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Reaction: The Rayman Legends Delay Is a Low Blow, But The Apocalypse Isn't Here

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Remaining "exclusives" need to be secured, however

Let's get one key point out of the way, just so we've said it early. The delay of Rayman Legends feels, to many current and prospective Wii U owners, like a cynical cash-grab of a business move. There are good old "anonymous sources", apparently developers on the game, stating that it's practically finished — it was arriving in a matter of weeks — but that word from on high came late to say that it was going multi-platform and hitting all systems at the same time. In fact, speaking to Digital Spy, Ubisoft public relations specialist Sarah Irvin confirmed that very thing.

We usually release all of our platforms simultaneously (aside from PC). We've made special exception sometimes in the past but it's definitely just on a case by case basis and not our standard practice.

In this case, Ubisoft recently decided they wanted to release the game on multiple platforms so the decision was made to launch them all at the same time rather than separately.

I know it's not an elaborate, 'convincing' answer, but it's the simple truth.

We'd argue with no-one that says that if the Wii U version was ready it should have been released as planned, and if it arrived on rival systems a few months down the road then, ultimately, that's just the way it goes.

But then, logic varies depending on what you know and what you believe in. It seems logical to much of the Nintendo Life community that the game should have been ready to land on Wii U (it'd already been delayed from launch day, let's not forget) as expected, but Ubisoft may have incentives or sound market research to suggest it'll make more money with a co-ordinated release across the board. It's telling that the original press release mentioned demand from "Xbox & Playstation owners and Rayman fans", which could be literal or there could also be pressure just to take advantage of consoles with over a hundred million gamers between them. It's hurtful to Wii U owners, however, because this was a game that looked fantastic, which was prepared with the GamePad in mind and with a huge amount of hype around the system.

Business is cynical, unfortunately, and Ubisoft is looking after number one. There may be some reaction from Wii U owners — we've read comments from some stating they now won't buy the game, or organising petitions — but unfortunately the potential impact is likely to be minimal. That's not to say gestures of dissent against the publishing giants are meaningless, quite the opposite, but ultimately Ubisoft is likely to concern itself with money and sales, above all. Rayman Origins was released on practically any system that would give it a home in order to achieve respectable sales, so perhaps much of the — arguably justifiable — anger and frustration is at the practice of how Ubisoft has made this move, rather than the fact the game's going multi-platform.

The term "exclusive" is perhaps one that, moving forward, needs to be treated with greater care in the way it's reported by the press and treated by the gaming public. Rayman Legends was, at one point, cited as a Wii U exclusive in a trailer, though those involved in the project often danced around the issue when asked at events, stating that Wii U was the focus at that time; in light of the multiple versions of Rayman Origins, too, this hesitancy was understandable. Considering the extent to which the GamePad's unique inputs were being put to use many would have been justified thinking that, at the very least, this title would have arrived on Wii U first before an adjusted version arrived down the line; again, perhaps the biggest issue is Ubisoft's handling of this, depriving Wii U gamers even of the chance of playing it first.

Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge is perhaps an example of how some third-party exclusives will work in the coming years, as developers and publishers come under more pressure to chase sales. Itself an improved re-make of an Xbox 360 and PS3 game, Nintendo published the title and had timed exclusivity, a time when it was only available on Wii U — it arrived on launch day in North America, though in the New Year in Europe. Nintendo had its reward from publishing in that respect, even if the game is now promptly rocking up onto competing systems with more content. Unlike Legends, we imagine Nintendo at least had a degree of control.

All of this, naturally, brings us to question marks about other high-profile Nintendo-published "exclusives", and just how long they'll be limited to Wii U; two notable examples are LEGO City: Undercover and The Wonderful 101, both third-party developed titles. Not being privy to the contracts that have been signed, we don't know just how long these will be exclusive before developers can publish elsewhere [Update: according to a line in a Platinum Games video, Nintendo co-owns the IP for The Wonderful 101, increasing the odds of it remaining a Wii U exclusive]. They may be permanent exclusives or, like Ninja Gaiden 3, of the timed variety, though if either is permanent to Wii U Nintendo could do worse than make a fuss about that very fact. As Rayman Legends has taught us, meanwhile, no amount of GamePad-specific gameplay can necessarily stop a game from being re-jigged for more conventional controllers.

Which brings us to Bayonetta 2's situation which, for all we know, could also apply to LEGO City: Undercover and The Wonderful 101. Without being privy to confidential contracts and agreements, we'd suggest that this one is more likely to remain exclusive to Wii U, unless Nintendo has negotiated poor terms or receives money for it to go elsewhere. The reason for this is that it appears Nintendo funds have made this game's development possible, as opposed to Ninja Gaiden 3 where we'd suggest the game wasn't developed with the big N's money, but published by the company for that timed exclusivity. Here's what the game's executive director Atsushi Inaba said, in the midst of furious Bayonetta fan reaction around the web last year.

Would Bayonetta 2 not exist without Nintendo? The answer is yes.

We are not viewing this as a change of platform. We were looking for a partner to create Bayonetta 2 and Nintendo was a strong, cooperative partner that was willing to create and grow Bayonetta 2 together [with us]. As a result the platform became the Wii U.

It seems clear that Nintendo has money and resources invested in this project, so any defection would likely result in the company agreeing to the terms — again, money talks in business.

And so we should tread carefully in thinking of too many games as exclusive, in the sense of some kind of permanent state. This scenario with Rayman Legends has been handled poorly by Ubisoft, generating an online storm, but multi-platform trends are likely to continue. This incident does also demonstrate why Nintendo's becoming more active in publishing games from other developers, as it's a tool to secure exclusivity — whether that's timed or permanent may vary per game.

This Legends delay has also led to some commentary, as always, of "Nintendo/Wii U is doomed", which is rash — this was a platformer generating hype among enthusiastic gamers, but it's debatable that it will be a mainstream smash that sells five million copies. It's hurtful for many of us here on Nintendo Life as we are enthusiastic, committed gamers, but Wii U has more going for it than Rayman Legends; if you look at confirmed titles for the coming months — Q1 and Q2 — some of which are still awaiting formal release dates, there are some high profile titles on the way.

It's another slice of disappointing press coverage for Nintendo and Wii U, however, so don't be surprised if Nintendo is already planning a riposte to try and change some of the current negative vibes and perceptions of the system. Nintendo needs to make positive noises and show off enticing third-party support that's coming this year, and for all we know maybe it will; perhaps we should take a deep breath and see what the next few Nintendo Direct broadcasts bring.

As always, let us know what you think about these issues in the comments and polls below.

Has the Rayman Legends controversy affected your decision to buy the game? (369 votes)

Yes, I intend to boycott the game


No, I'm buying it anyway


The multi-platform release has convinced me to buy it


I don't even think it's a "controversy"


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After the delay, do you still plan to buy Rayman Legends for Wii U in September? (391 votes)

Yes, I'll still buy it


No, I don't plan to buy it at all


I'll get the Xbox 360 or PS3 version


I never intended to buy it anyway


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User Comments (251)



Mahe said:

This is Nintendo's fault in how they mishandled the launch. They've really lost their touch after the Wii.



ArkOne77 said:

Dear Ubisoft,
If you're concerned about money and sales.....try releasing your "finished" products when you announce them instead of letting them sit for 7 months for a multi-platform release. Makes no sense!!!



-KwB- said:

"Gaming Industry for Dummies" available now and published by Ubisoft ..



triforcepower73 said:

As some people mentioned earlier today in the other article about rayman, I hate how when a game comes out to the ps360, it's fine to release them when scheduled and then release the wii u version later, but when it's the other way around, wii u owners are secondary.



Peach64 said:

I agree that if Nintendo have signed exclusivity agreements for Lego City and Wonderful 101 they need to put out a press release and make people aware they can only get those games by buying a Wii U. People are already predicting they're going to end up on the other consoles.

You can't expect publishers to make exclusives out of the kindness of their hearts. This is a business after all, and it doesn't make sense to put something out on only a console with less than 3 million users when you can put it on PS360 and have an audience of 150 million.

These are software sales for the UK in January

Xbox 360 - 810k games sold
PS3 - 545k games sold
PC - 228k games sold
Wii - 182k games sold
DS - 139k games sold
3DS - 112k games sold
Vita - 46k games sold
Wii U - 34k games sold
PSP - 13k games sold

Until the Wii U has sold more consoles, it's only going to get true exclusives if Nintendo signs deals with publishers and devs, which they clearly haven't done with Rayman. This is why Ubisoft delays games to suit PS360 owners but not the other way around.



Bankai said:

At time of posting, 50 per cent of people have responded to that poll saying that they intend on boycotting the game.

No wonder the Nintendo community annoys me so. Wrong answer, kids,



SteamMistwalker said:

rayman origins released to critical acclaim on all available systems and it sold like crap, why do they think releasing legends on all platforms will make a difference this time around?
p.s i own a ps3,360 and a wii u



howser73 said:

I was interested in this game as it uses the game pad well, I had it Pre-ordered on amazon. I'm disappointed in ubi soft for not releasing what must be a near complete game, exclusivity does not bother me as long as a game is designed to use the wii u best qualities. In September the chances of me buying this game will be very low, not due to this choice by ubi but because at that time Nintendo will have games of there own on the market that I will be more interested in. On the note of exclusivity again I don't mind if games are developed on wii u and exclusive for only a short time because the game will have been developed to make best use of the system and the pad.



SteamMistwalker said:

i really dont mind that they are releasing the game on all formats, but to delay a game thats ready for one console 7 months so that it can be released with the other systems just doesnt seem to make much sense



Bankai said:

@-KwB- I shudder at the thought that an adult would throw a tantrum so severe that they would boycott a game they were looking forward to on the basis that they need to wait a couple more months to play it.

So for the sake of my sanity I am assuming the bulk of the tantrum is coming from children.



Jellitoe said:

I wanted Rayman to hold me over till Monster hunter. Once monster hunter comes out a slew of Wii U games will begin to release. There is not reason for me to get this anymore.



triforcepower73 said:

@Peach64 The only way to sell consoles is to put games on it. There should be a few 3rd party devs who are brave to put games on a new system, because those are what sell the system.



ThomasBW84 said:

While I'm sure developers are upset, I'm wary of "anonymous sources", though it was mentioned right at the top of the article. An angry fan could say "I'm a developer" and go off on one, but unfortunately non-disclosure agreements etc can make it hard to tell what comments are real and which ones are made up.



SkywardLink98 said:

It doesn't make sense for a company to succeed financially? It's actually a smart business move, making it a multi-platform game because more people can (and most likely will) buy it.



Bankai said:

@Banker-Style I really don't know if you are trolling the business people, trolling the people that get upset with the business people, or entirely seriously, but I love you man,



edhe said:

I'd like to put it out there that, as outraged as I am, I will buy the game and for full price. The developers don't deserve to be punished like this. They've already suffered.

It is, after all one of my most anticipated games on a console I own very few games for (I'll likely sell ZombiU next week because, frankly, I'm finding it a bit dull).

That is, of course, if there aren't any other games out in "September" that will vie for my attention.



Sean_Aaron said:

I would have liked more poll choices. I'm not going to boycott, but the needless delay makes it more likely my funds will go elsewhere. I just don't get this needless delay which only appears to have disappointed fans and developers of the game. Why hype it up so much and even release a playable demo if you're going to pull this kind of stunt? Doing a download-only release seems like a sensible middle-ground, so how about that at least?



ArkOne77 said:

Multiplatform isn't the issue.......waiting 7 months for a finished game is. You don't think that that will affect overall success for the game?



Ducutzu said:

@Bankai: Well put. In other times, this angry crowd of "fans" would have lynched anybody related to Ubisoft. It is a social-media fueled mass aggression similar to the London riots.



the_shpydar said:

People who are going to boycott this game (presuming they actually wanted the game in the first place), and/or boycott Ubi in general are seriously ridiculous. It's not even funny how stupid of a reaction that is.
I'm totally with you on this one, Waltz.



triforcepower73 said:

@SkywardLink98 Gosh. You really don't understand what he's saying. You said pretty much the same thing on the other article. Release the game now on wii u. Make money from wii u owners. Release the game in September on ps360. Make money from ps360 owners. That's a lot smarter of a business move than releasing the game on all platforms when a ton of other big name titles are on all of the platforms. As the vote above shows, a majority of wii u owners aren't going to be interested in this game when it comes out due to other, better games being on the platform.



Taceus said:

Oh @Bankai, you're the John Laws of NL. Half the time I think you're the only with any sense, the other half I question if you have any. Entertaining none the less. I'll still get RL, in the inevitable drought of games sometime in 2014.



Spoony_Tech said:

Let's not hurt the feelings of the ps360 owners and hold off releasing a finished product. Aww that's so sweet of them! Lame!



Jellitoe said:

The fact that this is going multiplatform is a good thing. Companies need to make money after all. Hell, I wish more games did this so there be more parity in the console world. The reason they don't get my money is because this for me was a release game to get as a stopgap, till games I really want came out. Now its going to release with those games. So I found another stopgap game and this is no longer a must have for me. I might still get it, but from the walmart sales bin instead.



