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Sun 24th Jun 2012

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dew12333 commented on Talking Point: E3 Exposed the Strains of Ninte...:

Yes I am old enough to have owned a game and watch, no I do not own any other systems, yes I am a 'fan' and I do know where the word comes from, but then that's what I thought this site was a 'Nintendo fan's website'. Just lately there has been many articles which a very negative and seem to have lost there way with what this website is supposed to be. Yes nintendo has always done things differently and always made us wait all the time, so nothings changed then. So why now do you feel its the right time to agree with 'non' nintendo fans opinions and slate them for something they have always done. We all want everything exactly when we want but I'm used to waiting and always not getting exactly what I want, ill keep waiting in anticipation of the next megaton announcement, but until then ill stay satisfied. Maybe a little more posativity wouldn't go a miss in more articles. Anyway the consumer can always buy whatever they feel suits them best and will, so if they listen to you and these articles I guess they'll buy different system and go to another website

But back to replying to your critism, unlike the other reader I don't always agree with everything in your comments, but if your losing faith as a Nintendo fan then I suppose you could always press the on button on one of your other systems.

Nintendo fan forever...



dew12333 commented on Video: Sonic Lost World Debut Trailer Blasts A...:

Not for me, I haven't brought a sonic game since the very first, apart from mario and sonic Olympics games. I will always see sonic as the second rate alternative to mario and forever it's wannabe. Maybe that's be being old school about it, but that's just me.
Full respect to your opinion though.



dew12333 commented on Feature: A Brief History of Pokémon - Part One:

I remember the buzz that came out of Japan for this was incredible, the Internet has killed a lot of that now. I looked forward to something that I knew very little about, it's a shame you don't get that nowadays.



dew12333 commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Mixed Week With Wii ...:

This whole wii u situation is all to do with numbers of units sold. If the wii u sales improve all these people will think its great and make games for it. Especially the likes of ea, ubisoft, activision etc. the money cows don't care about gamers, just their bank roll.
But then that's the reason I love Nintendo, because they won't do that (as much).



dew12333 commented on Reaction: The Rayman Legends Delay Is a Low Bl...:

it's only a matter of time before this game gets confirmed for PS4 and Xbox720.

So await further dissapointment.

Anyways I am Nintendo fan not ubisoft, I wouldn't care too much if only Nintendo games were on Nintendo consoles.



dew12333 commented on Feature: Reimagining The Wind Waker on Wii U:

This is a great game to remake and if you haven't played it then you will love it. The only thing I would change is collecting the triforce pieces, that really stalled the main story of the game.

The thing with star fox as far as I remember, this game was the start of the breakdown between rare and Nintendo. Nintendo wanted far more input than rare wanted them too, this issue ultimately led to Microsoft buying them. As we now know this was a good thing...



dew12333 commented on UK Video Games Market Fell By 17.4% in 2012:

I think the Wii bubble that swept the UK and made everybody want to play consoles has burst. The non gamers who played the wii now pick up a tablet or their phone to play games. Nintendo is right to move back towards proper gamers as the mass market has too much competition.
Anyway this is good news for us a that should mean less shovelware and hopefully better quality games.
By the way I am only talking about the UK.



dew12333 commented on Talking Point: Time for Wii U to Treat Us Like...:

Nintendo are just trying to enforce a law. The same law that parents don't seem to think exists judging by the number of underage players. Video games will always have this stigma attached to it about corrupting kids. Nintendo is trying to show the world that this should stop, so stop criticising them.



dew12333 commented on Could This Be The Finished Wii U Interface?:

@Koto and theperson
I also saw a menu like this at Eurogamer when they was selecting which game to play. Seems more likely a demo thing than the real thing to me, And I expect more from the real thing than just that.



dew12333 commented on Feature: Nintendo Life's Favourite Eurogamer E...:

I went on Sunday to eurogamer, and I was very impressed, it was well organized and the atmosphere was great. This was only added by meeting some of the Nintendolife staff, especially enjoyed chatting to Mike. Roll on next year.



dew12333 commented on Live: Wii U Preview:

Monster Hunter 3 for 3ds and Wii U.

Both compatable with each other.

This was exclusive info from europe direct.



dew12333 commented on Talking Point: The Importance of the Wii U Pre...:

I think everybody has stated alot of things that need to happen one day one and in the life of the Wii U, what they must do is announce that Black Ops 2 will be available on release day. This will make sure it appeals to the wider audience they want to appeal to. Even if most of us don't care either way I know alot of older gamer who only own one game for their Xbox or PS3, and then they have a Wii for there families. If they only needed one system to do both jobs this will pull customers away from Xbox and PS3 and increase there market share which is what any business wants.