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Pokémon Black & White Version 2 Announced

Posted by Joe Walker

Not quite as expected

Pokémon series director Junichi Masuda appeared on Japanese television show Pokémon Smash! this morning to finally make his highly anticipated announcement.

Two new games, Pokémon Black Version and Pokémon White Version 2 were revealed, although next to no information was given. The extent of what Masuda revealed were the titles and logos for both games and the fact that they will be released for the Nintendo DS.

While the series has traditionally followed each initial paired version with an improved third version, Black Version 2 and White Version 2 are the first direct sequels the series has seen. At this time it is unknown how they will relate to their predecessors.

Also revealed today were two new Formes for the Pokémon Kyurem, which will make their debut in the 15th Pokémon film Kyurem vs the Sacred Swordsman Keldeo. These new Formes have been given the names Black Kyurem and White Kyurem according to Masuda. Not available in Black and White, these new Formes will surely come into play in the new games.

The poster for the film is also the first official confirmation of the Pokémon Melotta, making its debut in the short Melotta’s Sparkling Recital before the full-length feature. Discovered in Black and White's coding shortly after release, this is the first time Melotta has been officially revealed in any capacity by Nintendo.

Update: Our original post contained information posted in good faith that was later revealed to be a translation error. We've now corrected it.

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Contrary said:

Already know I'm gonna get sick and tired of people complaining about it not being released on 3DS.



Chuie said:

are there going to be diffrent starters or the same and will you be able to catch pkm from kanto johto hoenn and shinnoh through out the game and not after the elite 4



Drawdler said:

I'm saying it again: I can't believe they made them on DS. Maybe I'll just wait until the RS remakes... Next Gen perhaps... It was just idiotic to not make them on 3DS, by the time they come out outside of Japan, which will be 2013, or at the VERY earliest, Christmas, playing a DS game will be incredibly dated. The problem isn't that it's coming out on DS. It's that GameFreak are just too lazy to move the series on and utilize the full potential of the series on a new platform. They have to move on sometime, and now would have been great. But no, here's a copy of the same game with two new half-Pokemon and a proper Battle Subway. -_-



C-Olimar said:

I can see why Grey would be on DS. But why they would pass up the opportunity to have Black and White on 3DS is astounding.



CanisWolfred said:

I really shouldn't be surprised by this since the ending called for something like sequel, though I was hoping for a new region-type sequel, you know?



TKOWL said:

Guys I have a brilliant idea...

I am a genius.



CosmoXY said:

Should have been for 3DS. I still get it though depending on just how much of a "true sequel" it is.



Objection said:

I'll say it real quick: I want a 3D (polygonal) Pokemon on 3DS.
But I'm still interested in this, and would take it over one of those stupid third versions any day.
@Scarfty- Complaining about complainers isn't any cooler. At least they make a point of their opinion, you just want to shut other people up.



Retro_on_theGo said:

A R/S remake will not happen. It's much more likely (and better) that we will get them on the VC handheld. Red/Green did warrant remakes. Gold/Silver was pushing it, but I could understand a remake. R/S remake is completely unnecessary and would just be a lazy money grabbing move.
This has potential to be great. Even with being on the DS.



Contrary said:

Let us not loose hope yet. Believe in Pokemon God Arcues and we may see a great new addition to the ds pokes. Maybe it will have much new stuff inside. Maybe it will have many special beneficial features as well if played on a 3ds. Just believe. That is all I ask. Disappointment can still be revised. If they do it right. Cross your Pikachus and hope. Hope like you have never hoped before.



Noire said:

I need details. I'm not passing judgment on a title and one picture.



Onett said:

The best way I can show my discontent with this is by not buying it. This is a extremely lazy attempt at making more money with recycled sprites and models. Fact is, we all know this series has a lot to improve on that they can't possibly achieve due to the DS's limitations. With that said, I won't hesitate to pass judgement knowing that it is impossible for this game to break new ground. Greedy moves like this only makes the consumer question his/her relationship with the product. Nintendo better get their act together with this series, FAST.



Ecto-1 said:

I don't really know what to think of this quite yet. I guess it is best to just wait for more detailed information to drop. Until then, I'll reserve judgement.

Also keep in mind, they may have features specific to 3DS users; Black and White could utilize the cameras if played on a DSi, DSi XL, or 3DS.



Bankai said:

Time for Pokemon to actually evolve, I think.

I'll stick to Pokemon + Nobunaga's Ambition.



Retro_on_theGo said:

How on earth can you say this will be a lazy rehash based on what we know so far? Was Super Mario Bros. 3 a lazy rehash? Did you finish B/W? I really wanted to know what happens to N and this is a direct sequel. So Pokemon is getting serious about the story. That doesn't seem lazy to me at all. Also, we know nothing about in game stuff.



Gamma said:

....So they mushed up Kyurem with Zekrom, and Reshiram and called it PKMN Black and White 2. I'm not saying this is going to be a bad game, but it seems odd what they did there.



Haywired said:

Considering many people complain that the genuine Pokemon sequels aren't any different from the previous ones, direct sequels seem pretty unnecessary.

I really don't get franchise whoring. When publishers milk franchises with too many games in a short period of time it doesn't help the long-term prospects of the franchise.



GuardianKing said:

Think about it like this; A DS game game can be played on 3DS with 3DS features compatibility, while a 3DS game cannot be played at all on a DS. Maybe they'/re just doing this to target a larger pool of gamers.



Contrary said:

Team Plasma is at it again with their wacky shenanigans! But they better not have another castle under the elite four again! That is just too Farfetch'd!



MEDARD said:

I'm really happy it's not for 3DS. For now.

DSi is the best handheld console ever made.



Haxonberik said:

As much as I love Pokemon, I must say I´m disappointed, I was wishing they´d finally skip the third entry I normally ignore, since it would have to come on an old system, but well, unless It´s a new region (unlikely) I´ll ignore the game, I know there isn´t going to be any new Pokemon to catch for sure. I would have liked to just know they´re already developing Gen VI for the 3DS, with 3D graphics like Pokedex 3D and non-grid moving, but I´m gonna have to wait.



WreckItRyan said:

Hm..could have been worse, but could have been way better. The logical progression after Black and White was Gray, so this White/Black 2 appears to be plugged in as an unnecessary intermediate to delay the highly encouraged and anticipated move to the 3DS.



MarkyVigoroth said:

I actually feel excited over this. I mean, quite a few people were complaining about there not being any true and honest sequels towards the games, so this is surprising.
On the subject on this being for the DS, I think they are riding on the momentum on the DS, especially considering that the 3DS is weak now. Even if I am wrong, I think that this at least confirms that the 5th Generation is DS-only.

P.S. While everyone is expressing disgust about Pokémon Black/White...
...why is Puerto Rico STILL not part of the GTS?
More importantly, why is there no Light type yet? I mean, unless the curveball was deliberate (considering that Zekrom is not part Dark), they missed a fabulous opportunity to introduce the Light type, considering the ying-yang theme of the games.



CosmoXY said:

@ZeroX Think about it like this; Put a proper Pokemon on 3DS and watch the system fly off of store shelves like never before.

People said the first Black and White should have been on 3DS as a launch title to help sell systems. Almost a year in, close to two by the time it comes out in the west, and the 3DS still won't have it's own Pokemon game. They rushed Mario 3D Land and Mario Kart 7 to 3DS in order to "save the system," not sure why they wouldn't want this Pokemon sequel to be a part of the 3DS library as well.



WolfRamHeart said:

The DS does have a much larger install base than the 3DS right now but I think that Nintendo is missing out on a big opportunity to sell a ton of 3DS systems if they made this game a 3DS exclusive. Pokemon is a system seller and the 3DS could really use this killer app.



MEDARD said:

@Duney Because there are about 150 million DS and DSi systems out there. We are 150 million and we want Pokémon.



AltDotNerd said:

Well, I certainly wasn't expecting this. But let's all try to be optimistic. It was just announced, we don't know ANY details, and has a Pokemon (RPG) game ever actually failed or dissapointed us? I doubt Gamefreak would be stupid enough to re-release the EXACT same game with one Pokemon having new form(s).



CosmoXY said:

@MEDARD In that case, Nintendo should just discontinue development of all new 3DS games and move them to the old DS since there are so many more DS owners to sell games too. Right?

PS. Just to be clear, I'm not judging the game itself, it'll probably be great. I'm just stating my opinion that it should have been on 3DS.



Pichuka97 said:

I dont know how to feel. I think it was a good move because so many people own a DS so more people could play this. On the down side, people will beefing up their Pokemon with Action Replays, no one will take advantage of the 3DS online features, no StreetPass or SpotPass, and a reused game engine that will look kind of dated compared to what the 3DS is capable of. Come on Nintendo, pull it together...