Spoony_Tech said:

@Sean_Aaron Yep. That why I didn't vote for anything. I still would like the game down the road but its just lame that they would sit on a finished product just to appeal to the masses!



JayceJa said:

boycotting a game because its not an exclusive anymore is complete bullpoop, and only encourages it to NOT be an exclusive

buy the game if you want to play it, if you dont want to play rayman legends, this shouldn't affect you at all



Bankai said:

@Taceus hahaha! Half the time I would take that a genuine compliment, and the other half the time I would want to sock you for comparing me to John Laws.

Thank you for not comparing me to Alan Jones. I love you for that.



MrWalkieTalkie said:

Really? More people would rather never get the game at all now than wait? I mean, I'm angry too, but its not like this game will never come out. I didn't wait so long for nothing and I sure as heck ain't gonna give up now just because I'll have to wait longer!



Svengoolie said:

I'm not just boycotting the game, I'm boycotting Ubisoft. And I say that as a gamer that buys all the systems. I'm no Nintendo fanboy, but this is just too much. They've admitted that they're just screwing us, so I have no compassion for them. This is worse than anything EA has ever done. Ubisoft will not be getting any more money from me.



ThomasBW84 said:

@Sean_Aaron et al - Ah, I understand, in terms of some may now look at this as a future bargain buy, rather than a day one. Adding it to the poll now may mess up the figures, but good to know that's a consideration. It just slipped me by!



Burning_Spear said:

Come on, most of these people who are saying they're going to boycott will buy the game. And Ubisoft knows that. They'll close their ears for a few days and this will all be over.



biddenden_sue said:

I'm a true Nintendo fan and have enjoyed every handheld, and all TV consoles since the 64, but this news has greatly depressed me. Ubisoft have publicly declared their lack of faith in the Wii U. Other developers will be watching closely. I fear this could be the beginning of the end for Nintendo regarding TV consoles, although they will continue to rule the handheld market.



jrpacman said:

I don't care that much about this game and I won't boycott because I'm angry, but the fact is I would've bought it now because there aren't a lot of games, and that won't be the case in September, so they've most likely lost my sale. I've never played a Rayman game and this looks good, but if I'm faced later with Pikmin 3 or Wind Waker vs. this, that's too bad for them. I think it's a pretty bogus business decision and I feel for the developers.



Spoony_Tech said:

@ThomasBW84 I don't even think he was talking about that. We need a should be released now option as that's what I would select. I can't really bring myself to select any of those options the way they are worded.



ThomasBW84 said:

@Tech101 - I see. To be honest the polls were put there to gauge whether the news is affecting real purchasing decisions. It's coming out in September now, and there's nothing we can do about that. Given the choice of "I want to buy it in March", I think would lead to a predictable outcome.



Will-75 said:

There is a slim to none chance I will get the game now but only because by the time it's released for Wii U I'm sure there will be other games I want more in that respect I really believe they have hurt themselves with sales of the title . In respect to the boycotting of the game I can understand as a Nintendo fan why some of the gamers are so angry it feels like Nintendo console owners only get the left-overs and scraps of whats left from all 3rd party publishers and as well the last to get them when we do get them , this time around we have a title that looks good and is finished with release date in sight and yet here we are again getting pushed to the backseat to appease the other consoles.., It's a poopy deal for Nintendo Wii U owners no matter how you put it !



Kamalisk said:

Well I was going to buy it, since it seemed fun and there aren't many wiiU games coming out till later this year.

But for me now, this will just get lost in the noise.



Sean_Aaron said:

If I end up buying it, it will be a retail download for full whack, so I'm not saying I'll get it at a discount, but if there's an increasingly crowded release schedule over the year it may go so down the "buy list" that it drops off completely.

This just doesn't feel like a well-reasoned decision.



Spoony_Tech said:

There has got to be a better way of punishing them without boycotting them because I believe it will be a really good game and want to play it but if we all give in to this tactic then they will just continue to do as they please. They decided to hold off the release just to please ps360 fans why not please Nintendo fans the same way they did for them. Bottom line is we aren't important enough and obviously they are!



DePapier said:

@Bankai Dude. Here you are, told by someone that he would bring you your game AT LAUNCH. You feel his support, you TRUST him. Then this someone tells you that he delays the game (for 3 months) to make it better... FOR YOU. You look at him and say thanks for caring SO MUCH that he would only want to give you prime content. (A practice Nintendo is known for, so you assume that guy to understand that commitment to quality.)
But then, TWO WEEKS before launch, he comes back to you and announce another 7 MONTHS delay. ... ... ...
@Bankai, let me make this clear. Tell this to your boss, he will fire you. Tell this to your teacher, he would wonder what semester you're committed to as he would give you an F. Now do YOU understand what goes wrong here???
But that's not it. That SAME GUY has now made it official that the reason why a 10-MONTH DELAYED game is SO delayed is to make sure other guys than you guys also get the game. That's your boss that you're delaying your work to to make sure that your competitors get it at the same time. That's you telling your teacher that you're stooding him up so to make sure that other school also gets your research. Now can you perceive the insanity???

If you so consider the Nintendo community to be so childish, I would suggest you to just leave because it is my understanding that your in the wrong territory. But if such a disgrace cannot make sense to you in terms of what a commitment is, I hope that I taught you how in every human endeavor (other than gaming apparently) such a conduct is simply... unethical.

(-- Sent from GamePad)



Jaz007 said:

Virtually everybody here who says they will boycott Ubisoft or the game will lose that stance after a little more living of life and they aren't feeling such anger anymore; and the very few people who do follow through are crazy.



BrightBeing said:

I voted boycott, but not for the implied reasons. I won't be buying the game because of timing. Right now, there is a game drought on Wii U. Rayman Legends not only helps fill this, but was considered a quality game that stood out. Many people would buy it to fill the void and have something to play until better games come later in the year. Now with the delay, Rayman will be going against Juggernauts. Now, because my dollar only goes so far, I have to pick between Rayman and Wind Waker, a possible GTAV, etc. I can't see a situation where my money goes to Rayman now. Not only that, but the move Ubi made piles hesitation on top of that. So in effect, I'm boycotting the game.



DePapier said:

@Jaz007 Honestly, we got 7 months to calm down, the folks at Ubisoft will do their best to make us change our minds. Unfortunately for them they'll just have to face Wind Waker HD.



Sean_Aaron said:

Pretty much DePapier. The rationale for a multi-platform release was as apparent in November as it is today, but it doesn't explain why Ubisoft would have put out an ad touting Wii U exclusivity or putting a playable demo in the eShop. It just looks like they don't really know what they're doing which cannot be a good sign for their employees, much less fans.

I don't feel the need to "hurt" Ubisoft, but if this title fails to make an impression sales-wise they certainly won't have my sympathies.



Nintenjoe64 said:

Surely nobody cares about the exclusivity.

Exclusivity comes by default with the added features in a Wii U version of this game so the fact they punished people who were going to buy it this month just makes me think they literally want their game to fail on Wii U.



Peach64 said:

There's a good chance that when they put the demo out, they were planning to hit this release? But in the last month the sales figures for Wii U and its games have come out and they've had to change their mind?

@DePapier Your example sort of backs up Ubisofts decision. You're acting as if Nintendo is Ubisoft's boss and its unacceptable to disappoint them like this. In reality, Nintendo are 'the other guys', and it would be a dumb move to lose money in order to make Nintendo happy. Ubisoft are a business. Businesses exist to make money, no other reason.



Bankai said:

@DePapier no you didn't. The only thing you managed to teach me is to remind me that fanboys seem to equate the world of business with schoolyard politics.

Show me a copy (or .pdf, I will make it easy for you) of an exclusivity agreement between Nintendo and Ubisoft. Then, and only then, would you have a point.

Of course no such agreement exists, and to Ubisoft's mind, pissing off a few thousand Nintendo fanboys is worthwhile in order to target instead 50 times as many PS3 and Xbox 360 consumers.

If yo can't understand that, then you have no position to lecture me on how business works. And, I suspect, you are in for a very, very rude shock if or when you ever try your hand at management.

The good news is, I suspect, that after six months father vast majority of Nintendo fanboys would have grown up enough to get over their tantrum.



chiptoon said:

You're missing questions in that survey . I think I'll get it at some point, but not in September. I was looking forward to it now, but I know that its likely at that point I'll have other things to buy. So I''ll buy it cheap or second hand next year.



NintyMan said:

This was a foolish decision from Ubisoft. They're trying to cash-in on other systems like any profit-seeking business, but it's going to come back to bite them because they're going to miss out on six months of potential profit from the Wii U version that is already fully developed. Rayman Legends is also going to likely compete with other big games this fall when it would've done well in a quiet month like February. Don't even think about blaming Nintendo for any of this; this is all Ubisoft's doing. If they were so inclined to make it mutli-platform, they should've decided on it and told us months ago. But it seemed as if they were set on making it exclusively for the Wii U by making a demo. Now with this sudden move, they shocked us all and caught us off guard, which I don't think is a good business move.

If they wanted to make so much profit, then they would make a Wii version too, but then it wouldn't be HD. The 360 and PS3 are going to be outdated soon because of the new consoles coming up, but Ubisoft won't make more expensive versions on more expensive consoles, so they'll just make them for cheaper, older consoles. I'm not an economist, but I can understand how cheap business can get. What's funny is that Ubisoft's approach to cheapness is likely going to backfire.

Whatever; I'm still going to get the game eventually. It just won't be for a couple more months because my sister is convinced they will make the game have a huge Black Friday deal, so Ubisoft may actually be banking on a good fall and holiday performance. The problem with that is the slate of big games coming this fall that we mostly don't know about. From Nintendo we know about Wind Waker HD and Yarn Yoshi so far.

People are just having their emotions run too high if they think they're going to boycott Rayman Legends because of this. Six or seven months is more than enough time to calm down. Rayman Legends should still likely be a good game, so don't judge the game because of one dumb corporate decision.



Ralizah said:

This doesn't actually change my plans at all. I imagine we'll end up getting a Wii U around Christmas, and this will be one of the first games we get, along with Lego City Undercover. It was a ton of fun playing the demo with my nephew, and I'm not going to punish him because Ubisoft made a really stupid decision.



JayRydah said:

Atleast platinum games has confirmed that beyonetta 2 and the wonderful 101 will remain wii u xclusives.



ThomasBW84 said:

To anyone interested, I've updated a line. Our man Mike Mason spotted a detail in a video from Platinum Games:

"[Update: according to a line in a Platinum Games video, Nintendo co-owns the IP for The Wonderful 101, increasing the odds of it remaining a Wii U exclusive]"

Note I said "increases the odds of it remaining a Wii U exclusive"; though unlikely, Nintendo could sell the rights to it in future. That'd be very "un-Nintendo", but I'm just covering bases.



Knux said:

So currently forty-eight percent of you guys intend to boycott Rayman Legends over something that shouldn't even be a big deal in the first place? For the sake of all that's holy, get your heads out of the sand.



shonenjump86 said:

Not trying to troll but I'm really glad this game is coming out to other consoles. It sucks that it got delayed but its still coming to Wii U.



Peach64 said:

That's great news about Wonderful 101. I'm not convinced by anyone saying that if Nintendo publish a game it won't appear elsewhere, but funding the development like Bayonetta 2 or actually partly owning the IP like that is a different story.



C7_ said:

The only problem I have with this whole shenanigan is that they're delaying the WiiU version so it comes out at the same time. They call it a simple truth, but honestly if you feel the NEED to wait for other console versions, doesn't that just show a lack of faith in your product? Not to mention this was one of Nintendo's key launch-lineup titles that bragged about WiiU-specific functionality, announcing this so close to release just seems like low kick to anyone who actually bought the system for games like this (I actually calculate the price vs. the games line-up and only buy consoles when the number of games I want hits a price relative to the console)

I was going to preorder this, but now I'm thinking I may not end up buying it at all. I wanted a unique experience that you could only have on a WiiU because of the touchpad; if you can easily port it to other consoles then isn't it just another platformer with a gimmick that apparently it didn't need for the WiiU?



SheldonRandoms said:

The sales for this game just went down hill based on the votes, which is a shame, since the game is gonna be awesome, I was gonna get this game before the Wonder 101, but now i'm getting that instead.



shonenjump86 said:

This reminds me of Final Fanasty XIII coming to 360. A lot of Playstation fans were upset about that.



-KwB- said:

Aliens Colonial Marines will have surprisingly lots of sales this march ..



erv said:

People, monster hunter is out in march.

Buy it, and pray you've got time to spare by september!



Silvervisiona said:

For me it's not a matter of buying Rayman Legends. What I still need is incentive to buy my (eventual) Wii U. Was planning on a summer purchase, but now I'm not so sure.



