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The official English translation of Satoru Iwata's briefing confirms that the quick-start GamePad feature — outlined below — will come in a system update due in the early summer. All other details below are accurate as per the translated briefing.

Original Article:

We will be providing a summary of Satoru Iwata's investor briefing shortly, as we're picking out details that can be reported with some degree of confidence. One announcement that is rather beyond translation doubt, however, is that DS games are on the way to the Wii U Virtual Console.

In a segment of the presentation focused on utilising the GamePad more effectively for the Wii U, Satoru Iwata confirmed the news of DS titles coming to the system along with the pictured diagram; as you can see it'll utilise the size of the controller for a split-screen. On the same page of the investor briefing, so far only released in Japanese, there's also a short video showing a quick load update that will come to the Wii U, which allows you to load games through a quick-start menu on the GamePad; this will cut down on waiting for the full system to boot up. In addition, the same segment of the presentation stated that the NFC functionality of the controller will be highlighted in detail at this year's E3.

So, what do you think of DS games on the Wii U Virtual Console? Let us know below, and head over to the linked page to see the quick-boot mode in action.