith.

Why was Nintendo not taking action on this at the height of the Wii's success? Why now? Usually with well-run companies that have a vision you'll see a steady progression and transition towards a particular field or area at a steady pace, not an abrupt, drastic, out of the blue 90 degree turn in a direction when the books don't come back in the black as hoped. This feels very much like a desperate reactionary move for Nintendo, not a plan they have had for years and been working up to.

All of it comes off as incredibly hastily put together half-measures from a company that has no idea what it's doing. I have to wonder, if the Wii U were performing well and Nintendo did not find themselves in the position they are today, would we even hear the term "QoL"? I hold zero confidence in them these days, none under Iwata's leadership. Nintendo severely struggles in the industry the helped build even with the most basic of things today that were main staples years ago. They speak on things (such as UAs) that have existed for years as some new, amazing feature they're going to pioneer. It's ridiculously laughably deluded. Now they want to get into QoL, a HUGELY competitive field against companies who have far more experience, which, when considering Mr. Iwata is seemingly petrified of anything to do with competition, doesn't bode too well. The man can't even kick his company's rear into gear in order to get things such as universal accounts working when others have been doing it since 2005.

Am I the only one who is just a bit concerned here?

Everything from Iwata and Nintendo is talk. "We realize this", "We're going to do that", "We need to do this", "We've failed at that". Man alive. It only took the loss of $240 million plus three years of consecutive losses to come to these realizations years after Joe Blow on the street knew them? Iwata talks and talks and talks and promises the world, and nothing ever happens. In any other company, you don't hear see action (most of the time before the consumer even realizes it's an issue). This, to me, is entirely demonstrative of Iwata's incompetence.

And now we're expected to believe that he can successfully lead Nintendo into a whole new direction in an unfamiliar arena when they can't even survive in the one they helped found? I don't buy it, because like the saying goes, past behavior is the best predictor of future behavior, and if Iwata's past behavior is anything to go by, he is capable of nothing that he says. If Nintendo were leading the field in which they already reside in, I wouldn't be singing this tune, but they're not. They're becoming an irrelevant joke to many. The Wii U is almost dead. No 3rd party support. Sloppy OS. Paltry online. VC is lackluster. It's absolutely insane to me that Iwata really didn't even address these things in his briefing. It's like he's just ignoring and disregarding the Wii U. How in God's name can he even humor a third pillar when he can't even fix current problems that are costing hundreds of millions?

Sorry folks, none of this instills me with confidence at all.

For Nintendo's sake I hope I'm wrong. Despite my tone, I do want them to survive, even if they go this QoL route because they are still going to make games and make the best out there, but I'm very concerned. Nintendo has severe issues it needs to address NOW before even considering entering any other field.

.....and not anymore talk or how they realize or are going to do it. JUST DO IT already.



UpdateNightmare said:

Look at the nice reflection on that cheaply produced made in China screen...
The Wii U hardware was outdated the moment it arrived, today's smart phones just have better screens, multi touch functionality (in the art academy this would allowed you to rest part of your hand on the screen while you draw) and it doesn't hurt your eyes when the sun is out.

The triggers aren't real triggers either, when they made the wii U they cut way too many corners. Removed all possible useful functionality like being able to watch blu ray movies and even to show the family photos and videos you took with the camera.

The PS3 is honestly more next gen than the Wii U



FritzFrapp said:

Kale77 said: "And now we're expected to believe that he can successfully lead Nintendo into a whole new direction in an unfamiliar arena when they can't even survive in the one they helped found?"


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