BenAV said:

If it's good, then I'll still get it.
Would prefer a 3DS game, but no big deal.
For all we know is that there are two Pokemon games currently in development.
This on the DS which would have been pretty simple for them to make and will have it ready for DS owners (in Japan at least) this year.
Then, they also might be working on something bigger for the 3DS.
We don't know, and for all we know this could be the best Pokemon game ever, so it's way too early to be judging and complaining in my opinion.



Torterra275 said:

I'd say this is a mix of Ruby & Sapphire remake and Unova 2 due to the gemstones in the logos



Haxonberik said:

For those expecting 3D on 3DS, I'm sorry but your hopes are getting killed fast, from Pokémon fans, get excited for two incredible new adventures! Announcing Pokémon Black Version 2 and Pokémon White Version 2, coming soon for the Nintendo DS™ family of systems. The games can also be played in 2D on the Nintendo 3DS™ system.



Gridatttack said:

I knew there was going to be another version, since the black & white games has data about some moves that are not used in the current version (They are fully coded in the game and they work if you hack the moves onto a pokemon).
I thought it would be a special event kyurem with those 2 special moves, but the combined forms showed in the pictures makes sense now. (Also, I wont spoil the names of the 2 attacks )



Moonhillwat said:

I already dislike Black and White for its monsters and other reasons, no way I'm getting this version.



ZurrrrBlattTron said:

Its pokemon ppl complain like little baby's say OH THIS SUCKS LAST GOOD POKEMON GAMES WHERE THE FIRST GEN but at the end of the day you will see em at their local gamestop buying the damn game so be quiet I cant wait for more info! !!



Onett said:


I understand that you like the idea of the story continuing, which is great. However, what I am waiting for is this series to catch up cosmetically. The idea of this series moving to the 3DS or the WiiU excites me not only for the improved graphics, but the possibility that there could be changes/balances made to the Pokemon's stats. Let's not forget the possibility to customize your trainer like in Pokemon: Battle Revolution or even the chance to hear music that isn't midi.

It is likely that this game will recycle the same map with a few bells and whistles thrown into the mix (i.e. pokemon and a few new areas/features.) Point is, no new ground can be broken, therefore giving me no real reason to pay money for something that is more or less the same.



Henmii said:

I guess they are just milking the franchise. It's probably just White and Black with some added stuff. What's next: Black and White 3, 4, 5?

Sounds a bit like Apple! They not even release proper new versions of the i-phone anymore. Now they have 4s!

By the way: DS really seems to be Nintendo's third pillar (while the GBA was not)! The DS is still supported (some retail games and of course dsiware). They just....won't....let....go!!!



Retro_on_theGo said:

It's just Blue and Red ice referencing the Fire/Ice combo of Reshiram/Kyurem and Thunder/ice (Zekrom's electricity is blue) combo of Zekrom/Kyurem.
But I could be wrong.



ZurrrrBlattTron said:

And also I would LOVE this game to actually CONTINUE the story I hated pokemon emerald and platinum for being the same exact story maybe in black and white 2 your the child to the original black and white character and your in training to follow your parents footsteps? Idk don't judge me XD



Henmii said:

"What, iPhone? This is Pokémon we're talking about, the biggest adventure of all times!"

Wich doesn't change the fact there is some serious milking going on!!



Monsti said:

I know how well the 3DS online functions work, I can't go back to trading this way...Really don't care!



Linkuini said:

Right now I'm about as miffed about this announcement as a lot of other people around here. Of course, when I learn further details about this sort of Pokémon game, I usually get interested anyway.

This is something else, though. This time, the details better be good. They had better blow my mind. And they better not involve Wi-fi at all, because unlike the 3DS, the DS still cannot access Wi-fi in most places. And they better not require me to walk around with the game in sleep mode, because then I can't use StreetPass. Like a 3DS game could. And they had better not come up with any other features that would work better on 3DS, because the first Black and White versions were full of them already and gaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAH, what is this!?

I just assumed that Black and White were just too far into development to be released on 3DS at the time it was announced. What's the excuse now? How do they plan to justify this? And why should anyone look down on complaining about this? I don't even care that we know next to nothing about this game yet! All I ask is the ability to play Pokémon over Wi-fi if there is a sign nearby that says "Free Wi-fi"! The 3DS would finally make it possible! This is heinous! Okay. I need to sit down.



Malkeor said:

It's on DS because Black/White were on's not that hard to think about really. No matter how much you complain it's not going to change anything now. It isn't the end of days (yet)

The first main series sequel eh? interesting, even if that picture looks silly.



MagicEmperor said:

I believe I will hold judgment for now. I would have preferred a 3DS iteration, but I won't write this game off just yet.



koryz12 said:

They are being lazy as they would have to build a new engine,assets,textures ect
If its just a small upgrade I don't know if i'll buy it but nintendo are being too confident a pokemon 3ds exclusive would hurt the ps vita the 3ds main competition a lot.



D33G said:

I was all excited at first, then it kinda died. But after thinking about it, it could have potential. A direct sequel could do a lot, considering I'm nearlly done with my black game. New starters would be great but pushing it, and lets face it, a 3DS third version was kinda farfetch'd, wasn't it? (pun alert)



Yrreiht said:

erm... what the hell gamefreak?
i don't know how to feel about that. i mean, why not on 3DS?
and why not a pokemon grey, and why a sequel, and why....



CanisWolfred said:

@koryz12 "They are being lazy as they would have to build a new engine,assets,textures ect"

I dunno if you were trying to be sarcastic, but I'll say this: There's absolutely nothing lazy about that. That's hard work to do, especially for a game as intensive as Pokemon.



Hejiru said:

"these new Formes will allow Kyurem to become either Fire/Dragon or Electric/Dragon"

You need to take this out; we don't know what their types are yet. This is not confirmed at all. For all we know, they could still be Dragon/Ice or they could be Fire/Ice and Electric/Ice.



LightSamus said:

I've said this since the 3rd Gen games when I was 13 in 2003. They should release a full "catch 'em all" Pokemon, without the grid-movement, get rid of turn based battling and have real time 3D movement battles. It would make the combat so much more fun if the AI was tough. Rather then this, "Okay I'll hit you, lol your turn to hit me"



GuardianKing said:

The fact that we even got main series pokemon this year is great. There is usually a 2 to 3 year gap between games. D/P 06, Platinum 09, R&D 03, Emerald 05, etc.



black-kyurem said:

"Sometimes it seems as though Nintendo (or Game Freak in this case) is damned if it does, and damned if it doesn't.Stay faithful to a game's roots and people blast the series for being derivative. (derivative=being the same) This quote is from Gameinformer and it perfectly describes my point. (PLEASE NOTE: The part where I added Game Freak's name wasn't in the original quote. I just added that in to make it relevant.



ThomasBW84 said:

@Hejiru Joe spotted a tweet from Masuda apparently confirming that rather than new formes of Pokémon Kyurem, these are actually new Pokémon called Black Kyurem and White Kyurem. I've updated this paragraph in the article and we'll keep an eye on any further details.



koops330 said:

I need to see more before I make a judgement but Im just hoping its not the same game that I bought like a year ago



black-kyurem said:

Unpopular Opinion:Game Freak should make 3ds pokèmon games with pokemon battle revolution graphics, but it should be a spin-off with a great story and not a main series game.



hoboswirl said:

@Nibelilt its not that they are lazy its just part of tradition that the 3rd game of a generation is on the same platform as the first 2. when ruby and sapphire remakes come out im sure it will be on 3ds.



I-U said:

The better graphics suddenly matter now. Thing is a 3DS main series Pokemon game intended to be for that system from the start released now in the 3DS's lifetime would be slower than Diamond/Pearl, and that would be horrible. I would much rather have Game Freak take their time and make sure a 3DS main game works really well. Needless to say, I'm excited for Pokemon Black and White 2, and personally I would like to see many Nintendo franchises have new releases on the DS. Their biggest success not having its full potential realized would be sad, and as far as Pokemon is concerned, there's plenty that can still be done with the DS hardware. I'm more interested in what can be done in terms of gameplay than simply going down the route of making games prettier and prettier.



