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Mon 8th Feb 2010

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biddenden_sue commented on Nintendo Spells Out Why You Should Pick Wii U ...:

Nintendo's biggest problem is selling a concept to gamers that is completely "outside of the box". I got the Wii U at launch and love it, but have been disappointed with the lack of decent games available and constant delays in releasing new ones. Then, yesterday I tried to buy Monster Hunter 3 and Need for Speed: Most Wanted as they were released last week, but the two game shops in our local town (Game and an independent store) weren't stocking either of them. The guy in the independent store told me there had been a shortage of those games on release as they had all been supplied to online retailers. I have asked him to try and source them for me, as I always like to support his independent store. But if this is the way things are going to be, and gamers can't see that those games are available on the Wii U in stores, then it is going to DIE.It really needs much more publicity, more games being released and a higher profile in stores for it to succeed.



biddenden_sue commented on Reaction: The Rayman Legends Delay Is a Low Bl...:

I'm a true Nintendo fan and have enjoyed every handheld, and all TV consoles since the 64, but this news has greatly depressed me. Ubisoft have publicly declared their lack of faith in the Wii U. Other developers will be watching closely. I fear this could be the beginning of the end for Nintendo regarding TV consoles, although they will continue to rule the handheld market.



biddenden_sue commented on Nintendo Direct: Watch The Wii U Direct Presen...:

I'm expecting them to roll out the Wii U Virtual Console, and for it to incorporate GameCube games. That's not jaw dropping though. I'd like to hear about something new and unexpected. A new service or channel would be good. It's a bit sparse at the mo.



biddenden_sue commented on Feature: Nintendo Life's Favourite Eurogamer E...:

Rayman Legends was the hit of the show for me. My son and I played through a demo chapter with relative ease and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. The lady explaining how to play told us to go slowly to start with. My son replied "I don't do slow, I play Sonic!" and went straight into a sprint, so we probably completed the chapter in one of the fastest times that day. Her jaw just dropped!

I have pre-ordered Zombi U but could not face that queue, not with a 13 year old son in tow who couldn't go in there with me. We played three of the Nintendo Land mini-games and loved them all. Would have loiked a go on more games but it was so crowded in the Wii U area, that by that time, we needed to get out to find refreshment.

It was a great show, but the Nintendo games should have taken up far more space!!!



biddenden_sue commented on North America, Here Are Your 23 Wii U Launch T...:

Is there a confirmed list for the UK/Europe? I've pre-ordered my 32 gig WiiU with Nintendo Land plus Zombi U and NSMB U, but if that Sonic racing game comes out on the launch day, I'll be kicking myself because I can't afford it yet! Too much money on one day!!!



biddenden_sue commented on Capcom Japan Reprints GameCube Game Gotcha Force:

My 13 year old son has grown up with this game, and after Pokemon and Mario, it's his all-time favourite game. In fact, he has probably put more hours into this than all the Pokemon and Mario games combined! Just a pity that it didn't catch on over here, because it was extremely entertaining. He still plays it now, by the way, on the Wii, as we no longer have a Gamecube.



biddenden_sue commented on Hori's Mario Kart 7 3DS Wheel Is UK-Bound:

But if you use the wheel to tilt your 3DS, the screen will be tilting to and fro. I couldn't handle that. At least with the wii wheel, the screen didn't move...I'm getting Mario Kart 7, but this peripheral I can live without!



biddenden_sue commented on Feature: Remembering the GameCube:

The Game Cube was my favourite of the three consoles of its generation. We had the Game Boy Player permanently attached underneath, which was amazing. Our family's favourite games were Mario Kart Double Dash, Super Smash Bros Melee, Kirby Air Ride, Billy Hatcher, Mario Party 4 and the Pokemon games,. but not necessarily in that order. We had so much fun with it, and it was perfect while my boys were under 10. We now have all 3 of the current competing consoles, as they all serve different purposes. I will always be a massive Nintendo fan.



biddenden_sue commented on Current Wii Model to be Discontinued:

So it';s not just a cheaper option? Damn. No, I would not want to lose my backwards compatibility. Just today I played Mario Kart Double Dash and a little known game called Gotcha Force on my Wii using my beloved Wavebird!



biddenden_sue commented on First Photo of New Look Wii Console:

I hadn't heard about this, but I assume it's the equivalent of the 360 Arcade - a budget version of the full console for casual family gamers. No harm in that, so long as people know what they are buying. I assume this will be nearer the £99 price point? If not, then it's a waste of time. Also, does the controller come with motionplus built in, or is that still seen as an advanced gamer's choice only?



biddenden_sue commented on Review: Endless Ocean 2: Adventures of the Dee...:

I've put about 11 hours into this over this wekeend, since getting it on Friday, and it is amazing. At first there seem to be too many cutscenes, and you start to wonder if you'll ever get a chance to dive freely, but you just need patience. One of the best games on the Wii ever. Period. Buy it!