NImH said:

The results are a little surprising. I mean, Ubi didn't go all out Capcom. They're still releasing the game and still remain fans of Nintendo's innovative approach. Money talks. I'm not glad for the news and it does make me like Ubisoft less, but I'm not boycotting.



Dreamcaster-X said:

I don't think it's unfair to boycott the game. Money talks in this world, the only way these companies listen is by hitting them in the wallet. Nobody is upset that it's going multiplatform. People are upset because its 3 weeks from release & its getting yanked. Ubisoft can "spin" it however they'd like but its bad customer relations at the end of the day. Pure & simple!



shinpichu said:

Exactly. It's just a delay, people, it's really nothing worth boycotting over. This isn't the first time a game has been delayed.

Alternatively, boycotting might convince Ubisoft that there's just not a market for Wii U games, making them abandon the platform altogether.



Wonder_Ideal said:

I still certainly plan on buying this game. While I can't say I care for the delay, it won't keep me from some Rayman platforming goodness.
As a side note, I don't believe boycotting the game or getting really upset will help much. If you really want to play Legends, I say go ahead and get it when it's released. Don't let something that some Ubisoft executives did ruin your fun.
@Bankai - Seeing as you are a mature and reasonable adult, I would appreciate it if you would stop the name calling. Thank you for understanding.



mookysam said:

Does anyone remember when Sony lost Final Fantasy XIII and Devil May Cry 4 exclusivity? How about when Nintendo delayed Twilight Princess for a whole year so it could be a Wii launch title? Seriously, people, it's still coming out for the Wii U. Yes it's disappointing that it's been delayed, but in the grand scheme of things the world goes on. For those boycotting it, I say this - you're cutting off your nose to spite your face. Looking at all the anti-consumer nonsense videogame companies have pulled in the past few years (and the list is long), it is quite telling that relatively trivial things like this are what get the average gamer most up in arms.



Daz-brum said:

Rayman what a shame i have it on pre order too oh well back to my Hypersin machine



theblackdragon said:

Why people enjoy poking others when bad news hits, i'll never know. It's pointless. You may as well try to stop the tide. Give it a few days and the worst of it will have blown over.



Auracle said:

I'll still end up getting Legends I'm sure, just probably not on launch like I originally planned. I'll probably have other games by that point.

@Bankai - If you want people to provide evidence for every claim that they make, be my guest. Just remember that your rules apply to yourself as well.



aaronsullivan said:

I wish this article hadn't focused on the exclusivity thing. I don't think most of the upset people care about that at all.

Also, the polls are missing my reaction: I would have bought it in two weeks, but it will be an entirely different landscape of games at the end of the year, and I'm guessing Rayman won't be near the top of the list.



Yogsoggoth said:


You are either being willfully obtuse or just trolling for responses. No one is complaining aboutnthemporting, they are complaining about the 7 month delay. As far as the "it was never an exclusive" nonsens, try this. Go to google, type rayman legends ad, select images, enjoy. Yes, it was an exclusive, but that isn't the point.

Instead we get to listen to the media start another round of Nintendoomed stories. We also get to live with the complete disrespect that Ubi has shown us. if this was really about the fans then where is my WiiU Far Cry 3? Where is the Wii U Watch Dogs and South Park announcements? If it is soooooo essential for all consoles to get the game on the same day, why isn't the George Washinton Assassin's Creed dlc being held back until e WiiU version is ready.

The game is ready and the devlopers are very upset that they worked overtime just to have the suits declare a 7 month hold on the game. I feel sorry for the developer, but there is no way for me to show Ubisoft my disgust for them and still buy the game. The game is going to tank in September because it is going to be a small fish in a big pond. I will buy it used or when it hits the bargain bin. I will not pay full price.

Being an adult, I have learned that you can not let people walk all over you and still be respected. If you are as "adult" as you seem to think you are, you would understand this.



DePapier said:

@Bankai I'm sorry, but it is on your reflexion of management that you very much lose this argument. Because — and yes, as I am learning in my curriculum and witnessing in this very instance — management goes through both value and PERCEIVED value. Boosting value is a thing, screwing perceived value is another that will get you screwed in the long run.
But I'm glad that you decided to take on my management delusions. There is NO .pdf of Ubisoft signing an exclusivity agreement. This whole incident proves it, unless Nintendo sues Ubisoft displaying such document. But when one 'emotionally' backstabs potential clients, it 'emotionally' ends up backfiring.

Let me take an example that will be more direct to you. Microsoft and Sony have worked hard as hell to create their image to hardcore gamers, and it is this 'perceived value' that is making them have everyone believe that they're hardcore. However, count the number of hardcore gamers MADE by Microsoft and Sony — and not by their studios, those are second-parties — and compare it to those MADE by Nintendo — Zelda, Metroid, you know what I'm talking about — and over the years you'll discover that Nintendo has made about 100% more hardcore games than Sony and Microsoft combined. (If you can tell me one game they made by themselves that you have actually played.)

And tell me, who made the EyeToy? Does it looks hardcore?

Can you understand my point now?? I know you don't. But I am not here to teach some troll on a Nintendo-fan website some management knowledge when he might as well come in my class, come in my program, and dare to insult me again on what I know about management.



Kirk said:

The developers shouldn't be the ones to suffer for this kind of shady business practice but unfortunately I don't see how the publisher is ever going to learn it's lesson either if everyone just goes out and buys the game as per usual. Basically, if you support the developer and buy this game you are also giving a big thumbs up to Ubisoft's management too. That's just very unfair and it seems there's very little way for us consumers to make a point here, by boycotting Ubisoft's products or whatever, without it working out worse for the actual developer/s in the long run. It's just not right.



DePapier said:

But in all seriousness (since some were talking about business moves) here is the reason why the game has lost its early release as it goes on other consoles: a third-party steadily publishing on PS360 would not want to have a game on PS360 labelled as a game first released on Wii / Wii U because it would make the PS360 audience feel as an afterthought as this audience would lose confidence and make the sales go down.



Dreamcaster-X said:

@Kirk Agreed! It sucks for the developers but that particular developer is a Ubisoft studio & unfortunately the only way that their owners "get" messages is the financial kind. Look how many people were eager to buy this game on Wii U. It has like zero competition now as opposed to the fall when it releases the same month as GTA 5 and God knows what other big releases as well as potentially PS4 & a new XBOX. It's just RIDICULOUS!!!!!



jdge439 said:

@ everyone,

Sign here, this has been around for a few hours and already hit 2300.
It may not help, but i preordered this for the kid and I. its unfair that we are constantly be pushed around by the big three(ea, acti, and ubi).

May not do anything. but thanks to the internet, we the gamer now have some limited power to show these giants we are watching them



lonlon-milker said:

It's actually due to microsofts stupid policy that multiplatform releases have to have an Xbox version at the release. So the wii u version could have come out if it weren't for that policy



zionich said:

What confuses me is that it has been called childish for a person to boycott the game yet Ubisoft gets a pas for doing what's good for business. What happens to the days of voting with your wallet? There is nothing childish about choosing not to purchase a product for something you disagree with other that how a person might be presenting that decision.

Also, a person could choose to but it used or discounted. This is how capitalism works. That money that would have been spent on Rayman mightnow go to purchase Monster Hunter (shameless plug for my favorite game).



Tornado said:

Soo... a bunch of Nintendo fans decide not to buy this game on the Wii U. Consequently, sales are weak on Wii U compared to the two other platforms.

This encourages Ubisoft to produce more Wii U exclusive games how, exactly...?



XCWarrior said:

Starting to think there are more trolls on Nintendo websites than there Nintendo fans. Look folks, you didn't buy the last game that was on all the systems. Rayman Origins sold horribly and you can find it for like $15 now.

This game is going to be no different. Most of the people on here claiming they are going to boycott the game never had any intentions of buying it in the first place. It's just fun to complain on the internet.

It's a nice article, but it was unnecessary. The number of sales for this game didn't change much at all, being a Wii U exclusive or multiplatform. Rayman just isn't a big enough IP to pull in whatever sales they want it to bring.



Emaan said:

Being released on other systems isn't the problem, its the pointless delay and how they are basically short-changing Wii U owners. It's just a lame decision by Ubisoft. Logically, they should have just released it on the Wii U when it was supposed to. Maybe then they could actually fit it in the launch window like they promised.

I'm not personally affected. I wasn't interested in the game anyways.



TreesenHauser said:

Am I glad other platform owners will be able to play Rayman Legends? Absolutely. Am I ticked off that the game is being delayed 'til September, even though it had a February 26th release date and for all we know could have been ready to launch? Of course.

However, will I boycott the game entirely because of a business decision? Absolutely not! If you intend to boycott Legends now because of a business decision, you're doing the Wii U (along with Rayman Legend's developers) a huge disservice.




The problem with Nintendo right now is their decision to rely in third parties for the Wii U; after tecmo, ubisoft and capcom's douche moves to launch their exclusives for sony and microsoft also.
Nintendo needs to just forget on third party support ASAP; let's face it Bayonetta 2 and The wonderful 101 won't be nintendo exclusives as they are developed by Platinum formerly clover who developed Viewtiful Joe which originally was a Nintendo exclusive before being also launched for PS2.
These 2 months were a wake up call Nintendo, forget 3rd parties exist anymore, they won't support the wii u much longer like they didn't do it with the wii, summon old franchises like ice climbers and mother and come up with fantastic games asap to support the u or the system will be a sega saturn.



Ryno said:

Didn't know this many people actually cared about this game???

"There's no such thing as bad publicity."



TrueWiiMaster said:

"I shudder at the thought that an adult would throw a tantrum so severe that they would boycott a game they were looking forward to on the basis that they need to wait a couple more months to play it."
That's not the case here. First, Rayman Legends was supposed to be a launch title, so with the first and second delays, Wii U owners are being forced to wait 10 months longer than promised, not a "couple more months". Second, most people wouldn't be mad if the 2nd delay was actually for the game's sake, but it's not. The Wii U version could be released as scheduled, or soon after. The delay is solely to allow all versions to release at the same time. There's no reason Ubisoft couldn't release it on the Wii U now and on the other systems later.

As for myself, I won't be buying the game at launch, so I checked the "boycott" option, but I'll still be playing the game at some point, when I buy it used. In other words, I'll still play a game I was looking forward to playing. I just won't support the company, on principle. I intend to do the same for any other Ubisoft games I want in the future, until they make up for this insult.



Bulbousaur said:

If anyone still wants to, feel free to sign the petition, made by yours truly

11 until 2500, boy I didn't expect this to do so well

This is not an argument over exclusivity, its an argument of not releasing a game which is 100% complete for a further 7 months. Some people may think its not a big deal, and I respect that viewpoint, but I'm just here to represent the people who do.



TreesenHauser said:

And besides, when the game does finally get released I'll buy it with a smile on my face knowing I'm getting the best version. PS3 and 360 owners can have fun with their port of a Wii U title.



FritzFrapp said:

Nintendo will now have to sort out another game for their demo pods sharpish. It won't do to be demoing a game that won't be out for another 7 months and that will also be available on other machines.
Get some Rathalos action on there, boys.



chiefeagle02 said:

This reminds me of Resident Evil 4. It was a GameCube exclusive...until it came out for PS2. I don't know exactly what terminology was used during negotiations, if RE4's eventual jump to another platform was agreed on by both parties or otherwise (on paper vs in practice), but I know gaming is a business. Pokemon Black and White 2 came for the DS (versus the 3DS, much to the chagrin of folks here) because of the substantial established user base, yet no one complained afterward when (whodathunk) it turned out to be a great game. If I don't have a Wii U by the time Rayman Legends comes out, I'll probably get the PS3 version because I have one and I'm not currently in a financial position to invest in more hardware (assuming all factors constant). Lastly, going back to RE4, when the dust was settled and we had a Wii version, the latter was considered by most to be the superior version (to be fair, having the PS2 extras and a $30 price point probably helped). Nintendo's version of Rayman, GamePad controls and all, may be well received to still move some Wii U consoles. Let the game speak for itself!



shinesprite said:

I suppose I'll eventually pick up Rayman Legends, but it won't be new, and it won't be full-priced.



FJOJR said:

Maybe this could be like a Soul Calibur 2 thing? Where the Wii U version of Rayman is the best received by people. Or it could get trounced by Wind Waker HD.



Ernest_The_Crab said:

Well at least they were honest about it. I'd rather they didn't sidestep around the truth. That being said if they had handled this with a bit more "tact" they wouldn't have as much of a "perceived" outrage as they have now.

Who knows, this might end up being like the Wii to other platform ports where the Wii versions ended up being the definitive version. It will be missing some functionality if you think about it.

@Bankai You missed something that could be a good argument as well. The Wii U user base will probably have grown considerably in the 7 month gap (there are a number of quality titles releasing during that time and not to mention E3) between the original release date and the new release date, meaning Ubisoft's potential sales could be higher. In the mean time, since the game was almost done they could use the extra time to port the game to other platforms.



gsnap said:

Will I boycott this game? No. But, will I buy it at launch? Probably not. You see, the thing is, my Wii U is starving for games right now. Any publisher that puts out a decent game this month would get my money. Come September, that won't be the case. Come September there will be other games to play. Games that I find more interesting than Rayman. Rayman might just fall behind due the timing of its new release date.