Despair1087 said:

it's been said before, but i'm gonna say it again. this this should have been on 3DS. it has been a whole year since the 3DS launched. by the time this comes out in the US it will be closer to two years. i never care about graphics, but black and white's were HORRIBLE. your pokemon were shown "zoomed in" and you saw a pixel-ated mess when they moved. (pixel-ated AND blurry if you played on a 3DS) PLEASE comment if you disagree. we need a new game that takes advantage of the awesome power hidden inside a 3DS

people keep saying this is a "sequel," but i highly doubt that this new game is going to have my character named "Flame" with all my pokemon continue the story from my pokemon white cartridge... or maybe it does...

this is just a guess, but i think that in this game you are going to have to choose a starter and maybe collect some badges and catch pokemon. HOWEVER the story will be slightly different... sound familiar?

cough pokemon yellow cough crystal, emerald cough platinum cough

sorry, i have a cold.




King_Boo said:

I hardly got through black I was so burnt out on pokemon. We'll get this next year as the last breath of the DS, after I thought black and white already were. If all it does is continue the story with a couple special forms of pokemon I already own, I'll pass.



hoboswirl said:

@GundamMac I dunno if you were trying to be sarcastic, but I'll say this: There's absolutely nothing lazy about that. That's hard work to do, especially for a game as intensive as Pokemon.
I completly agree.



SanFrisco9er said:

All I ask for is to make the wifi WPA2 compatible.I didn't buy black or white for that reason how couldve i caught them all?



Martyn said:

"here's a copy of the same game with two new half-Pokemon and a proper Battle Subway. -_-"

You obviously missed the part where it said THEY'RE SEQUELS.

would be happier if these were for 3DS tbh, but still buying either way.



ZurrrrBlattTron said:

@lalalalalalal even if the nintendo DS in dead its called Backwards capability you can play this game on a 3ds just without the 3ds features such as 3d or srreetpass or the other features it would be a smack to the face to any pokemon fan if they cant play all the 5th gen main games cause they cant for some reason get a 3ds



Radixxs said:

@black-kyurem And how do you know this isn't Game Freak just sticking to the same formula? Just because it isn't called Grey version doesn't mean it won't be exactly like every game in the series. And it also doesn't mean it won't be different.



bonesy91 said:

Not really surprised it's on DS. I didn't expect a full blown 3DS title to come out so soon after Black and White. I wont be getting this though (sadly the online for Dsi requires a different wireless setting... WEP...) so I'll be waiting for about 2 years? before I get my hands on a 3DS verison.

Still looks cool though



Kyloctopus said:

I'm happy either way. Glad to see someone is still pushing developement on the DS. In fact I'm happy because I'm not forced to get Pokemon Grey instead I have a choice (Even though I'm still picking Snivy)



hoboswirl said:

@Duney In that case, Nintendo should just discontinue development of all new 3DS games and move them to the old DS since there are so many more DS owners to sell games too. Right?
uhh, no. its probaly for the best theyre selling it for ds so black and white players can get to finish the 5th generation without out spending 170 dollars, plus 3ds owners can still play it.



WolfRamHeart said:

Well, on the bright side, Nintendo is probably already working another Pokemon game specifically for the 3DS in addition to this one. Unfortunately, we will all have to wait a bit longer for that. I am disappointed that this isn't what I was hoping for but chances are that I will still be picking this one up. Hopefully it will be good.



WreckItRyan said:

"its just part of tradition that the 3rd game of a generation is on the same platform as the first 2" @hoboswirl - That thought had not even crossed my mind. So, they're sticking to some traditions while simultaneously editing their "third edition" formula. We can almost guarantee, then, that the next main series game after this one should be on the 3DS.



Pastry said:

Le sigh... I wish it was a 3DS release. I'm sure it would move a lot of consoles.



CosmoXY said:

@LightSamus Based on all the elements of the game you'd like to get rid of, I'd say Pokémon isn't really the game for you. Make all the changes you suggest and it's just not a Pokémon game anymore.



AltDotNerd said:

@rafaelluik Well, Platnium was the "Yellow" version of the Diamond/Pearl generation. They didn't make "Diamond 2/Pearl 2" just to have Giratina Origin Form. I can't quite explain it, but this situation is different.



AltDotNerd said:

Maybe this is a whole new generation and whatever these Reshiram/Zekrom/Kyurem hybrids are the poster legendaries?



black-kyurem said:

@Radixxs How do I know? 1) It's a direct sequel.2) Instead of makeing 1 game with new features Game Freak decided to enhance both versions individualy.
(Not being smart-mouthed here.I'm just answering your question) But you have a great point.



AVahne said:

If you want to blame anyone for this, blame the Pokemon Company. Nintendo can't really tell them what they can or can't do with the games. It's not like Gamefreak and the Pokemon Company are Retro Studios or Intelligent Systems or something.



warioswoods said:


...unless I'm mistaken, the Pokemon Company is directly owned by Nintendo. But I think you're right that GameFreak is actually independent.



pariah164 said:

I am excite as hell for this. IDEC it's not for 3DS. It's POKEMON. The 12 year old in me squees like a mofo.

The complainers in this thread are all being debbie downers aka haters gonna hate. IDC. I love this news.



Knuckles said:

As im sure plenty of you know the site for all things pokémon is . They will update almost on a daily basis on all things pokémon.



StreetRat said:

It seems like many of you don't understand. This isn't a rehash game, like pokemon Yellow or Emerald. It's closer to what Half-Life 2 Episode 1 is to the original Half-life 2. It's a continuation of the storyline, not a revamped version of the one we've already played.



grimbldoo said:

@MEDARD #33, Just say DS. the DSi and DS Light are remakes of the same system.

@Haxonberik #34, Non-grid movement? Are you serious? GTFO

@MarkyVigoroth #36, Psychic is considered as the light type

@rafaelluik #72, Platinum was the third installment of Diamond/Pearl...just like Yellow, just like Crystal, and just like Emerald.

@LightSamus #86 Hara Kiri, now.

@Silvervisiona #139, You bought the 3DS for $250 just for Pokemon?

I probably wont get this, it seems like it might be to rushed. But if they add the automatic run and some other features the implemented on HG/SS, which they did not add to Black/White, then I might think about buying it.

OMG, I am listening to Going Quantum's second Podcast and the current song is about Pokemon. "Pikachu, use thunderbolt now!" and some other quoted from the anime.



Kitsune_Rei said:

Hmm, weird. I'll have to wait and see what they end up truly being. Though it seems more strange legendaries are assured. Hey, if its better than the first ones, then I may skip playing B&W and just play the sequel unless there's some reason to have played the first ones. I am a little skeptical about how good it will be since its coming so soon. There's only a small handful of Pokemon I truly like from the new generation.



DarkLloyd said:

im confused perhaps a proper explanation of what the difference would be if i bought black 2 compared to already owning black would put my mind at ease

should i get white before i get the sequals to both? that kind of stuff i need to know if theres more and exclusive pokemon in the 2 games



NassaDane said:

Well...fighting is more like the light type.
Also I really don't get this jejune notion that it somehow needs to be on the 3DS. There was no promise or anything so I don’t get where every is coming from when freaking out.



TheRegginator said:

I'm disappointed. I skipped Black and White for what we all thought was going to be an inevitable Pokemon Gray due to release next year. Now two sequels that rehash a lot of content are coming out instead even earlier; and to understand them I would need to also get either Black or White.

I guess I'll just hold out even longer in hopes that Pokemon Gray comes out and compiles all four games into one large, continual adventure for the 3DS.




Tsukun said:

I don't see why people are complaining about this so much >.> Seriously. I'm hyped up!



khalieon said:

Let me put a end to the parade. So what they are not releasing it for the 3ds, big deal. (NOT really a big deal.) i cannot wait for these games to come out,, and i own a dsi thats a year old. I thought they were finished with the ds, but its yet to come. imagine them making this game for the 3ds, it would be a 100% of work. plus 3d effects..... horrible. not only the rating would be bad, but the 3d effects can kill someone. seizures would be the major cause. ya'll really want a game for a system that isint even a year old? come on now. the ds has a larger base, making it easier. also, the game wont release for the us probably until 2013. it takes nintendo 6 months to translate a dang pokemon game. 3ds system didnt even sell 100 million copies... YET. i guess yall 3ds people can forget it for now. Not to be critizing, im speaking tne truth.......



Retr_acro said:

hmm. . .

Maybe my idea of a "Missing Generation 6" might actually happen. Hopefully new pokemon and evos(there are old pokemon that are dying for new evos)

got the idea name from code geass btw



khalieon said:

@PlatinumGamerX actually you really do not get it, do you? the ds is little developed in megabytes and kbs. just cuz the 3ds looks all fancy and have good games, that dosent mean that the graphics are safe. i dont own a 3ds yet, might buy 1 soon but imagine them making a full blown generation pokemon game for the 3ds, that will be a mess...... ya'll think about it.

