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Fri 30th Mar 2012

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Jstar269 commented on Nintendo Download: 27th February (North America):

Still no SMB3. I still have it on my Wii for over a year now, and it is still fun to play today. If I could get one of the best NES games on my 3DS XL, that would bring enternal happiness for a while, or at least until Mario Kart 8 comes out.



Jstar269 commented on Nintendo Direct: Trailers Round-Up:

Glad to see Mario Kart 8 getting a release date, but May 30th is a bit far away. None the less, this is very exciting for me, and I can't wait for it.
What will happen to Mario Kart Wii Online?



Jstar269 commented on Review: Super Mario Bros. 3 (Wii U eShop / NES):

I have played Super Mario Bros. 3 on my Wii for over 2 years now. It is in my opinion the best NES game I have ever played. It offers so much in just one NES game. It makes some SNES games look bad.

Anyone know when this will release in US for Wii U and 3DS? Would LOVE to play this on the go.



Jstar269 commented on Nintendo Acknowledges Network Issues and Sugge...:

@MAB lol
I got in and out the 3DS eShop. Earlier I got my 20$ code in and got the Mutant Mudd's demo (is it good?) And then it kicked me out again. Many hours later, and just says offline.
Patience, as I have loved Nintendo since the N64, but this hasn't really happened before. Hmm...
Well, I'm off back into the world of Animal Crossing. Being a mayor is harder then I thought.



Jstar269 commented on Review: Cake Ninja XMAS (DSiWare):

So you are saying this is the best Cake Ninja ever? Because the other 2 had a 1. But still, whats with the ad, and I feel sorry for you playing this game.



Jstar269 commented on Feature: Wii U Launch Day, Live!:

Guessing the update is huge, (eShpo, MiiVerse, Wii U Chat) these are 3 BIG features right there. next update will take at most half the time its taking right now in december (Nintendo TVii, thats it for now.) I mean, maybe, if thats true. Not sure. :l