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Mon 5th Dec 2011

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howser73 commented on Koei Tecmo Europe All But Confirms Fatal Frame...:

Am I mistake, when this title was announced they also announced the Japanese film and they said they had made an agreement with an American film company to make a fatal frame film in the states? .... Also Nintendo themselves localised fatal frame 2 on wii so I'm assuming (probably wrongly) that a western release would be a nintendo decision and they work in mysterious ways especially when it comes to more adult material. I for one still think this game is coming ..... I typed that with my fingers crossed



howser73 commented on Watch Dogs Stares at a November Release Date o...:

Yes still interested depending on how good the port is of course. May not get on launch depending on smash brothers date. Will get at some point as not many titles of this type of game coming to the system and I'm in no situation to buy other machines. I really like my wii u and hope for better support next year but if not then so be it.



howser73 commented on Review: Armillo (Wii U eShop):

Have been keeping an eye on this one for awhile, really liked the look of the game and bought it day one have to say it's a great game with a fabulous soundtrack, in fact I would have paid £4 for the soundtrack alone. Above is a good review of the game, all I can say is if you are a little interested it's definitely worth the cash and your time. Oh and yes the frame rate is a little bad in places but not interrupt the gameplay well not yet anyway.



howser73 commented on Nintendo Download: 27th March (Europe):

Mario kart and f1 racing stars for me been interested in the later so just been waiting for a price drop. Layton vs, already on pre-order for retail .... That's me ... One happy gamer, just not enough time to play it all.



howser73 commented on Expect Oddworld: New 'n' Tasty To Cost Around ...:

Yes I'm looking forward to the game, if I think it's priced to high then I'll wait for a sale in the future. Don't get me wrong I'm all for paying good money for games you want and digital distribution should be bringing those costs down. I'll still only pay what I consider to be a good or right price for software based on my means and of course the need to have factor lol



howser73 commented on Nicalis Boss Tyrone Rodriguez Thinks The Wii U...:

I agree ... The wii u pad has not been used the way I'd imagined or hoped in games especially nintendo 1st party software. It is still the main reason I own the machine and why I wanted it, imagination by gamers who can see concept and how they want the pad to be used is in my oppinion what drives gamers love of wii u and belief that nintendo will deliver these titles hopefully sooner than later. With that the wii u would not be the Wii u without the pad... Oh and off tv play is fabulous we could all say it could be better in some way or other but that's not picking for the sake of it.



howser73 commented on Investor Wants Nintendo To Create Mobile Title...:

I,m 40 played games for a loooooooong time and I hate playing any game on smartphone iPad that Need a virtual pad. There is profit and Great games to be found in that market, games designed around Touch screen only, im not against nintendo going into that market I can even forsee a crossover with games coming to both smartphone and nintendo platforms The smartphone game beving a free to play titel with no purchase but used as advertisment to by the nintendo system



howser73 commented on Talking Point: Is There A Future For The Wii U...:

The gamepad brings new ideas and fun ways in which to interact with older game types, I recently played batman arkham origins and although it's not a great port, the integration of the gamepad during the investigation scenes was well done I want a whole game based on those sections. Can't be done on any other machine.



howser73 commented on Reaction: The Rayman Legends Delay Is a Low Bl...:

I was interested in this game as it uses the game pad well, I had it Pre-ordered on amazon. I'm disappointed in ubi soft for not releasing what must be a near complete game, exclusivity does not bother me as long as a game is designed to use the wii u best qualities. In September the chances of me buying this game will be very low, not due to this choice by ubi but because at that time Nintendo will have games of there own on the market that I will be more interested in. On the note of exclusivity again I don't mind if games are developed on wii u and exclusive for only a short time because the game will have been developed to make best use of the system and the pad.



howser73 commented on Resident Evil Revelations Jumping Ship To PS3?:

Really enjoyed the game on 3ds, and would be interested in a HD version, but as I don't own ps3 and have a wii u on Pre-order ill be missing out on the ps3 version. A little surprised its not coming to vita! instead of ps3.
I'm a fan of res games, prefer the older ones though would love a hd update to res evil remake off GameCube that was a great game, here's me hoping for an e-shop version.