"Dont judge a handheld by its look".



fear30000 said:

This is gonna make me want to buy a DSi XL or something because im tired of playing my Pokemon games with to standard screen banners that make the screen seem so much smaller.......sigh BTW if the logos look like gemstones to anybody, dont get yur hopes up because thats just putting emphasis on the Ice part of Kyurem. Wow, a DSi or DSi XL purchased all over again........ Well Nintendo all I can say is........I see what you did there.



khalieon said:

All we can do is hope for the hope thats not there, but pend on it to come. not like they will finish the game like SNAP. they still got to do more than storylines and text dialouge... just...hope :-/



Rensch said:

Intereresting. It seems you can fuse Zekrom or Reshiram with Kyurem. I hope it will be a completely new game as opposed to being two 'third versions' instead of one. But why on DS?



Azikira said:

I am a bit disappointed that the Ruby/Sapphire remakes haven't been 'technically' announced yet. I will probably get it anyways, but I still feel that it is a missed opportunity.



Drewroxsox said:

@khalieon #153 WTF are you talking about? " imagine them making this game for the 3ds, it would be a 100% of work. plus 3d effects..... horrible " sure it would be a lot of work to develop for the 3ds, but the 3d effects are good (apparently someone hasn't played with the pokédex). " not only the rating would be bad, but the 3d effects can kill someone. seizures would be the major cause " it's time that this franchise gets better graphics and do you really think nintendo would release a system that would cause a lot of people seizures? They would be getting sued from left and right. If the 3d is making your eyes tired, then just turn it off. They included the 3d depth slider for a reason." 3ds system didnt even sell 100 million copies... YET " the 3ds is selling faster than the ds in it's first year of sales. " Not to be critizing, im speaking tne truth....... " HA HA HA HA HA!!! the truth.....pstt!!! I don't even have to explain that one



Jese_1 said:

Adding my 2 cents, I am a bit disappointed that it's not been moved over to the 3DS. That being said, I'm still really excited to play it and will reserve judgement for when the games are actually released. Really not enough info to make an informed decision at this point.



komicturtle said:

Why are people acting a fool here? The 3DS can play DS games and people be acting as if its the end or something. Some people here should not be slagging this sequel off considering Final Fantasy XIII got a sequel (And that series looksks like its running out of ideas).
Let's get it together and have some consistency in what we say, please.



retro_player_22 said:

@GamerDude The 3DS has only being out for a year and a quarter now so it likely won't get a Pokemon game this soon. It'll probably be around 2013 until the 3DS gets its own main Pokemon games.

Not counting the original Game Boy's Pokemon debut, Pokemon Gold and Silver didn't came until 2 years after GBC launch, Ruby & Sapphire didn't released on GBA until 2003 (2 years after GBA launch) and Diamond and Pearl didn't came until 2007 (3 years after DS launch). It's likely a main 3DS Pokemon game will come around 2013 or 2014 so just be patience and enjoy what's here.



Bankai said:

Does anyone give a crap that it's not on the 3DS? uh. no.

But for sheer lack of innovation.... it makes me lol when a pokemon fan criticses Dynasty Warriors for being formulaic.



realar said:

Guys, who are griping over the games being on DS, be glad we're able to still play this on our DS Phat/DS Lites, some of us don't want to shell out more cash to get an import 3DS! We haven't even learned what will be NEW about the game yet.



retro_player_22 said:

@JuLeDoS How is that a first, an upgrade sequel version to every first two main Pokemon versions will always be released on that handheld before its new successor debut on the next gen handheld. Pokemon Yellow was released around GBC launch but was an original GB game, Pokemon Crystal was released around the GBA's debut but was a GBC game, Pokemon Emerald was released around the DS era but was still a GBA title.

These two new Pokemon releases are just upgraded sequels release around the 3DS era but they are still DS games. After these, brand new Pokemon games based on the season they follow will be made exclusive for 3DS around 2013 or 2014 so it's not like Nintendo is ripping 3DS owners off consider they could still be play on 3DS anyways.




We'll still probably get it in the end. Bit disappointed that its not a Platinum style evolution of the series.



GamerZack87 said:

Why do people keep calling Pokemon BW a regular DS game? As far as I knew it's a DSi game with compatibility on the DS and DS lite. Oh well, I guess that's just splitting hairs...

I for one am excited about the first sequels since Pokemon XD, and the first main-series sequels since Pokemon Gold & Silver. I do wonder if there will be new Pokemon introduced, or if it will be the same Pokemon available in the first BW but with slightly-different availability and movesets.

I do know one thing, though: Nintendo was absolutely right about there not being a Grey Version.



Grackler said:

Damn, I wanted a technically impressive Pokemon, and (though I maybe pre-judging), this will likely be the not-that-good-looking even-for-a-DS-game Black and White game engine. 3D battles Pokemon Company! You had it on the 64, Dragon Quest can do it, pleeeeaaase! A move to 3DS would force their hand, which is why I'd like it on that.



Beta said:

Guys, I think you're overreacting a little bit. Maybe they are giving us a little something something to keep us busy so they would take some time to make a new Pokemon game, the longer it take the better the quality and epicness. Plus, have you ever heard of the saying: "Don't judge a book by it's cover"? Let's just wait then judge when we get more info, maybe it's gonna be great with new features. Yes, I do respect all of your opinions but those opinion partially don't count as we know nothing about the game yet so we can't judge on something that still doesn't exist.

Also, they might be working right NOW making another game and will be announcing it after the release of BW2 so why get so upset while they may be working on something. To me giving us something in the time they are producing a major game is better than giving us nothing and make us wait for it and just let us be bored.



Beechbone said:

It's all cool but pretty much everybody is waiting for that 3DS Pokemon. It would push hardware sales probably better than any other franchise but still there are more than 150 million DS consoles out there, and like 10 times less 3DS units. Maybe they're waiting for a big reveal at E3 or something alongside 3DS redesign?



Marakuto said:

How is it a disappointment? It is a sequel like Pokemon G/S/C to R/B/G/Y but different now.



SanderEvers said:

Now I hope this will be a full DSi only (and 3DS) game... :+

However, a direct sequel... Gotta see this



Mberthiaume3 said:

There will be a rs remake , for 3ds. I've seen it. And there will be more to these new games then what has been revealed so be patient.



JustAnotherUser said:

Ooooh, this seems interesting.
A direct sequel to Pokemon Black and White.
I still have to get round to buying Pokemon White... which is still £25. :/



misswliu81 said:

i think having a new pokemon game for the DS is a good thing because it prolongs the life of the DS, which is good news for owners.

and like some have said, the 3DS allows you to play DS games, so it's not like one is missing out on this. nintendo will (hopefully) release a new pokemon title for the 3DS.

as long as good games are coming out for nintendo systems, i don't care because it shows developers are still keen on the DS, 3DS, wii. so i don't see this as a bad thing at all.



Mberthiaume3 said:

There will be a rs remake , for 3ds. I've seen it. And there will be more to these new games then what has been revealed so be patient.



Sakura_Moonlight2421 said:

You guys complain too much about it being on the DS. Patience is needed till everyone in the world makes the shift from DS to 3DS. Which could be awhile considering that there are people who still dislike the 3DS altogether. Patience is a virtue.



Raylax said:

If it's an actual new/follow-up story, then cool. If it's just the "third version" (largely same story with feature improvements), then I'll still buy a copy but it's lame that they're trying to sell off two at once.



theJOE said:

this is cool but i don't think that they will be adding a lot of new stuff. I'm disappointed its on the DS but as long as it has 3DS exclusive features (street pass and 3D) then i will be ok with it



Direscythe said:

I would like to at least see some sort of Battle Revolution for the 3DS. When I found out about this I jammed on my Pokemon Rumble Blast and admired my collection on Pokedex 3D in hope that one day Gamefreak gets with the program!



3DS said:

Last to comment about it but one of the first to hear about it Nah I love it! It's something no one would have expected and that is what makes it great because that means Grey can come some other time!



itsmeyouidiot said:

It's a numbered sequel, something we haven't seen before in the entire main series.

As per usual, this game is going to probably add a ton of new features and just because it isn't on the 3DS doesn't mean it won't be good.



XCWarrior said:

Really wanted it for the 3DS. I can't see how I could justify this purchase. What in the world Nintendo?



Cipher said:

To those complaining that these aren't on the 3DS - "yeah, let's make direct sequels to Black and White, we've never done that before! Even better, let's make them for 3DS so that Black and White owners might have to buy new hardware just to play the sequels!"

I don't think so. Yes, other series may have sequels which jump platforms, but this has never been done before in the Pokémon series, so it's important that Black and White players can definitely play Black 2 and White 2. For all we know, it could be vital.

