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Sun 9th Jun 2013

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Angered_Pegasus commented on Review: Conception II: Children of the Seven S...:

I played the demo, didnt like it a single bit. Lame conversations, I don't like the gameplay, and I find this idea of "making children" completely ridiculous. Mind you, I am a girl, the hubby has Senran Kagura which I like too. Not mentioning that Conception does not even have a retail version, I'll definitely pass.



Angered_Pegasus commented on Review: Cut the Rope: Triple Treat (3DS):

To think that games like this actually gets physical release, it simply baffles me. Still hoping in vain for Shin Megami Tensei 4 EU release.... :/
I have Cut the rope on my tablet. It is a good game, but I don't see the point of getting it on a 3DS. I'll just pass.



Angered_Pegasus commented on Poll: Have Your Say on Satoru Iwata's Nintendo...:

Iwata Satoru-san:

All I ask you is to get rid of region lock on retail games.

Please let us be our own judge, and deal with cultural differences. Please flood our local market with different console gaming universes, so that the people here can broaden up their gaming experience, and increase Nintendo profits.



Angered_Pegasus commented on Nintendo Working on Fix for Pokémon X & Y Gam...:

Well, good to know they are working on it

Hmm.. correct me if I am wrong, but aren't the map "pokeballs" locations read as "Pokemon center" (the location between route 4 and route 5 does indeed look like one).
Does it means that those are safe points where to save the game? (I think I'll avoid saving in Lumiose city until the bug is fixed ^^)



Angered_Pegasus commented on Wii U And 3DS Developers Share Their Thoughts ...:

Funny to see how some games can get a worldwide release, and include 7 languages, even Japanese. Case in point: Pokemon X/Y:

This said, I wish Nintendo will get rid of region lock, as it seems that they cannot do the same for other games (SMTIV, forever TBA in Europe for example).

It would also allow me to play games that will never be localized (Tomodachi collection, Fantasy life, Japan only as I type this).



Angered_Pegasus commented on Soapbox: Why Region Locking Is A Total Non-Issue:

Region lock is fine by me, provided we get the games released in US and EU. — Which is not the case now.

Edit: I quote Damien McFerran: "The vast majority of gamers who plough their cash into the global interactive entertainment industry would never even consider buying a game from outside of their respective territory. "

Hmm, this is not the impression I get when I see people's comments on games such as "Tomodachi collection", "Fantasy Life", or Shin Megami Tensei IV (TBA forever in EU region)...

Edit2: @Kirk: I agree 100%



Angered_Pegasus commented on Satoru Iwata - "There Are Some Reasons Behind"...:

I quote: "There are many different regions around the world, and each region has its own cultural acceptance and legal restrictions, as well as different age ratings."

Correct me if I am wrong, but the DS games have never been region locked? Did the different regions, legal restrictions and cultural acceptance changed that much over a 2/3 years span?



Angered_Pegasus commented on Nintendo Setting Up Thousands Of StreetPass Re...:

Whatever it is, if it can help Streetpasses, it's fine by me. I live in a medium city in Europe, and I can tell myself lucky if I get 1 streetpass a day. Average is 2 streetpasses per week, when in luck. This said, I noticed more streetpasses those last few months, hope the trend will last



Angered_Pegasus commented on Iwata: Japanese Third Parties Investing More I...:

@Cesco I fully agree! I, too, want to see Tomodachi collection and Fantasy Life published here in Europe.

I desperately hope someone at Nintendo would take notice of the positive feedback, and willingness to give our Euros in those games
edit: I also hope to see Prof. Layton vs Ace attorney, Shin Megami Tensei IV



Angered_Pegasus commented on Thinking Of Buying Animal Crossing: New Leaf? ...:

I will buy digital when Nintendo assures me that I can re-download the games I bought, if I were to lose my unit. So far, I prefer to own the games on a cartridge that can be played on all the 3DS units we have in our family. This said, I would not mind being given access to the Nintendo Japanese e-store, that would allow me to buy games that are not currently available in my region.



Angered_Pegasus commented on Tomodachi Collection: New Life Storms the Japa...:

If only this game would be localized... All I want is a translation, I can learn about the Japanese cultural elements by myself... I wish Nintendo would listen to its players' feedback and give the game a chance.

Edit: I am actually considering importing it. (And try and improve my Japanese in order to play it.)