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Wed 1st January, 2014

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Ic3pick039 commented on Splatoon Creation Was Inspired by Rare's Perfe...:

Add local multiplayer to this game!!!! Add team voice chat and or party chat to this game!!!! I promise the results won't be as disappointing as its about to be! You know Nintendo should just get with the times as allow you to voice party chat at anytime with anyone and avoid creators cutting games short! This is soo sad If they don't fix it!



Ic3pick039 commented on Nintendo UK Has Picked Its New PR Agency, Spla...:

@ULTRA-64 yeah it's really frustrating they're doing this game backwards. All this anticipation and they ruined the main part of the game. It's really disappointing. I'll still be picking it up but without those things I don't see me playing it as long as I had hoped. On top of that I have had my friends back out on buying it because we can't function easily as a team.



Ic3pick039 commented on Talking Point: Splatoon Is a Typically Colourf...:

I AM EXCITED ABOUT THIS GAME AND WILL STILL BE PICKING IT UP, but the lack of voice chat is soooo disappointing. Basically my replay value of this game has dropped significantly due to the fact that I can't play with friends/teammates and chat with them. Please change this ruling!