@Mr_Gurgles Yeah, because a Nintendo DS game is really going to have 3D graphics and StreetPass functionality.



bahooney said:

I don't know why everyone's complaining about not getting Grey. Essentially, this is a better outcome as it has two games to choose from and actually expands upon the story. I'm surprised people don't get upset about the third in each trilogy like yellow/crystal/etc because that's more of a rehash than this is.



SkywardLink98 said:

Not getting it. I don't have WEP internet anymore so I don't get any DS games that use a lot of online features.



edhe said:

I myself would have bought Pokémon Grey if it was released - up until now, I had always relented and bought the regular versions, but it seems I won't be lucky this time...



Cipher said:

@SkywardLink98 Just to point out, if you have a DSi, DSi XL or 3DS, you can actually use WPA/WPA2 internet connections to connect DSi-enhanced games (such as Black and White, and undoubtedly Black 2 and White 2) to the internet.



moomoo said:

To people thinking they won't sell well because they're outdated: it's Pokemon. They'll sell. Very well. More people have DS's then 3DS's, and everyone with a 3DS will buy one anyway (or at least many).
Look at Emerald. It came out in 2005, a full year after the release of the DS, and it sold incredibly well, over 6 million units in the U.S. alone.



theblackdragon said:


So I've gone though and deleted quite a few comments that were posted for the sole purpose of insulting people, which is blatantly against the Community Rules (you know, those things we link to beneath the 'Leave a Comment' box here on the main site). Please be aware that I'm going to start temp-banning people who can't be respectful toward their fellow users here in this thread after this point. You have been warned.

If you can't keep it civil, please don't bother posting at all. Thank you!



Martyn said:

Why are people complaining about a game based purely on it's name? They AREN'T going to just re-release Black/White with a new Pokemon form. They aren't stupid.
Just wait it out until we get actual information about it.



Torchwood said:

@BalrogtheMaster I doubt it because everyone thought Black and White would have 3DS features but it didn't.

To everyone who thinks that this is a quick rehash, read the full article. Those are new Pokemon altogether called Black and White Kyurem respectively. They can't be traded onto Pokemon Black/White1 and the fact that these are new Pokemon means that they have the capability to make even more new Pokemon in Black/White2 in addition to the 649 we already have. It isn't a rehash, it's more like a Gen 5.2.

@moomoo The problem is Gen 5 really shouldn't have been on the DS in the first place. GameFreak could have helped by supporting a new system, but they got greedy and couldn't wait six more months in devolopment when they already had a 3DS dev kit. Now be queen of compatability issues, they're trapped on the DS and we won't be getting a 3DS main series game for a whiles. And the fact that they're making two versions for the DS just adds salt to the wound.



hYdeks said:

I don't care what people say, THESE NEW GAMES SHOULD BE ON 3DS!!!! >< Very disappointing, to me at least.



JumpmanZ said:

Game Freak and Nintendo can still amaze. The map could be entirely changed around (Icarus City becoming developed), new features could be added (new Entralink modes), and new battle types and strategies. Add to that a continuation in story with a connected plot, changed time frame, and newly appointed Gym Leaders, this could feel like (in Yogscast terms) "a whole new game". The player might even properly take the throne as league champion after stopping Chimera Laboratories (from Mother 3) from fusing Pokémon together.



Doma said:

Should have put this on the 3DS, if only to have a less primitive online set-up. I honestly can't see them changing up much for these games apart from the story - which i couldn't care less about.

We'll see though.



Geonjaha said:

@JumpmanZ - If that's all it takes for a new pokemon game to amaze you then I can see why the franchise will never die despite never evolving.



Hokori said:

guys this is no different then FFXIII 2 and about it being for DS and not 3ds, i guess it was wrong of nintendo to release kirbys adventure on nes and not snes because we all know thats kirbys worst outing and the system introduced in that game was never used again..... oh wait it was



19Robb92 said:

Well that was a boring announcement. Very unexpected though. But boring nonetheless.

I hope this came quite out of the blue now because that they want to save a 3DS Pokemon announcement for E3 2012.



Crystalline said:

@ZeroX Very well said Zero. That's exactly what I was thinking. Surprised no one has thought of this before.

With that being said, I certainly don't mind their little move (seeing as how I didn't play black and white in the first place) though I was hoping for a release on the 3DS as I just can't wait to see Pokemon games taking advantage of the many hardware features of big N's baby.



pvrexpress said:

Nintendo has just killed the 3DS.

There is a lot of people out there that sees no value in getting a 3DS over a DS. The 3DS was on the bring of completely bomb last year. Here is now a game that can make a lot of people shift from the DS (Your old hardware) to the 3DS (your new hardware that was on life support just some months ago). The 3DS is still doing bad outside of japan. Here we have the game that could put a rocket on the 3DS hardware sales worldwide, and then they decided to put that game on the old hardware giving people the perfect reason for not to get the 3DS?????

I have take a lot of s**t for being loyal to Nintendo. But the people that I called Nintendo haters where right. I was wrong.



Malkeor said:

@pyrexpress "The 3DS is still doing bad outside of Japan."

Sorry I have a hard time believing what you say. I dunno if you'd been keeping up with sales figures lately, but in no way is it doing bad. Not at all actually.



Punny said:

WARNING: The following comment is positive.
While I am kind of bummed that this isn't a 3DS release, The Pokémon Company at least has a good idea going for it. I'm glad that these two games are direct sequels, not just a jazzed-up version of the original Black and White (in other words, not a Gray version). Plus, the fusion concept is sort of interesting. I just need to learn more about it.

By the way, I'm guessing most of you will wind up buying the game.



The_Ink_Pit_Ox said:

Nintendo probably wants its own 3DS Pokemon title. This is an "expanded edition" of sorts. I agree, however, that it's too late to be doing this. Come next year, no one is going to want a DS game.



zanotoole said:

So, does anyone actually know what these extra 3DS features will be? I'd imagine, running at a higher resolution for the larger top screen would make the backwards compatibility somewhat forgivable, and I don't see something like that as impossible. Lets wait for a few more nuggets of info, before we assume its going to be the same bland port with street pass features.



Baga_Jr said:

@Contrary The complaining makes absolutely no sense. Just THINK a little. I can understand something original, like the Ruby/Sapphire remakes, to be on the 3DS. But why overhaul an entire game just to make an enhanced version on the 3DS? That would be stupid and a waste of time.



Zach said:

When is Pokemon Snap going to get the sequel it so richly deserves!



North99 said:

This was going to be my biggest reason to buy a damn 3DS. Now I don't have to!!! I'm very pleased with this announcement!!!!! Yay!!!!!!!!
Now I can finally make a decision on how to spend my 30 000 bank rewards points. It was going to be an Xbox or a 3DS, depending on the new Pokemon games. Xbox here I come - live on DS!!!



Yogsoggoth said:

Seems to me the only people defending the decision to put this on the DS are people that don't own a 3DS. It's been a year since the release of the 3DS and the system has reached critical mass. The only excuse Gamefreak has is that they are lazy. It's. It like a company that has the money Gamefreak does can't afford the production costs of a true 3D version. The reality is that Gamefreak has been recycling content for years. It isn't as if they ever used the full potential of the DS. Nope the reality is that Gamefreak doesn't want to get on the 3DS because they would finally have to deliver good music, good Pokemon sounds, and good graphics. Everyone says that we shouldn't be upset because we can play it on the 3ds. Well I guarantee that we will not get to play it with 3ds sound and graphics. But then, for that to happen, Gamefreak would have to work and it's so much easier to push out the same tired game with outdated combat system and ancient graphics.



Yogsoggoth said:


Ummm no. We could finally have 3d Pokemon in 3d arenas with an active battle system. We could have customizable trainers with spot pass content and dlc. We could have real orchestral music and voice acting. We could have an actual Pokemon game that plays like a new adventures as opposed to a rehash of 30 year old rpg design. Greed is the only reason we are not getting that.



Monkeh said:

Ugh, I honestly cannot believe it's for the DS and not the 3DS..

