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Mon 3rd Feb 2014

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Kale77 commented on Poll: Have Your Say on Satoru Iwata's Nintendo...:

I hold no faith.

Why was Nintendo not taking action on this at the height of the Wii's success? Why now? Usually with well-run companies that have a vision you'll see a steady progression and transition towards a particular field or area at a steady pace, not an abrupt, drastic, out of the blue 90 degree turn in a direction when the books don't come back in the black as hoped. This feels very much like a desperate reactionary move for Nintendo, not a plan they have had for years and been working up to.

All of it comes off as incredibly hastily put together half-measures from a company that has no idea what it's doing. I have to wonder, if the Wii U were performing well and Nintendo did not find themselves in the position they are today, would we even hear the term "QoL"? I hold zero confidence in them these days, none under Iwata's leadership. Nintendo severely struggles in the industry the helped build even with the most basic of things today that were main staples years ago. They speak on things (such as UAs) that have existed for years as some new, amazing feature they're going to pioneer. It's ridiculously laughably deluded. Now they want to get into QoL, a HUGELY competitive field against companies who have far more experience, which, when considering Mr. Iwata is seemingly petrified of anything to do with competition, doesn't bode too well. The man can't even kick his company's rear into gear in order to get things such as universal accounts working when others have been doing it since 2005.

Am I the only one who is just a bit concerned here?

Everything from Iwata and Nintendo is talk. "We realize this", "We're going to do that", "We need to do this", "We've failed at that". Man alive. It only took the loss of $240 million plus three years of consecutive losses to come to these realizations years after Joe Blow on the street knew them? Iwata talks and talks and talks and promises the world, and nothing ever happens. In any other company, you don't hear see action (most of the time before the consumer even realizes it's an issue). This, to me, is entirely demonstrative of Iwata's incompetence.

And now we're expected to believe that he can successfully lead Nintendo into a whole new direction in an unfamiliar arena when they can't even survive in the one they helped found? I don't buy it, because like the saying goes, past behavior is the best predictor of future behavior, and if Iwata's past behavior is anything to go by, he is capable of nothing that he says. If Nintendo were leading the field in which they already reside in, I wouldn't be singing this tune, but they're not. They're becoming an irrelevant joke to many. The Wii U is almost dead. No 3rd party support. Sloppy OS. Paltry online. VC is lackluster. It's absolutely insane to me that Iwata really didn't even address these things in his briefing. It's like he's just ignoring and disregarding the Wii U. How in God's name can he even humor a third pillar when he can't even fix current problems that are costing hundreds of millions?

Sorry folks, none of this instills me with confidence at all.

For Nintendo's sake I hope I'm wrong. Despite my tone, I do want them to survive, even if they go this QoL route because they are still going to make games and make the best out there, but I'm very concerned. Nintendo has severe issues it needs to address NOW before even considering entering any other field.

.....and not anymore talk or how they realize or are going to do it. JUST DO IT already.