MasterGraveheart said:

Will I boycott this game? Yes. For the PS3 and 360 to show them it wasn't worth the delay. Will I buy this game for Wii U when it's released? Yes... but not likely at launch. It's important these suits know they can't push around Nintendo fans like this.



Lopezdm said:

I just don't know why they couldn't release the game on time and then make a port to the 360 and PS3. It would have built hype about the game and then when it was released the sales would have been better because of it. Microsoft gets timed exclusives for games so I don't really know why they couldn't do it here. I mean if they did release the game on the wiiU on time then that money would be coming in while they make the port.



WindWakerLink said:

I'll try not to curse but "-BEEP- -BEEP- -BEEP-!!!!!!!!" >_<
Legends was my highlighted Wii U game for February... -_- This is SO ENRAGING!!! & I'm SO ANNOYED!!! "Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. It's whatever about the multiple plat release. BUT what a bunch of 'malarkey' that Wii U owners have to wait till September. The game is pretty much DONE!!! Why not just give the Wii U version out in February as promised & release on the other plat. in September? Why should Wii U owners suffer cuz Ubisoft want to 'expand their horizons' and stuff last minute!??? They should have NEVER 'claim' it as a Wii U exclusive and NEVER promise that it to come on the Wii U launch date; then February. Bunch of -BEEPS-!!!! It's such a -BEEP- move man! I'm NEVER like this on NL, so I apologize. This is shows HOW MAD really am about this....SO ..MAD...." (insert mad face)
I may not even get the game anymore....because Fall season we got: Pokemon X & Y, Wind Waker and other stuff. The money I already have for Legends will go to something else and 'that will be that.' " -____- Or....I'll just NOTget it @ launch...if I even feel like getting it "again." (face palm) "Ubisoft.....malarkey...just bunch of malarkey....don't be a mini Capcom....please don't..." (Looks away)....



OptometristLime said:

I voted that I would boycott this game, not because I think it will do any good, but because Ubisoft was dishonorable. The fallout of this fiasco could have been avoided if Ubi had notified their fans much earlier, instead of egging things on and maintaining the release date. While I have no delusions that my choice will impact Ubi in a measurable way (their bottom line), morally I have no qualms missing out on this game.
@Bankai just because companies behave in a cynical fashion, pursuing profit over accountability, human beings are not cold robotic beings. That isn't even an insult to the world of business, it's simple fact that expectations have been disappointed and backlash is inevitable.



Reef7009 said:

Roll along now folks , come on , nothing more to see here , move along and ROLL ON PS4



TheBadGuy said:

I never for a second believed that this game would be a U exclusive. Spewbisoft has never released an exclusive for anyone! And don't tell me that ZombiSpew is going to stay an exclusive. We're talking about the biggest whore publisher there is next to EgAy and Slacktivision.



McHaggis said:

@Bankai you just don't get it, do you. This isn't a tantrum. I don't care that the game is going multi-platform. I just don't like the way that Ubisoft are trying to make it sound like they're doing this for the outspoken fans, but nobody asked them to delay the Wii U release.

I never intended to buy the game for me. My kids absolutely love Rayman, and when I told them the game was released in March, they were really excited. I was actually on the Amazon site ready to place my pre-order with a gift code I had when I read the news. Now I've got to explain to my kids that the game's not coming out for another 6 months and I feel like a jerk for getting them excited about something.

Ubisoft could have released the Wii U game on schedule and nobody would have batted an eyelid if they released for the PS3 and 360 later. I voted that I wouldn't be buying the game now, but I probably will. But I'll buy it pre-owned.



Reef7009 said:

Such a shame really for Wii U. First Aliens gets delayed now this. And sony are doing a press event on the 20th ??? Bad timing. Really bad timing. Im sorry Nintendo but im already saving for PS4 . Il keep my Wii U but i can see me getting more games on that.



123akis said:

look at the results of the poll, now most people aint gonna buy rayman legends when it comes out! well done ubisoft! (sarcasm)



DreamOn said:

They reneged on their word of bringing Rayman Legends to Wii U as a launch title. I don't think anyone can argue that maximizing profit is what business should do and this move will maximize profit it doesnt take a masters degree to see multiplying factor for sales when u consider the PS360 crowd. But good business also takes care of the customer who bought into thier pitch the first time because they did make the pitch and people bought into it.



BATRA said:

I am going to say this Ubi soft should made Ruse for the Wii U it fits really good on the gamepad it would sell more games then any games thats out their is time to make it better for Wii U
Nintendo should say games for the Wii U like Star Fox and other games too they waited to long for games to come out
Now we have wait even long now of games how sad this is



FluttershyGuy said:

I'm personally not going to actively boycott the game over (I said "game over", but didn't mean "game over", heh heh) this delay. It does mean I'll likely spend what few gaming rupees I have on something else, and am far less likely to give Ubisoft any future business, as they seem especially disreputable to me (which is saying something given the current state of gaming).

Honestly, I'm pretty much already over this. As a Nintendo fan of some 30 years, who has seen countless cold shoulders from third parties since the Nintendo 64 days (starting with SquareSoft jumping ship), I'm used to being shunned.

It's news like today that is disconcerting to me. And it involves modern day Square, Square-Enix. Not much has changed since Square took their talents (and Final Fantasy VII) to Sony. Today, Square-Enix announced "Murdered: Soul Suspect" for PS3, X360, and PC. Didn't read "Wii U" anywhere in there, did you?

I thought that, for the few months that Wii U was going to be the most powerful platform, that it would see some of the games reserved for PS3 & X360 in the Wii days. But, no: Third parties hate/are indifferent to/whatever the Wii U to the degree that they're passing it over for ports, just like it was the old Wii. Third parties still prefer two old consoles from the middle of the last decade.

It's looking more and more like Wii U is going to be a one-man Nintendo show to an even greater degree than the Wii, because there is just no interest whatsoever in developing games on Wii U. So, news like this today of Wii U being passed over just like its far-less powerful predecessor, in favor of also-weaker hardware, is troubling to say the least. Even more so than Ubisoft's betrayal after being the Wii U's biggest cheerleader for a while.

I'd love to know what is so damn awful about the Wii U to developers (beyond it's thus far small user base). It's a great system with such potential. Or maybe they're too lazy to work with something that has potential, and prefer to "phone it in."



Rect_Pola said:

All told, the jump to third party is not a surprise. I can see the pressure to make it multi-platform since it's garnered so much attention. That said, the delay is an unnessary move, but again not a surprise. Not from Ubisoft. Hedging this long and pulling a delay does not say "following company MO." It says "deliberate" slap to Nintendo's (and by proxy our) face." This may even be a line in the sand. Nintendo always did need to make a greater point to build bridges and secure concrete exclusivity, be it full or temporary.



Dreamcaster-X said:

Ubisoft just announce that due to the fan outcry that Wii U owners will now get another demo. WTF??? Salt in wound much??? Just stop Ubisoft, JUST STOP already!!!



shinpichu said:

Lol, math failure. Add the rest of the numbers, and the people either buying the game or not affected by this outweighs the number of people whining about this. And of course, many of the people complaining will likely get over their rage by the time of the games release and buy it anyway.



dew12333 said:

it's only a matter of time before this game gets confirmed for PS4 and Xbox720.

So await further dissapointment.

Anyways I am Nintendo fan not ubisoft, I wouldn't care too much if only Nintendo games were on Nintendo consoles.




Ubisoft should just release the game already for wii u or keep their mouth shut, and I'm pretty sure that once ps4 and x720 hit, zombiu will be available there, and once that consoles are out, history will repeat itself like the wii: Capcom publishes SUPER ULTRA HYPER OMEGA STREET FIGHTER 5 LEGACY SPECIAL FOILED TECHNO EDITION, it naturally comes out for ps4 and x720, and a wii u port will a)never come out b)come out like a year after it arrived on those consoles.
Nintendo's on their own by now, they need to keep innovating and they have the tools and franchises to do so: microsoft releases HALO 9 IN A COUPLE OF MONTHS it will fall hard on its face if nintendo releases a new 2D metroid game for wii u; OH GEARS OF WAR 10 IS COMING OUT?, well, here you have a crossover platformer title between donkey kong and mario; A NEW FPS FRANCHISE YOU SAY????, let me introduce you the long awaited sequel for ICE CLIMBER; psvita finally releases a great game that isn't a port besides gravity rush????, here, take it from behind, we present you KID ICARUS UPRISING 2 and the MOTHER TRILOGY COMPILATION.
See?, nintendo HAS the tools, they just need to use them to their advantage, if they do it,the wii u will be a sales beast like the wii was.



FritzFrapp said:

Regarding the new demo offer: Ubisoft have taken notice very quickly which means the scale and strength of protest has been heard. If they wanted to play hardball they should have waited longer to respond. Time to escalate the protest....



RaymanFan2 said:

Well, as someone without a Wii U, this is great news (although I can see how it would be crap for those with Wii Us), will be pre-ordering it on PS3 ASAP.



Oscarsome said:

Well, I intended to buy the game because there's such a lackluster line-up so far, but I am not buying it now, since I will have many other games to buy by September. Guaranteed. I did choose "boycott", because I just don't see myself buying this game anymore for the reason it was delayed to a time where my money will be going elsewhere.



Slapshot said:

All that the poll that shows that half of the loyal Nintendo community here - at the largest Nintendo fan site in the world - is going to do, is make third party developers even more skeptical about bringing thier titles to the Wii U, especially as a timed exclusive.

I know the situation is a bad one, but Wii U owners boycotting Rayman Legends aren't hurting Ubisoft - they're hurting themselves. It's a high profile title that other third party developers will be watching very closely. If it doesn't sell, it could keep them from bringing their games to the console. It would be different if the Wii U was selling better, but it isn't and not only does the console need to start selling, but the games need to shift units as well.

This is, I think, why @Bankai was being so blunt in his statements. Even though Ubisoft played a shady card, they still control the deck in play. They own the game's IP and they can do as they please, even if that's bad for the consumer. Ubisoft is a very powerful company and one that's heavily invested into Nintendo. Sometimes actions have unintended concequences and I only hope that this doesn't become one of them.



AtomicToaster said:

I more see this as a bad move for Ubisoft. A february release was perfect timing for the Wiiu version because there's not a lot of content on the system at the moment and many people would have bought this game new. In September it's going to be competing with Wind Waker, New 3d Mario and Mario Kart. Plus 360 and PS3 owners are going to be worried about Grand Theft Auto and saving up for their next gen systems. Wiiu is probably one of the few markets, that would put in 50-60 dollars for a sidescroller.

All the doom and gloom towards Nintendo just has to do with unrealistic expectations. The game would have gone multi-platform regardless, this was just a bad way to go about it.

Oh and the new Yoshi game will probably be out by then too, I forgot.

So yeah, a lot more content to compete with. Meanwhile people may have BOUGHT a Wiiu for the Rayman game as people were really digging it at demo kiosks I saw. But maybe that's it. Maybe Ubisoft is scared to death of the risk in being a system seller! Maybe corporate would rather leave that task to Nintendo to create content that sells the device and then come in as a "MeeToo" product once Nintendo's games have sold more systems.

Anyway, I still think the Wiiu version will probably be the one to own.



JayRydah said:

I just read on ubisofts facebook pg dat they are listening to our comments and know we are furious and to make up for it tjey said to stay tuned cuz they are working to release another wii u xclusive demo. Haha. Are they serious. They are trying to make up for this by giving us another demo. Wow. Boycott ubisft and keep complaining till we get our release sooner.



That_Guy_from_Faxana said:

Boycoting the game is just silly. The only result is UBI making the conclusion that WiiU owners don´t buy games like this. However, pity about the delay.



Sean_Aaron said:

The message Ubisoft and any third party should take away from this is don't make promises you won't keep and don't take support for granted.

I am a very forgiving person when it comes to delays, but usually there are good reasons for them. There is no good reason here. If the cause for the delay was some punitive action by Microsoft that would already be known by Ubisoft since they've dealt with them for years. If the issue was uncertainty over the size of the Wii U installed base, that would appear to be a gamble they've been happy with for nearly a year. There is simply no excuse for this and another demo is absolutely the wrong response.

Again, I'm not calling for or supporting a boycott, but I absolutely understand why people would be. My daughter was quite looking forward to this and is a bit disappointed and doesn't understand the reason for the delay either, but thankfully that Lego game should be out soon and I don't think Nintendo is as likely to pull something like this on us.



JayRydah said:

Ubisoft knows nintendo fans all over are mad. They are taking some notice. We gotta keep emailing them and anything else to get there attention. Every game site ive ben on der has ben 100s of pple furious. And der facebook pg is flooded with angry pple.