DS already has a pretty damn big library, where as the 3DS only has a few games worth owning. I just don't get it.



shayminfreak said:

Well, seeing as Black and White were in development before HG/SS were released, it makes logical sense that these two games could have been in development before the 3DS hit the market. That's probably why we can't play the game in 3D.... And also, what are you really missing aside from a bigger screen? Pokemon, like Professor Layton, just isn't a game that would benefit much from 3D. Using the Layton example, that European game was completely different in terms of controls, and as I have heard, was more awkward to play. They probably gave it this overhaul to capitalize on the 3D graphics, which they could do to Pokemon! Is that really what you want to happen to our beloved Pocket Monsters? Restricted to one screen with awkward controls while the other revels in 3D glory? Well, then, perhaps we shouldn't complain that Pokemon Black & White Version 2 won't be on the 3DS....



hoboswirl said:

@pvrexpress dont forget it could have a backwords effect, meaning if they made it for 3ds, people that only have a ds wont spend 210 dollars for one game. Its better they made it for ds because more people have a ds and 3ds owners can play it too, which means more copies would be sold.



hoboswirl said:

@Yogsoggoth Seems to me the only people defending the decision to put this on the DS are people that don't own a 3DS.
i have a 3ds and i perfer it to be on ds, dont go judging people!



hoboswirl said:

@Yogsoggoth Everyone says that we shouldn't be upset because we can play it on the 3ds. Well I guarantee that we will not get to play it with 3ds sound and graphics. But then, for that to happen, Gamefreak would have to work and it's so much easier to push out the same tired game with outdated combat system and ancient graphics.
1) its a sequel, its not gonna be anything like platnium or emerald 2)if you think nintendo is being lazy then go work there and see how lazy you will be, but youll fired the next day.3) ruby and sapphire remakes will be on the 3ds so im pretty sure gamefreak can handle 3d graphics.



shayminfreak said:

@Yogsoggoth By the way, I have a 3DS myself, and I still don't think Pokemon would be a good fit for the system. It doesn't need all of those bells and whistles - all you need for a successful Pokemon game is a few new Pokemon and some useful items.



DarkLloyd said:


since this is just what appears to be pokemon with new evol excluding the fusion legendarys or whatever i see no point scrapping the entire thing and restarting it just to 3DSized it when its not even that entirely new to begin with

so agreed good sir it makes much more sense for a new generation to appear on the 3DS

last i recall i dont seem to remeber a pokemon game coming out a year or 2 after the ds launch so yeah



Hejiru said:

This post is still misleading. They are not new, separate Pokemon; they are formes of Kyurem. The code in Black/White has a placeholder for Kyurem formes. If they were totally new Pokemon, BW2 wouldn't be compatible with BW1. Masuda did not say they were separate Pokemon. He said "the new Legendary Pokemon." They are new, and the are Legendary. But it's not possible for them to be new seperate Pokemon. And that wasn't his intetnions either; Game Freak has a history of calling new formes "New Pokemon." When they were teasing Shaymin's Sky Forme and Giratina's Origin Forme, they called them New Pokemon. That didn't mean they were separate, just new formes. Furthermore, the poster does not indicate type at all. Their typing is pure speculation. Black Kyurem is associated with Electric and White Kyurem is associated with Fire. But they could just as easily be Ice/Fire and Ice/Electric. Or they might stay Dragon/Ice. We don't know. This post should be updated, or else it's going to start rumors and confuse a lot of people.



Torchwood said:

@Hejiru I made a full Youtube video about it, then changed it saying they were new Pokemon, and now I find out they really are just new formes. EFF!



Pac-Suit said:

I can't think of a better farewell to give the DS. The 3DS is still early in it's lifecyle, so we have a good few years, for a bunch of Pokemon games to hit the system. I just can't see why people would be losing sleep over this.



Onett said:

-takes a deep breath-

Okay... after sleeping on it, I'm over the fact that this isn't a 3DS title. HOWEVER, the ONLY way I'll consider putting down the money to buy this game is if they break the mold by making this a completely different game with a new map, new cities, caves, gyms, pokemon etc. but why do I have a feeling that this is going to go the route of Platinum with more story written into it? I mean, why not? Who ever said that they couldn't recycle the same map and set up a whole new chain of events in it?

So what is it going to be Nintendo? The same old map with new events and story sprinkled throughout? Or a whole new map with new events? We will just have to wait and see.



King_Boo said:

these will be the 8th and 9th pokemon rpgs for the ds. How many other pokemon games on the ds, the ranger games, dash, trozei and so many others. at least 15 on quick count.



Hejiru said:

@ Onett: Nintendo doesn't make the Pokemon games. Game Freak does. So if you don't like them, take it up with Game Freak, not Nintendo.



YorkshireNed said:

boring. I assummed the reason no proper P/M had been announced for the 3DS was because they were wating for B/W sales to die down. This announcement is just.....underwhelming. Hello, it is 2012?



grimbldoo said:

@khalieon #152 Nintendo always tells you to check with your doctor before playing any video game. If someone were to have a seizure it would be their own fault for not consulting their doctor like they were instructed to.

@khalieon #154 The 3DS graphics are better than the PS2's. I have played Metal Gear and Resident evil on the 3DS so I would know.

@SMEXIZELDAMAN #211 Sorry dude, I don't feed trolls.



Dodger said:

I think both sides make good points.

I can't see B&W looking good on a 3DS screen. The graphics are ugly enough on a DS screen or on a 3DS screen in original resolution. Make it wide screen all of a sudden on a higher quality screen? It would have to be made from scratch for the 3DS and if they were releasing a made from scratch for 3DS pokemon game by now then it probably wouldn't be any good.

However, I do wish that they would start putting their effort towards making a 3DS pokemon instead of continuing Black and White. Black and White tried to introduce a lot of "new" mechanics to a series that hasn't really innovated since the Gameboy Color. They tried having a story which was OK for a while. It had some good scenes. Bianca's confrontation with her father was a cool scene, for example. Problem is, they didn't back it up by actually doing anything interesting with Bianca after that. By the end of the game, she still was whiny and useless. There was no more character development for the rest of the game. It still was better then then every other story in a pokemon game combined though which isn't saying much.

What B&W shows to me though is that the pokemon series can be saved. It does try to use modern technology. It starts making 3D environments, it goes to a smaller batch of pokemon for the entire main game, it uses wifi in about every way possible, Etc.
Honestly, I think a system with a bit of power behind it might be the best thing for the pokemon series. Finally, they can leave those horrible, unearthly screeches behind forever. They can make the battles not be blurry even if they don't go to 3D models just yet. They can make the overworld look like more then endless fields. There are a lot of really cool things they could do.

Maybe they can improve on B&W with a sequel like this. If B/W was introducing new ideas then maybe they can see what changes were good and what were bad and continue to improve the series as it does need it. I don't hate the pokemon series, I just think it needs to evolve soon.



sephirothZ said:

honestly, why did they have to make another game about an legendary , no-one cares about, i know about the ending BUT do you really think kyruem deserves his own game? even the forms look better than kyruem itself, and why would you want pokemon on 3DS, hell you have POKEMON RUMBLE. ? i never expected an sequel ESPECIALLY about kyruem. eeeh so disappointed. now to train a starter ALL over again. UGH. this kinda reminds me of the DW lucario event in which you had to buy an ENTIRELY new game with a sticker on it JUST to get the lucario. WTF.



Infernapeking said:

Don't understand why you guys are so upset it not being on 3DS. I mean relax already they maybe be silently working on Ruby and Sapphire remake for 3DS to be release next year. So calm down.



Marakuto said:

Through out my few months on Nintendo life as a user (used to go on before I made Marakuto). I feel upset to find a lot of trolls on this, yet theres a lot of peace on this site and this news piece showed the unshown part of you guys.



GamerZack87 said:

Okay, I must be under the Nintendo Life Bridge, cause there sure are a lot of trolls here...RUUUUUUUUN!!!!
NintyPuristZack runs away from the scary trolls

In all seriousness, I don't get why people are complaining to such a high Magnitude. The thought of direct sequels to paired main series games kinda makes me want to Spit Up out of sheer excitement. I know there are some of you who would rather see main series games on 3DS, and would point a Flamethrower at these new titles quicker than a Thunder crack, but its not all doom and Gloom. The way I see it, the Refreshing change of pace with these completely brand-new titles is like the rainclouds parting, revealing a bright and Sunny Day. And sure enough, before we realise it, we'll see new main series games on 3DS quick as a Flash. In the meantime, let's enjoy these new and tasty treats and go on a Surfin' Safari!



Ecto-1 said:

After giving it some thought, this could be great. Sure they could have put it on the 3DS, but this way they're giving the game to a much larger install base, and it gives them more time to create a 3DS exclusive game. Hopefully, they will use that time to create something incredible (although I personally hope they don't go to using 3D models for the Pokemon, just more detailed animated sprites please. The battles in the 3D console games, to me at least, never had as much charm as the 2D ones). Personally, I'm interested to see what they can do with the franchise with both these installments and what ever inevitably comes to the 3DS.

As for people complaining about it being on DS rather than 3DS because of the DS's "ugly" graphics, what happened to "gameplay over graphics?" If the game is great, are you seriously going to ignore it just because it doesn't have great graphics or 3D effects?

I agree, and I see what you did there... Nice.



GamerZack87 said:


And even if there are new Pokemon games on 3DS, everybody's going to find some things to complain about, such as "Ew, new starters are hideous!", or "Boo to no Fighting, Psychic and Dark starters!" or even "Still no voices for Pokemon? Instant hate!".

No matter what, people will find things to complain about. That's why I only focus on the good points of video games.



dimi said:

Why, why, why on DS? Gameboy Advance is still alive and kicking! I dont think that the game developers took full advantage of its true technical capabilites till now



pariah164 said:

Wow, the whining is STILL going? Also, to whomever said 'everyone not complaining doesn't own a 3DS', shut up. I do own a 3DS and I'm STILL excited about this.



Qeuix said:

I own a 3DS as well, but i'm not gonna complain about this being on the ds cause there doing cause as other people had said the 3ds is still weak right now. So maybe there waiting for more people to buy the 3ds.



Supereor said:

Why did I just read 153 comments in tow remembering I sold my 3DS and gave away my DS?!?!? Oh right, Push Square has low news and forum activity.

Replace LBP Vita with this and I'll give a darn. Sony is nice and straightforward, while Nintendo has the power to do this. It may have sounded trollish, but seriously, look at the odds. I'm able to know how long to wait for a game while everybody else negotiates about whether a game is even coming in Japan. It's nice seeing people rant, argue and disagree with hundreds of comments about something that's not even coming anytime soon where they live. Once a NL user always an NL user I guess...



mullen said:

So disappointed for a DS game and not a gray version. The reason is
1. DS game means very little improvement. The game mechanics can't be changed too much for the compability wireless functions(battle, trade), and the graphics can't be improved due to the limit of that system.
2. Even for the DS game, if it's a single version, at least I can combine my 2 versions' data into 1, so it's still useful. But for 2 versions, I really can't find any significant reason that I need to have it.
3. It's very unlikely to have lots of new pokemons, so if it's not only an improved version but a sequel, the only new elements that I can imagine are new maps and npcs / stories. However, the main reason I play pokemon is not to learn the stroy or know some npcs, so it's nothing attractive.
To whom claim that you're happy the game being a DS game, can you really think about that why you want to waste your money on it? Don't say that only because it's pokemon.



randomlypikachu said:

ok just one things i dont understand here (and this is going out to everyone saying that this move is the company milking the series)

ok so when they were releasing two games to start out with and later added in a third game with minor improvments a new version name that was sort of predictable and a new legendary mascot that everyone could see comeing once they recognized the trend (although i guess you couldnt count some of this to the first generation for the obvious reasons) .-. and basicaly the same story admitedly with a few very minor changes it wasnt considered milking at all

now rather than releasing that third game with the name and mascot everyone expects and a similar story they plan on releasing two new games that are aperantly direct sequals to the previous games (black and white) but this is considered milking because ..... instead of being one game called grey its two games called black 2 and white 2? .... because instead of makeing the obvious mascot choice of kyurem they make some admitedly weird forms of kyurem in (what i can only guess) is some sort of fusion with zekrom and reshiram/.... because they might actualy continue the story from black and white instead of doing the story over again?

.... just thought id put that out there >.>

.... and one more thing thats just been bugging me a little bit >.>

if you really have the need to rage at the company responsible for this game in the comments .... >.> know who your rage is going to id say more but this post has gone on long enough .-.

also if anyone has pointed these things out already then sorry for basicly repeating everything .-. but i didnt feel like continueing down a line of over 200 comments to find out

also sorry this was so dang long and sorry for any possible errors i most likely made as far as spelling goes



Martyn said:

@Yogsoggoth Maybe they're working on the NEW 3DS title/series with their main team while the second team is working on this?
It takes time to create a new engine and everything for 3DS...



CosmoXY said:

After my initial disappointment that it wasn't on 3DS, I actually have high hopes for this game. I'm sure Game Freak will have some tricks up their sleeves and this will be a really fun new entry in the series. I'm not expecting new pokémon, aside from the alternate forms shown, but I'm guessing the game will be filled with content and new challenges. Can't wait for a US release date and more details!



Onett said:


Because adding "2" to the title is insinuating that it is going to be a completely new game when most players thought it was going to be "Grey" presumably (which most people were expecting in the first place and for all we know could be the same thing. The equivalent to Platinum.) As you can see, it has gotten everybody's hopes up while crushing others. You can thank the lack of information on the game for that.



hoboswirl said:

@mullen the main reason I play pokemon is not to learn the stroy or know some npcs, so it's nothing attractive.
if you dont play a game for the story, then what do you play games for? do you just press buttons and look at the colorful pictures?



theblackdragon said:

@hoboswirl: some play games for the action and competitive aspects they hold. that may have been what he meant. if you could take a deep breath and relax, that would be swell — this isn't a situation worth getting nasty over. :3



hoboswirl said:

@Onett i wanted grey to happen, but this is supprising to me, and im also WAY more excited about a sequel instead of the same game but with a different legendary. i honestly dont see why people are not happy that grey didnt happen. also alot of people(on a different forum)said that they would just buy grey instead of black and white, this is a way that people would have to buy black and white to play the 3rd installment!



Kitty_hime1 said:

i just beat black today after getting it 2 days ago it had the most coolst ending ever it left me wanting more so i'm getting this 3ds or not!!!!!



Onett said:


I really hope that it is a legitimately new game. We still don't know for sure if it really is "a sequel instread of the same game but with a different legendary." What I was trying to say is that GameFreak could have just named it "Pokemon Black & White 2" instead of "Pokemon Grey." Hopefully you understand what I am getting at and why the unceartainty is driving most of us crazy.

I appologize if it seems like I am upset. In fact, I am feeling the opposite. I really like these sort of discussions.



Kiyata_Hamasaki said:

I'm glad it's coming on the DS instead of the 3DS. The screens are WAY too SMALL on the 3DS and that totally ruins my gaming. If they ever release a 3DS XL, then I will finally be happy to see more 3DS games, especially Pokemon on that system.



hoboswirl said:

@Onett i like these discussions too, i do understand what your saying i just misjudged you, i was actually thinking the same thing, i think it would be better if it was just one game and not 2 different games. sorry i misjudged you, ithought you were one of those people that think this is just a rehash.



Drewroxsox said:

WoW!!! I've never even seen half of these users......gamefreak & nintendo sure know how to start a riot



NovaParadigm said:

@NintyPuristZack You bring up a lot of good points, but let's think about this for a second. Is there any logical reason why Game Freak couldn't cater to these fans wishes? Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining about B2/W2 being on the DS, but there's no reason that the next set of Pokemon games couldn't be more fan-request friendly. Let's look at your examples... Ken Sugimori and his team of designers should have no problem coming up with some good looking starters, especially with the move to polygonal characters giving them extra room to experiment. Again, the type of the starters is totally up to the designers and I'm sure they are well aware the fans want some change. When it comes to the Pokemon having voices instead of metallic beeps and buzzes, I'm baffled it hasn't happened already. The DS is totally capable of handling the pokemon saying their own names so when the series moves to 3DS I guarantee they will. I guess what I'm trying to say is that fan requests are all within the realm of possibility. It's great to enjoy and fully explore the things games do well, but we must keep complaining about the things we want changed because the developers are listening. It just takes them a few generations of consoles to really hear us.



DanteSolablood said:

Everyone complaining about these games not being on the 3DS should relax, Nintendo (well, Gamefreak actually) have a habit of bringing out filler games to space out the bigger new versions. I think it likely that they started Black & White vr2 at the same time as the originals (story will continue from end of B&W but possibly new trainer) and are releasing it now so there is not such a HUGE wait until the next gen - which will be on the 3DS.

I can also understand any decision to release an update to the 5th gen on the DS, surely you want to save the 3DS for a well designed & thought through 6th gen to make it look even MORE revolutionary instead of creep onto the 3DS with a sloppy graphically updated Pokémon gray?



Ecto-1 said:

It really isn't too surprising that they haven't added voices to the games yet. Using voices would require more memory on the game cards than the current space saving beeps and screeches. Between having room for animated sprites (8 sprites per image) for each of the 649 pokemon, front and back, plus alternate sprites for shinies, plus different sprites for different forms, plus different sprites for species with gender differences, plus adding in voices, there would be little room on the card for much of anything else. On 3DS, they could possibly pull off having voices, but I can't see how they could have done it before now. That said, I like the beeps and screeches; they give the games a kind of nostalgic feel to them.