AtomicToaster said:

Plus, why didn't they just say, "The game is taking longer than expected to develop and we want it to be perfect so we're giving it another 7 months. Also, development costs have become so high on the project it will need to go multiplatform to help with sales." Most people would have been angry but would have accepted that answer. Isn't it PR people's job to lie to us, lol!



MagicEmperor said:

Mr. Rayman, bring us your game
Delaying it so long is a cryin' shame
Deli'er Legends to Wii U owners
'Cause waiting so long is such a groaner!

Rayman, I'm so alone
Don't have no Legends to call my own
So please bring sense to your boss
Mr. Rayman, this is a loss!



3Daniel said:

Well, the money I earmarked my game budget for went to Fire Emblem. Unfortunately with the parade of games coming in fall I'll be forced to pass on this title. The comments made by Ubisoft and the blatant bird flip to the audience they were enticing with this title is why I've second-guessed my relationship with Ubisoft. Call me a child or whatever you want but in the end its my money and I'll spend it where and how I see fit. There are many great publishers with great development teams out there who have great games to offer.



NinGamer85 said:

Well Ubisoft you are a stranger to me now. It's gonna take more than AC4 for me to ever look in your direction again. I just traded AC3 for Sonic Racing...much better now that no Ubisoft titles disgrace my library. You really think you're going to compete and get better sales in September? Have you even seen what's going to be released at that time? Ubisoft just flushed the toilet they were floating in.



NinGamer85 said:

@3Daniel I agree with you 150%! Ubisoft really hurt a lot of people looking forward to that game...I'm betting at least 25% of Wii U owners would have purchased this game so holding off selling about a million copies makes business sense how?....



Fuzzy said:

Was always going to be released on other systems, regardless of what they said.

The Wii U delay is annoying though, and I'll probably end up getting it on PS3.



LavaTwilight said:

I think this is a really well-rounded and 'fair' article. It doesn't play sides, nor play devils advocate. It simply says, this is what it is, this is possibly why, and this is what can be done going forwards. It shows that ultimately the decisions are not necessarily Nintendo's to make if the contracts aren't there, likewise even people at Ubisoft may not even agree with the decision but their hands are tied. I seriously don't agree with the delay though. I've never been a Rayman fan but the hype and excitement over this really did make me want to buy this game. September is too long to wait and I'll only end up losing interest by then.



alLabouTandroiD said:

From a business perspective it makes sense to simultaneously launch the game for all systems imo. Pretty sure a lot of PS360 owners wouldn't be willing to pay the full price for a seven month old game that's slightly stripped down compared to the Wii U version. I know i wouldn't.



MrGawain said:

I actually think a better Game/Fun Time Had By All is now occurring on UB ISOFT's Facebook page as the raging continues. They've tried to calm everyone down by offering another demo, but that's just fuelled the flames for even more innovative insults/demands/threats.

Seeing how solitary a lot of gaming is, it's wonderful to see people co-op playing.

Similar to what UB Isoft had in mind with the Wii U gamepad for Rayman Legends.



timp29 said:

If Ubisoft had some kind of contractual agreement with Nintendo, after the law suit settles Nintendo may end up better off.



Sean_Aaron said:

I cannot imagine Nintendo is too happy with this. Anyone else notice that Rayman Legends has had the top slot in the eShop Disc Downloads section for quite some time now? It could be alphabetical, so I have to think that Nintendo was trying to spotlight the game for Ubisoft somehow, and for what?

I have to say I'm very impressed that Nintendo Life has kept some focus on this. It would be nice to think that it will be a watershed of some kind, but it's more like Atomic Toaster says, they would have been better served with a lie than the truth in this instance!



lebad said:

I think that it is a question of respect to their developpers, they certainly will not put the same love in a "port" for PS360. Developpers are artists, their aim is not money, they want their game to be enjoyed when playing it. I'm developper and i think that if i was in their case i would quit ubisoft. Making a game on PS360 is easy today for them because they know these platforms, ubisoft must make another game which will be multiplatform with the base of this last Rayman (i.e Rayman Legend 2). At least it is a question of respect to customers. What about piracy on PS360 ?



Tantan said:

I have only the utmost respect for Nintendo fanboys and I am proud that they exist. Delaying the game was both a stupid business move (yes companies make mistakes all the time) and a peepee move. Calling these people kids is extremely idiotic since playing games is in and of itself somewhat childish and commenting on video game forums is even worse for that matter.

So I applaud each and every adult who have protested and outcries over this Ubiquituous debacle. Brand loyalty is perfectly fine and is part of capitalism. Being pissed about such an unwarranted delay is even more fine.



Mr_G said:

Why would i want to boycott this game? I bet it sells more and has a higher rating on the wii U than all the other consoles. So its not an exclusive its still cool and it will still be an exclusive cause we are playing it on the Wii U and the Wiipad. It will play better on on it



Taya said:

I don't plan to boycott the game, but if there are other games that I want coming out in September that compete for my money, I may not get it. However if it was being released in February, I'd get it without thought. There isn't much out for the Wii U right now and I really want a new game. It's too bad Rayman isn't going to benefit from people like me who are itching to spend their money on a game for their new console.



AbeVigoda said:

I wasn't that interested in this game, but if it got good reviews I would have considered picking it up. Now though, I won't even consider it since there will be a handful of games out around that time I'd rather buy instead



Sean_Aaron said:

@Tantan: Well said, I was thinking the same thing reading comments belittling people for having strong views about this and expressing them. This is a specialist site for a hobby, so yes, it does appear to be a lot of hot air. You know what though? Video games are totally irrelevant compared to the real problems of the day, so you could quite rightly say that any kind of reporting on anything to do with it is a big waste of time.

The simple truth is that these games are made because people spend money on them - they are not some gift from benevolent corporate lords and ladies bestowed upon us benighted souls. If the publishers do something stupid which pisses us off it's our right to tell them so; better still if they actually listen and change their ways.



Plutonian said:

Right, because boycotting (a non-violent way to express disapproval) is equivalent to lynching and rioting. It's that damn social media fueled aggression, that's what it is. There is so much aggression in deciding not to purchase a product.



gazamataz said:

i've got a wii u and i think its great.i had a dreamcast and that was great but shenmue 2 left me pissed off and long as nintendo don't start a story and leave it unfinished the wii u is untainted and magic.playing the rayman demo made me happy.shenmue left me wanting revenge.i will have my day lan more go on outrun and a quick game of darts then revenge will be mine.



Rebel81 said:

I won't boycot it, but will wait till it's in thé sales bin.

Btw I didn't hear anything about the Japanese release, for which Nintendo got the right. As the game is finished I wonder if Japan will get it this spring.



Sean_Aaron said:

That would be amusing. So only the North American and European releases are affected by this?



OGGamer said:

@Five-seveN While it's true Nintendo is not to blame it does affect the perception of the Wii U itself . That in itself angers me because it is a great system .This statement made in the article also angers me " some of which are still awaiting formal release dates ". This is something that Nintendo has to correct or it will lose a sizeable audience .



Retro_on_theGo said:

All of you who are going to boycott are making a very stupid decision. You should still be buying it but on the Wii U in an attempt to show Ubisoft that's where the money is. Boycotting the game will help nothing. IT'LL ONLY MAKE IT WORSE.



Neram said:

It seems like exclusivity doesn't mean anything nowadays. In my opinion, this is both a good thing and a bad thing. It's good for the reason that gamers across a broader range of platforms can experience more games, without feeling left out. It's bad however, because software is what defines hardware. If we have four or five different platforms out there (Nintendo, Xbox, PlayStation, PC, Ouya, etc.) what is the point of having these options if they all have the same games? We might as well collectively choose one platform and support it.

Sure, as a byproduct, exclusivity makes way for "Console Wars" and "Fanboys", but it's undeniable that it's what makes a platform distinct. So when a company like Ubisoft changes their stance and announces a multi-platform plan for their currently exclusive game, they're affecting both Nintendo and its platform supporters, or gamers. The delay is just salt for the wound.

Bayonetta 2 will be the next culprit, that's what I think. Every other third-party exclusive since the GameCube I can think of has broken exclusivity at some point, Resident Evil 4, Viewtiful Joe, Goldeneye 007 remake, No More Heroes, House of the Dead: Overkill, Dead Space Extraction, the list goes on. I don't think the case will be different for Bayonetta 2.

From now on, I think Nintendo gamers should automatically expect any third-party exclusive is a timed-exclusive, and not to get too excited about it being a part of what defines their system of choice.



Sean_Aaron said:

@Retro_on_theGo: how does rewarding bad behaviour by a company send the message it needs to change its ways? It's not like Ubisoft aren't bringing the title to the Wii U, the issue is the delay of a finished product on one system to apparently appease owners of competing systems or because of managerial capriciousness. I cannot see any reason to reassure Ubisoft that this is okay and Wii U owners will take what crumbs they can get.

@Neram: I agree, however Nintendo have an actual stake in both Lego City and Bayonetta 2, as opposed to just publishing them which would indicate little hope of either game appearing on competing platforms (though I wouldn't be surprised to see Lego City appear in an altered form on other systems - minus any Nintendo IP).



Slapshot said:

@Sean_Aaron "I can't believe that Nintendo is too happy about this."

You know, I'm surprised that Nintendo didn't stop this from happening. Nintendo has been the one who has thrown the "exclusive" word around with Rayman Legends for months now and I'm sure that enough money would have kept this from happening. Not only will the game sell well on the Wii U, but it will also move consoles for it as well.

I get the feeling that it probably did try to do something, but maybe Ubisoft's demands were unreasonable. I doubt we will ever know the truth though.



Sean_Aaron said:

I'll be curious to see Nintendo's response - if any. Actually their best response would be to ignore the situation and let the fans speak for them. Being openly hostile to Ubisoft would needlessly alienate a strong third party which did support them with a few launch titles, but appearing to appease them by trying to mollify fans will make them look weak.



moomoo said:

I'm willing to bet that the amount of people boycotting the game by the time September comes along is going to drastically decrease. 7 months is a long time.



Slapshot said:

@Sean_Aaron Absolutely correct. Nintendo is in no place to criticise Ubisoft publicly, that's for Nintendo's fans to do, not the parent company itself. Thomas used the Digital Spy piece for this article, but a top executive at Ubisoft spoke to IGN yesterday about this situation and though he said the same thing, he also went on to say that Ubisoft has several big unannounced Wii U titles (most likely multiplatform) in the pipeline as well, so Nintendo can't do anything but accept the blow and keep on going as if this escapade never happened in the first place.

One thing that Nintendo does need to do, is stop spewing the "exclusive" word around so freely. Yes, they can do this if they have a timed exclusive, but they need to make dang sure that they're 100% secured before they so openly throw those words around.

Just in the past few months, I've netted a few exclusive news breaks. But I always dig like crazy (in multiple languages) to see if I do, in fact, have the exclusive break. If I find one single thing - I don't care if it's a personal blog - I drop the "exclusive" out of my post. That way I know for certain that my credibility is covered and I don't have to worry about any kind of backlash afterwards.

There's lessons to be learned here, for all of us. Fans do need to realise that they don't own these games until it is actually in their hand and that in the world of business, promises are all but irrelevant - paper and money is the what makes the decisions. I know we love our games (I do just as much as anybody else here), but I urge those who feel pain from this to start paying attention to how this industry actually works. It's fascinating, but it is also one of the most cut-throat industries there is.



Retro_on_theGo said:

@Sean_Aaron Because there are real people who worked on the game who were also mad about this delay and they couldn't do anything about it despite the fact they help make the game! It's unfair to them for the game to fail and risk their jobs because of something they weren't even in favor of.
By buying the game but for the Wii U you're still showing Ubisoft the error of their ways. They should have kept it console exclusive since that's where most profit will be if people buy the game for the Wii U over other consoles instead of boycotting it thus putting developers and the rayman series in risk.



OptometristLime said:

"By buying the game but for the Wii U you're still showing Ubisoft the error of their ways."
No I think they will see a profit or a loss, who knows, and life will go on apace.
Those boycotting are right to do so and send a message even if it goes unheard.
People who choose to purchase the game are also right, to put money towards creative development and an enjoyable experience.

People on both sides are framing this issue as "who's right and who's wrong"; I can only say that it's dividing the community. Unforeseen events should not cause us to forget our allegiance to Nintendo and shared passion for gaming!



DreamOn said:

Hours after the news I still can't believe we're getting yet another demo in response to the frustration. I'm still quite dissapointed they pulled this, I get the capitalism, I don't get their handling of it. I'm a fan I'll buy the game when Im able and hopefully the particulars of this kind of delay are never repeated for the console.



DreamOn said:

The Ubisoft careers posted today is for a public relations coordinator stationed on the west coast. Yikes indeed if there is a direct correlation.



MagicEmperor said:

I still want this game for my Wii U and I will still buy it, but I'm afraid I might not enjoy it as much as I would have, because of what's happened. It may sound pathetic, and it is... but I fear it's true for me.

@Spark_Of_Spirit For real? Whoa. This really is going to hell in a handbasket.



DreamOn said:

Hm.. Just checked and the above quoted Sarah Irvin's LinkedIn has her located in SF where the job posting is. That's too bad.



SMW said:

I buy and play games in order to satisfy only one person: ME! I couldn't care less whether or not a game got delayed or made multi-platform. If its a good game, (this one is), then I'll buy it and enjoy it. I don't worry about what me buying a certain game is going to tell the developer; I buy games to play them.

I REALLY want this game, but by the time September rolls around, my list of games that I want will be much larger and other games will top the list. I'll still get it, just not right away.



defrb said:

Obviously, to little wiiu's have been sold.
But my hope is focused on nintendo, i need their exclusives. Multiplatform games is not something im after. Most of them i play on my pc.



ToxieDogg said:

I'm still going to buy Rayman Legends. I'm going to buy it on the Wii U too.

Whether or not I buy it at full price now is a different matter entirely. Rayman Origins was released at completely the wrong time, on too many formats at once, got completely swamped by bigger titles in the Xmas rush (like Skyrim) and ended up as bargain bin fodder in next to no time. It only cost me £15 on PS3 a month after it was released.

Rayman Legends is being released on too many formats at once in the midst of bigger titles leading up to the Xmas rush (cough GTA5 cough and also by then the likes of Bayonetta 2 and Pikmin 3 should already be out) so I predict a similar fate for it.

Don't know about 'market research' but Ubisoft clearly didn't learn from the first time.



Dambuster said:

This for me was one of those games I was willing to buy a new system for, not much else i'm interested in on wii u, now i'll just get it on ps3 or xbox or vita. oh well life goes on.



Henmii said:

I still buy it on the Wii u (If I have a Wii u by then, that is). If I don't buy a Wii u, then I probably will miss the game since buying a PS3 or Xbox360 this late is not in my cards!

No matter what you think about it: The game still looks awesome, the team worked hard on it, we all know Ubisoft is a multiplatform company to begin with, and it won't be a sloppy port because the PS3 and Xbox360 versions will be the ports!



doctor_doak said:

I won't buy a UbiSoft game until their board/management is replaced with people who actually give a damn about the people who buy their games. As i've said elsewhere, delays happens..release dates get set back...but what i'm seeing from UbiSoft over a sustained period of time, is utterly 'arrogant' behaviour & a general disconnection from the gaming community.

People say you're punishing the developers by boycotting the game. To an extent that's true. I feel for the developers, because they've been used and abused....but unfortunately, the only way you make these clowns who make the business decisions take notice is if money stops flowing through the coffers.

UbiSoft are serial offenders on a range of issues, and its about time gamers started voting with their wallets for mine.



DePapier said:

""The game is taking longer than expected to develop and we want it to be perfect so we're giving it another 7 months. Also, development costs have become so high on the project it will need to go multiplatform to help with sales.""
Exactly. That's the PR lined that should have been employed!

"I have only the utmost respect for Nintendo fanboys and I am proud that they exist. Delaying the game was both a stupid business move (yes companies make mistakes all the time) and a peepee move. Calling these people kids is extremely idiotic since playing games is in and of itself somewhat childish and commenting on video game forums is even worse for that matter."
YES. Playing video games is about being a kid, it's about having FUN and nothing else!! How can one use that as an insult without sounding dumb?? They're GAMES, for God's sake!!



DePapier said:

OK, Imma need a break from this and to get back to shout my rage on that Uplay community on Miiverse.



Sean_Aaron said:

Well I've signed and I do that very rarely. I'm sorry Retro, I just can't agree with your reasoning. It's not fair to the developers, but they already get a raw deal just working for a big industry player where poor working conditions appear to be the norm.

The only message Ubisoft could take away from a big September sales day for the Wii U is that you can tell Wii U owners to their face "we were going to release this for your system in the time window we've been stating, but frankly you're not important enough to bother" and they'll still buy your wares. "I'm a doormat" is not a message to give any company when it does something like this.

I have to agree with Ubisoft that their PR person should be sacked if she didn't clear that comment before making it, but I'm glad she gave us a rare glimpse of corporate honesty. I fully expect this decision was Ubisoft trying to get some kind of last-minute consideration from Nintendo for an exclusivity window that should have been negotiated pre-E3. No doubt Nintendo will have learned a lesson here too!



DePapier said:

I've gather the data and @Spark_Of_Spirit is right:

The Digital Spy article where Irvin talks, the job application for PR from Ubisoft in San Francisco (which is the most recent post and dates from February 8), and Irvin's LinkedIn showing that she is indeed currently working as PR for Ubisoft... in San Francisco.

What the hell is actually going on in that company I truly want to find out...



AugustusOxy said:

This is a terrible business practice and they should be ashamed of themselves. All I can really say about it.



HouseofBees said:

To be honest, I'm worried I might've wasted my money on a Wii U.

Sports games will continue to be 1 step behind the competitors, exclusives aren't viable, and the console won't get any more multiplatform games than the GC or Wii. The one 'exclusive' to shout about this year is an update of an already-released Wii game.

Regardless of the development costs, Nintendo still has an odd reputation for not being "credible" - so if more games aren't released, there's no reason for anyone to buy the console, and it'll have died before the other ones are even released.



Slapshot said:

@DePapier Firstly, I've read several of your 'arguments' the past two days and I'm not about to get into one of them with you - I'll put that right up front. But, did you not watch Nintendo's E3 presentation? Have you not watched any of Nintendo's live presentations where they showed off Rayman Legends? Reggie has been quite liberal with the word "exclusive." I don't need to prove anything with that claim. There is nothing wrong with him doing so either, as the contract between Nintendo and Ubisoft was most likely a "timed exclusive," so at the point in time before the game was announced to be a multiplatform release - which is not supposed to happen until after the game has been available on the market for a set number of months - there is absolutely nothing wrong with them doing so. But, with that said, if you're going to do this, you better know that your contractual agreement is absolutely secure. Otherwise, it can be a major blow to both parties involved.

Yes, one of Ubisoft's trailers did indeed say, and I quote: "Coming Christmas 2012 Exclusively on Wii U".

Let me break this down for you: this clearly states that Rayman Legends will only be available on the Wii U for Christmas 2012. This doesn't state that it's is an "exclusive title for Wii U," only that it will be exclusive at this one point in time. This is nothing more than simple wordplays that are used within the gaming industry. This is completely acceptable for a timed exclusive title as well, but it is also the reason that Ubisoft has danced around the questions about the game going multiplatform. The reason for this, is because of the "timed exclusive" contractual agreement between Nintendo and Ubisoft that I've already previously detailed.

Also, if you're going to claim that my comments need "proof" and that they don't "make sense" - do not question my comments and then post a link to your "proof", when your own link is contradictory to what you're claiming and agreeable my own. Did you miss this part of the article in your own link that you provided?

"However, even if the game is an exclusive when it launches on the Wii U, there is still the chance it could come to other consoles at a later date, making it more appropriately considered as a timed exclusive. At E3 2012, Ubisoft themselves were unclear over whether the game was a hands-down Wii U exclusive or whether there was a chance it might go multiplatform eventually. It's worth noting that the game's predecessor, 2011's Rayman Origins, was a multiplatform release."

There's an old adage that goes: "Think before you speak." It's is sometimes hard to do verbally - I'll admit that much is true - but it isn't very hard to do when your typing your words. I've seen your comments as of late and from someone who used to get furious years' ago about simple things, just take a breather and think about what you're saying (typing) before you do so. You might actually be talking to someone who very much knows a lot more about these things than you yourself do. Heck, you just might be talking to a developer, journalist or PR person that can easily disguise themselves behind an avatar, screen name and simple text changes. You can actually learn a lot of things about the industry when you stop arguing and start having discussions. I'm not trying to be rude here, but you've made it quite obvious that you don't know as much as you think you know - this industry provides videogames, but the passion for those games only lies within the gamers and the developers. Money talks an entirely different language my friend.

Again, I'm not trying to be rude here, I read that you were taking business classes yesterday, and I wish you well in them and your future endeavours. But this is a little life lesson from someone you don't know, but one that will go very well for you going forward. It's obvious that you're passionate about the gaming industry, but arguing does nothing for anyone (not even yourself), it only blinds you to what you want to think/see and keeps you from learning more about the things that you're arguing about.



Farmboy74 said:

@HouseofBees, keep the faith, your money has not been wasted as of yet, granted Rayman is a set back, but we still have Lego City Undercover, Wonderful 101, Pikmin 3 for this year as far as I'm aware for exclusives. Multiplat wise there is Aliens Colonial Marines, Need for Speed Most Wanted & Injustice Gods Among us. Also don't forget all ready out are: Mass Effect 3, BLOPS 2, Assassins Creed 3 & Darksiders 2. For future games we've got a new 3d Mario, Yoshis Yarn, Wind Waker HD & Bayonetta 2. Don't forget the eshop and Virtual Console as well.
The past few weeks have been dark times and I have never in all my 27 years of gaming seen such negative news stories about one console. Nintendo will turn things round, they did it with the 3DS and i'm sure they will with the WII U.
As far as major third party support is concerned, this has been on the wain for a while since the N64. What Nintendo have to do is fund more games (like Bayonetta), set up some more studios if need be. It's only the Wii U's first year and selling three million consoles in a struggling world economy is not that bad I'd say. Lets all give Nintendo and more importantly the Wii U more time and see where things are this time next year.



SuperMinusWorld said:

Honestly, there's no reason Ubsioft shouldn't release it as intended for Wii U in 3 weeks aside from Microsoft's exclusivity right. But who cares about Microsoft; just release the game on PS3 and Wii U and punish those greedy bastards. That's a discussion for another day, but I'm just going to say that the exclusivity right is a way for Microsoft to "compensate" for the lack of having any good first party titles or studios that want to work for them at all.

Anyway, Legends would benefit from being sold for Wii U earlier. We are at a time when people are hungering for new games from Wii U, and Legends would have been the game to sell the system. Releasing it during the same month of GTAV and in the same release schedule as many other big names like Pokemon a month later and Super Mario Wii U, Legends will be killed. Ubisoft may very well be sending this game out to die.



Farmboy74 said:

But it would be a meaningless death for the game, the time to release is in three weeks as planned, with people craving a good quality title, while the release schedule is sparse.



Jaco said:

I just can't believe they wouldn't release the WiiU version first and then release the other versions. This way they can keep WiiU owners happy because I know tons of people have been waiting to play this game and to delay it just to bring it to 2 different consoles is stupid. The developer didn't wait to release Assassins Creed 3 on all three consoles at the same time so why can't they release the WiiU version of this game first and get people talking about it so when it comes out for the other systems people may be ready to buy it.



WingedSnagret said:

I was actually considering getting this game before, but after what Ubisoft did, which made me mad for several reasons, I'm skipping it. Probably the biggest reason why is that by the time it comes out I'll be too busy getting ready for the slew of new 1st party titles that will inevitably come around that time. I can understand the company's reasoning from a business standpoint, but it sounds incredibly stupid to hold back a finished game for a number of months just so versions for 360PS3 can be made to release at the same time.



Knux said:

i still think that people are overreacting about this. I'm going to get the Wii U or PS3 version depending on if I have a Wii U by that time and what kind of ''exclusive content'' is in each version.



DePapier said:

@Slapshot I have read your comment, and I approve that you might definitely know more than I do. I also approve of you not trying to be rude and I apologize since I must have been so rude in the first place.

I choose the link not for the article, but for the image alone. I probably should have embedded the image rather than the full link. I just couldn't understand how hard you could defend Ubisoft playing around with the word "exclusive," — or have the gaming community play with it — when they themselves were so ready to put it bluntly on their own ads for the world to see and print screen.

...I obviously honestly hate to lose arguments when I feel so strongly about them. But this time I have to face it and learn.



DrSlump said:

I got a wii u, and i'm disappointed about nintendo support for this platform. Delays, problematic big updates, poor launch titles, bad account management etc etc..
Actually the only platform specific game is nintendoland. All other games are remakes and poor updates (for ex. supermario bross wii u is the same boring mario scaled up to 720p... same gameplay same graphics same characters.. same levels..).
And let's talk about the big gamepad: not so comfortable, but still accetpable design, but the battery....the battery.. it's a shame! It spends more time attached to the battery charger than in my hands. Three ours is the worst wireless gameplay i evere seen in modern consoles. I would have paid 20 more buks for a better battery..
Returning to Rayman i'm boycotting the game, the game developers and ubisoft. Forever. They lost me as a customer.
Nintendo, on the other hand, as a bit more time to adjust this mess, until i will get completely pissed off.
P.s. i'm boycotting any other super something 2d game too, until they will decide to innovate this brand.



scrubbyscum999 said:

By the time the game comes in September Ill be interested in other games out. I can live with th non exclusive part, but the months delay is a deal breaker for me. I don't feel guilty at all either, I'm making this decision as a consumer. One of the reasons I was going to buy this game was there wasn't too much competition. Now that reason is completely blown away.



MasterWario said:

Both of my answers to the question aren't there.
"I think it's a low blow, but I could care less personally"
"I will buy it if I want to; not a game I'm concerned too much about"
That's roughly how my responses would go. I will probably get Rayman Legends eventually, provided it ends up being a good game.



Lalivero said:

@Slapshot If you're going to go off on DePapier, you might as well go off on others like Bankai(I only bring him up because of your slight praise in his 'arguments' earlier) who make just as much of a scene about things, especially when it comes to complaints(which is pretty hypocritical on his behalf).

I'm not going to say I completely agree with DePapier because I figured it would go multiplat eventually anyways and he can be a bit...loud, as shown here, but to make it out like the guy has no sense doesn't help matters either. He did have a few good arguments above, although I agree that he could have worded them out in a better manner and calmed down at some points.

Not to derail the topic even more, but this site, like others, is full of people who are full of themselves.

@DrSlump Yeah, as much as I love my Wii U things just keep getting worse and I'm more and more personally thinking that maybe it was indeed rushed. Hopefully E3 can turn things around and I'm glad March is getting some good games out for both it and 3DS.

@Trainer_DJ You're not alone there. A lot of people were hoping to get the game when it would have possibly shined best, and with no competition at that. Moving it that far back only to satisfy a multiplat release and in September at that is suicide at this point. While some may indeed change their mind and buy it, others really do have better/higher up on their list games to throw their money at by then.

...Yet anyone who is complaining is just in the group of Nintendo fanboys who complain about everything and are the only people to do such a thing in the entire world. sigh



Die2Distroy said:

Just to comment, for those of you not planning to buy the Wii U version of this game just because of this delay (yes I agree it's a really bad move on Ubi's part), I know it's a really bad move on the Producers part, but is that really an excuse to boycott this amazing Game, how do you guys think this will help? It will possibly end up making a situation where Ubisoft might not bother with us Wii U owners at all.

I'm still getting this game, why would I miss an opportunity to play this amazing game on the Wii U? And speaking of the Wii U, for those of you refusing to buy that because of this how do you think that will affect the sales, yeah sure Smash Bros. is on it's way but still, just why? Hopefully you think about what I've posted and hopefully it will change your mind. Basically, how is boycotting the Game going to help anything?



Slapshot said:

@DePapier Thing is man, it isn't all about "winning" or "losing" here. The ones who actually are "losing" in this situation are the Wii U owners who were anticipating Rayman Legends release here in a few weeks, but now have to wait 7 months for it to release. This is why I said what I did, because it's the business end of the industry - the one that many gamers don't pay daily attention to and often times understand how cut-throat it truly is - that makes the decisions, not the gamers. Gamers like to think that there is 'loyalty' amongst the games we play and sometimes there is, but for the most part, the only loyalty they have is with money. Why do think we don't get yearly/biyearly F-Zero, Pilot Wings, Kid Icarus, Star Fox, Balloon Fighter etc etc., releases from Nintendo? It isn't that Nintendo doesn't want to appease their loyal fans, but it is (most likely) afraid that they won't make a substantial profit from those titles. Nintendo is a business and it is out to make a profit, just like most every other company.

This is a bad deal for gamers and this is a bad deal for Nintendo and its struggling console. It's the publisher that's done this, not the passionate development team that is bringing us Rayman Legends. While we might not support this decision (and the contracts behind it) - could you image being one of the developers who has spent the past few years developing this title, only to now hear of it being boycotted?

There's always two-sides to every coin my friend. I encourage you to dig into how gaming publishers do business. This is by far nothing compared to how they acquire their IPs right out from under the passionate developers who created them.

@Chriiis There's one thing that you should know: @Bankai is a colleague of mine. Yes, he might not be very good with "gamers," but he is incredible in his work on the journalistic and business end of the gaming industry. The man knows his stuff, that much I can absolutely guarantee you.

Also, I didn't "go off" on @DePapier either. I might have given him a bit of, what you would call a "life lesson," but I didn't go off on him. I can tell that he is very passionate about the gaming industry and I only wanted him to realise that arguing about things that your passionate about online is futile, but having a conversation about them can be extremely lucrative to all the parties involved. Even if sometimes our opinions don't agree on things as gamers, we don't have to result to name calling and arguments.



Lalivero said:

@Slapshot Which is exactly what your colleague has done on numerous occasions, even on this article above. Not once did I even state he lacked any know how nor did i question his work, I have no problem noticing that because he too has had plenty of intelligent posts.

Take it as you must but he has made just as much of a ruckus as others here have.

...and there is the end of my derailing.



Slapshot said:

@Chriiis He is colleague of mine - I have no control over what he says and does. My comments to @DePapier were meant to be helpful, not hurtful, and from his last response, it seems that he took it in the manner that I intended it to be.



Lalivero said:

I was more pointing at him not making matters any better than some others, yet Depapier is getting a lesson. I didn't mean it to come across as a personal attack but it can be bothersome when it looks like someone is being made out to be a complete fool when they aren't the only ones in it who've said 'foolish' things.

By the way, maybe it's just me mistaken, but I detected slight sarcasm in his response(although I'm sure he was also genuine on it for the most part).



Rerun said:

Ubisoft never committed that it was an exclusive. I would be upset if they did sine they would be going back on their word.

In the future, I think exclusives should stay exclusives, none of the timed exclusives crap. And if Sony, MS, or Nintendo want exclusives, they should invest money on the developer. This way developers don't get closed for releasing an exclusive that fails..



Tuberocity said:

Rayman DS being one of my fav games of all time along with Mario 64 DS, I dislike, actually hate, Ubisoft & Nintendo for launching titles on one system, but not another. When designing the 3DS, Nintendo should have included the ability of the handheld to run any length, any design game whether made for the Wii-U, PS3, or X-Box. This economy does not enable the purchase of multiple systems to allow the "CUSTOMER" to play any game she/he may want to purchase. Nintendo has stated they are selling the 3DS at a loss (I don't believe this) just as Google, B & N, and Amazon, are doing with their tabs. As we, and the manufacturers know, the profits come from selling entertainment. Nintendo seems to lack the ability to see the big picture! I, and most, can't afford to purchase a $350 console to play games on, but I can afford the 3DS, and own one in the georgeous, mirror finish purple. Had Nintendo made the 3DS capable of playing content designed to run on consoles, their software/cartridge sales would have been much greater as I would buy Rayman Legends at $50 bucks for the 3DS if it were made available with no deletions in content. But, as I understand it, the 3DS version of Rayman Legends, if made available for the 3DS, would certainly be redesigned, and much of the content cut just as Nintendo did with Rayman 3D, a terrible port of an excellent game. I payed $16 for Rayman 3D so knew what to expepect, and enjoyed the game at that price. Nintendo, are your listening? You are missing the boat as it is sailing before your eyes, loaded with the cash you would have been happily tripping down to the bank with, but no, like most corporations these days, you are thinking of ways to milk the customer of as much cash the market will bare! In doing so, you are blind to the actual needs of your customers, which would put money in your coffers! You should have made a 3DS with a better screen, better hardware, more memory, better sound, Android installed, and a host of other features I could list that would have made the handheld worth $250, and they would have sold like hotcakes. You would have had to sell them at cost, but give the customer what they want, and you will see huge returns on your investment by marketing of media, not the hardware itself. CONTENT! This is where the cashflow is, not the console, not the handheld unit, not the hardware itself, CONTENT! These days we want entertainment in one unit, the second I bought, and experienced my Vizio VTAB1008 8" tab, I was overjoyed, but knew others would be as well, and future tablets would offer more bang for my dollar so I returned it. I saw this tablet war coming long ago, why is Nintendo refusing to jump into the fray? The new Wii-U would have been the perfect launching point with the current trends in handheld entertainment devices. Paying $169 for a piece of hardware that is very limited in it's abilities is not a good investment! I am very happy to say, I caught my 3DS on sale for $145 so am not unhappy with my purchase, and do enjoy the games, but would have willingly bought a 3DS with the aforementioned accoutrements for $250, possibly $300 depending on the hardware included. I have said it over and over Nintendo, get on the Android boat, and offer an all around, handheld, entertainment system simular to your Wii-U controller, but with a top of the line screen, great sound, GPS, Android, Possibly 3/4 G, etc. That being said, you understand what I, the "CUSTOMER"
would want. You have the chance to market the best of the best, and turn a corner you have so far been unwilling to turn. My $300 will be ready and waiting when I get word you have decided to manufacture an all around, handheld entertainment system allowing cartridge play along side of Android on a heretofore unseen, unheard, unthought of, somewhat futureproof, handheld device! I will not however, purchase a Wii-U at $350, nor will I purchase a Wii Mini for $99 so I can play $50 cartridges on my television! Nintendo, I have stated the forgoing many times before, and there is a rumor floating around Nintendo may have another device in the works. Lets hope this new device is something worthy of Nintendo because so far, you are always behind the competition hardware-wise. Lets hope this device will set a new standard for Nintendo along with a new and improved integrity based corporate stance. Trying to cut corners, investing little in the consumer in way of the hardware devices you sell, and generally trying to find ways to strip customers of cash they don't have is not the definition of integrity. Give them something in the here and now that reflects current technology, not some illconcieved 3D handheld with a terrible screen, terrible sound, and just WiFi b.g.? No b.g.n? That last one is a no brainer, especially at your original asking price, but you screwed us again by not including it. The 3DS is the epitomy of mediocrity! You didn't include a lot of things in your design, but in the end, I am very pleased with the price I paid, but I wouldn't have paid a dime more for what you offer in the 3DS. Old tech in a modern, georgeous, case. Please have some integrity, and don't offer us, your devoted customers, more overpriced, mediocre devices whose performance on many scales is that of a 15 year old device being sold as new technology at a new technology price. Give us something new and exciting at a giveaway price, and in turn we will fill that boat full of cash purchasing Nintendo's media, and make sure it stops at your port of call.
Give us a device that will be cross platform ready, play the DS cartridges, Android on board, considerably better sound quality, (through both speakers and earphones - Take a look at Cowen out of S.Korea for ideas on this) HD IPS 5/6/7" high end screen, a/b/g/n/ dual band WiFi, HDMI out, USB otg port, 64GB mini sdhc capable slot, 16-32GB included memory, 2GB ram, quad core cpu with a top of the line GPU, (this one is changing so fast, and prices are falling on all this hardware) a real GPS chip with assited GPS if 3G/4G is included or optional, some inexpensive earphones as most will purchase their own, gravity sensor, gyroscope, etc. the list would go on, but Nintendo, are you willing to make this product for us diehard gamers who want it all in one package? My $300 will be saved fi you do, but I hold little hope in your foresight as you seem to have no hindsight, and that spells disaster for we the customers, and for your stocks value!



Garo said:

Honestly, a game going multiplatform isn't something anyone should complain or be upset about. However, if a version of the game is delayed for 6 months or so just so that all versions could be released at the same time, that's a dick move. Still plan on buying Legends if I get a Wii U though. A good game is a good game and the publishers questionable acts don't affect the quality of the product.



Lalivero said:

@Tuberocity Holy mother of posts, haha! I do agree though. Despite me being a launch buyer anyways, I wouldn't have thought twice if it had some of those other features you listed. I agree that in order to compete better these days they're going to have to allow different forms of media to be useable on future platforms, they can just make sure that they do the best to keep gaming as the main attraction.



Tuberocity said:

I do tend to get wordy don't I! lol I too, at one time, would purchase whatever system I desired, but lifestyles change as do pocketbooks, and mine is now about a 1/4 of it's former glory. Those were the days. The economy is going to get worse, and shows no signs of a trunaround; just the opposite! Android wouldn't cut into Nintendo's base, and if anything, Android would increase their base as developers could write Nintendo specific titles available through Nintendo only, possibly in the E-Shop. The Cartridge based system would stay intatct, but I don't like the fact Nintendo offers console, and 3DS specific titles usually available on one or the other, but not both. If they do make available a dual system title,
the handheld version suffers due to Nintendo's lack of willingness to enable, through better hardware, the handhelds ability to play a console based game at console quality. With the costs of technology where they are at this point in time, (Look what the Google Nexus 7" tab offers for $199) Nintendo has no excuses relating to cost of manufacturing for not providing gamers with a handheld capable of playing full fledged console games with no less appeal than their flat panel console counterparts, other than the size of the screen of course. I paid $145 for my 3DS, new in the box, sealed, from a major retailer, with the 15 month warranty, and am pleased, but even $145 is too costly for what is on offer. Nintendo needs to rethink their handheld concepts, and likely the console itself needs attention as well. Technology is very inexpensive these days compared to my Fat DS at $149 which at the time, offered a great experience as does the 3DS, just not at $169, $99 would be closer to the mark. However, as I stated before, I would rather pay $250 for the all encompassing device described in my other post. Should Nintendo want to stay with a strict gaming handheld, design one to accommodate complicated motion and graphics at higher resolutions; allowing the release of titles heretofore only available on consoles. Price it well (in todays under $200, quad core cpu, high def IPS 7" tablet market) at $169, and Nintendo has DS that would be a VITA killler. Add in Android and the other features suggested in my post, add another $100, and you have a lot of happy gamers out there spending cash on higher priced console titles, assuming the same quality and experience as that of it's console counterpart. The addition of an HDMI out port , and a gamepad/joystick input port would make the handheld more inviting. I can take my basic console with me, and play games on the go or use it with an lcd panel as a console. This would certainly go far in the reasoning to purchase a new DS iteration. Come on Nintendo, give us something? I like your franchises, mainly Mario, and forego buying the better hardware of your competitors (the Sony VITA) due to this fact, but you better offer me something else as I feel Nintendo is milking it's franchises for everything they are worth, and ignoring the fact technology has changed, become less expensive, and you are still offering me a dressed up "FAT DS" for $169! The 3D is gimmick, it always has been, always will be. It's ok in some games, but most have no need of 3D, and I for one would rather have the extra pixels than the 3D. Even in 3D games like Mario 3D Land for example which has been touted as being one of the best at showing off 3D effects, I don't notice when playing I have mistakenly pushed the slider to full 3D. I don't notice it! I am a devoted fan of Mario Bros., and you are sticking it to me, and others by resting on your laurals, and not creating anything new because Nintendo corporate feels the existing franchises are enough to hold onto we devoted Nintendo fans while offering little in the way of advancement in the technology of the handheld market while charging top dollar for the privilege to own your devices, which are technologically speaking, far behind the times!. The new generation of gamers are upon you Nintendo! If you care to stay in the game (pun intended) you had better start offering technology that meets, and preferably, exeeds our expectations! We devotees deserve nothing less.



Meaty-cheeky said:

Fellow nintendo gamers we still have to support Ubisoft if we are going to have any kind of future third party support for the Wii U. The Wii U will not survive with only first party support people.



brandonbwii said:

Really people are that nerdy and butthurt that most won't buy this awesome game? Wow just wow! After the awesome of ZombiU and one of the few near perfect port of ACIII, Ubi now sucks due to one unorthodox business decision.

If you hate the company that gives their consumers the highest quantity/quality of games, maybe you should take up another hobby, like knitting.



WaveGhoul said:

Personally, i couldn't care less for the delay. I wasn't exactly looking forward to Legends at all really...Mainly because i found Origins to be quite the bore. Possibly one of the worst platformers i've played in quite some time to be honest. Flashy & fancy it is, but the core gameplay & stage design structure/design were completely mediocre and a chore to play through. Visually, yes it's a stunner...While i'd argue that the soundtrack & SFX are a complete mixed bag boardering into being completely annoying. Still, I'm willing to give Legends a shot, regardless of the delay and going Multiplatform. Based on Gameplay videos, I kind of like how the GamePadscreen And Gyro controls are utlized when you play as that other female character.

Now, if this 7 month delay happened to Pikmin 3, THEN I'd unleash a Man-tantrum.



McHaggis said:

@brandonbwii on the flipside of the coin, are you just going to be a doormat for a company that treats its loyal consumers this way? They're delaying a completed game just because they don't want to upset PS3 and 360 owners, which clearly shows that they don't give a damn about Wii U owners.

Why buy from a company that doesn't give a damn about you or your business? Like I said before, I'll probably buy the game, but it will be for £15 or less either pre-owned or on sale.



BestBuck15 said:

I wonder will Zombie U be going multi-format? I suppose they would have to change the name to Zombie PS and Zombie 360. I'll buy it if its released on the PS3 but only when the price drops to about 15 euro.



SpaceApe said:

The apocalypse isn't here but tell us what game does Nintendo have that is going to make people want to rush out and buy a Wii U ? Zelda Wii U is not until 2014. In 2013 so far they have nothing on the table that is going to wow gamers. I want Nintendo to be successful in the worst way but it seems they are out of touch at the moment on what players want. Great games sells consoles Nintendo, not a gamepad or any other piece of hardware.



HouseofBees said:

@Farmboy74 I agree , definitely. None of those are really "Killer App"-type games though - it makes you appreciate the Wii's opening lineup, in retrospect. There hasn't been a true must-have game for the console yet.

Whether you liked Origins or not, Legends was to be a sequel to a critically-acclaimed and credible game that was exclusive and used the technology well. Something's gone wrong there, but I've little faith in money being put where mouths are and UbiSoft's other "exclusives" remaining.

Nintendo normally comes up trumps - but the fact is that Wii U is an investment, in a different price bracket altogether to the Wii. Therefore, Nintendo need to answer the question "Why should I buy this console?" categorically. Without great games that aren't available on any other console, innovative technology means nothing.



brandonbwii said:

These turn of events is rather tragic, yet for every Ubi hater there's still someone buying that ZombiU bundle.

This does make me fear the future of Wii U though. It's as if Ubi got scared of the rather low attach rate more so than screwing over fans.

Even Nintendo doesn't have much to talk about. Wii Fit U, Wii U Party, Game & Wario, even Lego City are good and everything but they're still only second tier titles until the big ones come out.



brandonbwii said:


You mean you weren't going to buy Fire Emblem instead in the first place? Rayman is awesome and everything but compared to Fire Emblem...Wow!



DePapier said:

@Chriiis Please, there was no meant sarcasm in my response, I totally expressed what I felt and I have no issue with being the one to appear a fool on that website when I take advantage of the Internet to be able to express my viewpoint in full liberty. However, I truly thank you for being supportive of my situation.

@Slapshot Honestly, it's cool, and like I said I am OK with taking life lessons. I very much know that Nintendo and Ubisoft are businesses and are here to make money; matter of fact, out of all the companies in this industry that makes videogames — notice I did not include Sony and Microsoft --, Nintendo is probably the one that has the most money in the bank. But nothing stops the CEO of a company to make money and be respectful to their audience at the same time. Again, matter-of-factly, one can hardly count the number of times Iwata has made public apologizes: the price of the 3DS, the drought of Nintendo games for the Wii U in January and February, even the fact that Animal Crossing was out of stock in Japan...

Yves Guillemot doesn't have to do it. Actually I would be utterly surprised to see him do that. But as the Uplay community on Miiverse can attest of it, I believe it would be in his best interest.



Grodus said:

The way I see it, this is just like an author writing a book than waiting to finish the trilogy for release, or with movies, or new TV shows, or whatever else you can think of. Realese it already, instead of "satisfying" the X-box and PS3 owning rayman fans at the expense of the ones with Wii U's.



DaveC said:

I wasn't going to buy this anyway as a 2D scroller doesn't do anything for me.

I think it is dumb to hold something back for other consoles though. When it is done, release it who cares. If someone on the PS3 wants it they can buy it too, it is not like holding back the Wii U version makes the PS3 one come out sooner.

The Wii U is dissapointing me though. I will probably sell it and get a PS4 when that comes out. The PS4 will have much better graphics anyway.



Lalivero said:

@DePapier No problem. I felt you were mostly genuine but it's the way you worded that first part that had me thinking of sarcasm; You know how when someone just doesn't feel like arguing and then they will start saying things like "Yes you're right about this and you're right about that" in the most sarcastic tone? XD It's a bit tougher to detect it in a post though.

@DaveC I wouldn't be too sure of that. If everyone's all concerned about the Wii U being so expensive now, that big of a leap(which wouldn't really be as huge as some think) would only drive the cost up. They'll no doubt be better, but it's not going to be like a PS2/PS3 leap.



Geonjaha said:

@Bankai - Basically, as soon as someone does what you deem stupid or useless, you tell them they're kids having a tantrum. You can boast about your knowledge of business all you like (You see to get off on that since you remind people of it most posts you make), but in the end when that's your analysis of what people are doing here then you really have no idea what you're talking about.

If you view all boycotts as people having a tantrum then you're an idiot, but if not then you're simply saying people are being immature because you don't find the issue serious enough to boycott yourself. If some people can commit to not buying a game they want just to prove their point and try and make their say then they're anything but immature kids - they may be stupid if they assume it will work in some cases, but in no way are they 'having a tantrum'. You not accepting that is what ironically makes you look the pathetic one.

I do look forward to you skipping over what I said while telling me that I have 'no right to lecture you' because you have a business degree - it's nothing if not pitiful.



Tuberocity said:

@brandonbwii - Like you, I have no inerest in Fire Emblem, over Rayman anyway. However, I spoke to fast in stating I hate UbiSoft as you are correct, I absolutely loved Rayman DS. There was a lot of content for the money in that game if one took the time to learn the controls as they were very difficult to learn which is (according to Amazon customer reviews) a huge reason it failed to garner a larger audience. Great game for $10 used at that STOP place. lol I'll get Origins as well, and any Rayman titles made for the 3DS. I'm fairly crafty though, and I'm not going to pay retail for a port of Legends if & when it makes it to the 3DS as the content surely will be cut, unlike Rayman DS. I will say, I don't like UbiSoft for the fact they buy into the 3D too much by releasing Rayman 3DS which at $16 was fun, but certainly not at a retail of $29 or $39. If Ubi releases Legends on the 3DS, I hope they skip the 3D effects, and don't cut the content to allow for those effects. As a Rayman Fan I too would be very upset with Ubisoft for delaying Rayan Legends in favor of thinking they can milk more cash out of the release if the game is released to all consoles at once. This is nonsense if true, and I have to disagree with you on that one. I Can't afford a Wii after purchasing the 3DS, and this is another reason I don't like Nintendo's practices because we DS owners should not have to wait either IF! Ubi & Nintendo decide to let 3DS owners have the privilage to purchase Legends. I may never get to experience the game as I will not buy another console until my little one is older, and if Nintendo has not changed their mode of game delivery (this system gets that game, this console gets that game, etc.) I feel cheated by Nintendo for not offering me, a 3 time DS owner, the same games available on all nintendo systems. If Ubisoft does make a 3DS version of Legends, I pray they do away with the 3D aspect, and even cut back on some of the graphic detail to allow a complete port on the 3DS. In the end however, were still brothers as WE LOVE RAYMAN!!! lol take care



Caryslan said:


I really don't think its laziness on the part of the third-party developers. To be brutally honest, many third-party games have sold poorly on Nintendo platforms since the N64. During the sixth generation, Gamecube versions of third-party titles lagged behind the sales of the PS2 and Xbox versions. With the Wii, developers could not port games from the 360 and PS3 due to massive differences in power. And in general, third-party titles did not tend to sell well on the platform unless they were exercise, wii-sports type, or dancing games. How many third-party titles on the Wii have you seen dominate the charts that were not dancing or casual games?

It is better on the handhelds, but there have been some notable third-party games that have not sold well on those those platforms in a market where Nintendo is the clear winner. Its easy to blame third-party developers and call them lazy, but how many 3DS owners bought Resident Evil Revelations, Metal Gear Solid 3, Dead or Alive, Tekken, or the other major third-party titles that are on the system?

And this is my point. Its not all about third-party developers being lazy and wanting to give Nintendo gamers the middle finger. Third-party games tend to sell poorly on Nintendo platforms. Resident Evil: Revelations was a 3DS exclusive and is widely considered one of the best games in the series in years. And yet it sold poorly. Even the install base of the 3DS can't be blamed since it came out after the price drop and the strong 2011 holiday season that saw the 3DS pick up in sales.

I can understand how it feels like third-party developers are screwing Nintendo gamers over, but its a two-way street. What's the incentive to port games to Nintendo platforms when that effort won't be rewarded? The Wii got some pretty good third-party support in its first couple of years, but how many of those games were successes?

What does not help Nintendo's case is the fact that many of the recent systems have had different hardware designs than their competitors. The N64 used Carts which were more expensive and had less memory than the CDs that the PS1 and Saturn used, the Wii was much weaker than its counterparts, making straight ports nearly impossible, and the future is hazy on how the Wii U will compare and the tablet is an issue if Nintendo requires third-party developers to make use of it.

Even the Gamecube which was the closest in design to its competitors was still missing several features such as online and DVD playback.

The issue is the fact that third-party games generally tend to sell poorly on Nintendo platforms. And this creates a vicious cycle of third-party developers either not porting their games or porting a version that is missing features due to the belief that most Nintendo gamers won't buy the game, and Nintendo gamers reacting by simply buying Nintendo titles and maybe picking up another platform to play third-party games.

This is not a new trend. This has been an issue for Nintendo since the N64.
And sadly, it does not look like it will change anytime soon.

Also, I want to say that this post mostly applies to Nintendo's home consoles. I am aware of the fact that Nintendo's handhelds have all enjoyed strong third-party support. But things are also different on handhelds. Nintendo has been the king of the hill since the Gameboy, and outside the PSP has never really faced a competitor that has come close to challenging it.

Its different on consoles due to the fact that Nintendo has only really won two home console generations as the clear winner. The Genesis and SNES fought a close war, and the N64 and Gamecube were dominated by the PS1, and PS2

And even in the case of the Wii, its massive lead did not really help it secure the third-party support that previous market leaders like the NES, PS1, and PS2 enjoyed.

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