DanteSolablood said:

Actually they have been adding more & more complex sounds to pokémon cries since the GBA & DS versions were released, most of the newest ones are MORE complex than a nameshout. The main reason they've not moved to the "nameshout" is because for every big animé fan they please they'll probably annoy or alienate the same amount of hardcore fans of the game. I for one have played Pokémon since the start, but find the animé a complete disgrace to television & shivver at the thought of my Alakazam shouting his name out like a backwards Kris Angel instead of his oldskool hiss.

That's the problem with playing to the fans, not all fans want the same thing & it's easier to stick with what you have.



DarkKirby said:

this topic should explain what's going on — it also covers posts left for the sole purpose of saying 'facepalm'. you'll also note all other such comments have been deleted entirely, so be thankful yours remains. don't like it? let James know! — TBD



GuardianKing said:

@DanteSolablood The anime is an even greater disgrace after you've read the manga. Junichi Masuda didn't create the anime, but he created the manga and said Pokemon Adventures was "the way Pokemon was supposed to be"



Knuckles said:

Can this really reach 300 comments? If i remember right, the last article to reach over 300 was an offical announcement if the Circle Pad Pro. Can anyone else remember last summer?



Ecto-1 said:

True, the sounds are more complex, but being just sounds, the developers can compress them further without risking too much. If they had used voices, they would only have been able to compress them so much before they lost the quality of the sound. I'm also glad that they've stuck to the sound bits; it adds a bit of nostalgia hearing Charizard (my personal favorite pokemon) still using the same roar as he did in Red, and I imagine I would quickly tire of hearing "Charizard!" every time I went into battle. In the future, I guess they could make it an option that the player could toggle on and off, kind of like how HeartGold and SoulSilver had the ability to substitute the original games' soundtrack in place of the remastered one.

Sure, why not?



bezerker99 said:

Screw the 3DS! By having this on DS, it prevents the pokenoobs from having to keep recharging the handheld as much!!!! Bloody brilliant, Nintendo!!!! xD



AVahne said:

Silver and Ruby kept me playing for hours, White couldn't get me to actually beat the over Lv. 70 Elite 4 (after you beat the main story). Hopefully White 2 will be worth playing for a long time. Though if Fire Emblem Awakening and Monster Hunter Tri G come over here, White 2 will get the same treatment as White no matter how much better it is than White.



SanFrisco9er said:

¦D yeah... can't wait for the pokemon bronze coming out for the 3DSLiTE/HDSLiTE.who is looking forward aswell?



Objection said:

I just beat White a few hours ago (on Sunday) lol
so now I'm ready for this.

But I need details. Yummy, juicy details. Like a Tauros steak. Mmmm...



JayceJa said:

i dont overly care that this is not a 3ds game, however im really surprised it isnt, as a pokemon game would be the best way to move consoles i can think of



kyuubikid213 said:

Really wish this was a 3DS title. But NO. I don't know how to feel about this...
I mean, there haven't been ANY direct sequels in the Pokemon franchise. So... But really though. You'll spend another $40 to traipse around the same region with several new Pokemon. I'd be much happier if they called it Pokemon Purple Version and Pokemon Orange Version. At least that way, my friends wouldn't say Game Freak is running out of ideas for Pokemon.



Hejiru said:

Why has this post still not been changed? It contains false information.
Kyurem's formes are not separate Pokemon. That would make no sense, and it would be impossible for the games to connect with BW. Masuda did NOT say they were separate Pokemon. He called them new Pokemon, but Game Freak also called Rotom's formes, Giratina's Origin Forme and Shaymin's Sky Forme "new Pokemon." They're not seperate Pokemon, and neither are Black Kyurem and White Kyurem. This post is going to confuse people and start false rumors.



Hejiru said:

Also, the film's poster in no way suggests that they will be Fire/Dragon and Electric/Dragon. It's just as likely (if not more likely) that they will be Ice/Fire and Ice/Electric or stay Ice/Dragon.



Hejiru said:

For final proof, NOE just sent out assets. The formes were called

So can we please update the post now before people get even more confused?



SpaceKappa said:


Easy there buddy! We're working on corrections. You can forgive us for the confusion; getting secondhand reports from both a Japanese television show and a Japanese Twitter account leaves plenty of room for wires to be crossed and things to be misinterpreted. Rest assured spreading inaccurate information is never our goal, and we'll be aiming to fix whatever needs fixin'.



James said:

Well, whatever. Post's updated now so we can all get on with our lives, right?



HouseofBees said:

^ Haahaa. It's very important!111

Why don't we judge when we get a little more info? The DS is hardly obsolete as a console, unless there's thousands of other double-screened rivals I'm not aware of?

Contrary to popular belief, there's no correlation between newer technology and better games. Correct me if I'm wrong here - but I assume that that Game Freak won't spend two weeks actually making the game, with the remaining few months being spent on looking around the offices for pokemon inspirations. Anybody who sees 'DS' and thinks 'not good enough' is not only thinking in purely commercial terms, but probably hasn't seen the quality of the 3DS lineup a year in.

I know a Pokemon Gray update would have been earth-shattering, and this is very disappointing - but, maybe we can trust Game Freak'll come up with the goods?



Jade773 said:

too early to make judgements. as a community of gamers we shud all be accustomed to waitin amd seeing what happens. in the mean time, concentrate on grindin yo pokemon



Malkeor said:

I've been so distracted by this article, that i've forgotten you guys posted new ones in the past couple days D:



DarkKirby said:

I felt extremely dumbfounded and disappointed. I have been a hardcore and devoted fan of Pokemon since original Red and Blue, but since Diamond and Pearl I have been extremely disappointed in the extremely noticeable lack of willingness to really improve the game or make any meaningful change, even as other then staleness of the game, there is a huge and growing stack of unfair game mechanics and imbalance issues that exist in the game that the developers are also choosing to ignore (a large list of problems which I have posted multiple times already, not sure I need to do it again unless someone asks). Where as you see a game like Mario keep the same genre and same Mario game play concepts and style, it has evolved from Super Mario Bros. to Super Mario bros 3, to Super Mario World, to Mario 64, to Super Mario Galaxy, and to Super Mario 3D Land, all still clearly main series Mario games despite changes (for the better) where as Pokemon on the same scale at Black and White still seems to be on Super Mario Bros 3 level. Even a graphical update to 3D to give the game a fresh look with 3D animated character and Pokemon models they were completely unwilling to do, let alone fix the issues with the game mechanics. This is doing the minimal amount of work to make the most profit at its worst. Well, still much better then Call of Duty, but that's comparing to the worst of the worst.



Ernest_The_Crab said:

@James Would you be able to get some clarification on the news for us? I was reading some articles and there was a line that would show up in a lot of them that bothered me.

It seems the Nintendo site mentions that the game is playable in 2D on the 3DS. It's rather odd to word something that way without implying something so I was wondering if you can clear this up.



Marakuto said:

What should happen in the intro is like in BWs one but instead they show this like in Majoras Mask after the events of OOT "The hero from Nuvema town had saved all from the plans of Team Plasma. The hero then choose to take their own path in a different area in Unova after the events which almost changed the Pokemon world..." I could see something like that in the beginning and this game you might battle Hilbert/Hilda in the game like Red in GSC & HGSS.

So the example I said could happen in the intro of the game to show the defeat of Team Plasma. I also think since Pokemon always refers to Mother 3 in characters and somethings in the game, we might see what the scientest (Genesect event scientest) does to Kyurem as an experiment as he maybe in the main storyline now since he does have a suspicious feel for BW 2.



Supremeist said:

OKAY. I wasn't happy, but when I figured out that Pokemon from all give generations were going to be on it, I immediately loved it. I can't wait.



TheAmazingRaccoon said:

for the ds? Colour me disappointed. Come on Nintendo, bring on Pokemon orange and purple (because nothing rhymes with them) for the 3DS.



James said:

@TheSolarKnight Nintendo says that about a lot of DS games: it's a way of telling people that the 3DS plays existing DS games in 2D mode. It doesn't hint at any special functionality with 3DS, it's just sayin'.



Risko907 said:

I wonder if these games will open up for tri type pokemon though. Because those legendaries will be electric/ice/dragon and fire/ice/dragon. That would be a cool concept to put into the games but that would also make it harder to choose what moves to keep with the limit at 4.



Gioku said:

Idk what other people's complaints are for... as soon as I saw the name of this article and the picture I was instantly excited for this project. I mean, more new Pokemon! How much better does it get? And Kyurem seems to have a point now; before he seemed kind of out of place and pointless.

All that I want is for BW2 to be compatible with the original BW games, which doesn't seem to farfetched since they always make their games backwards compatible anyways.

I do have to say that I am a bit disappointed that they're going to be developed for the DS; but I can't complain too much because I can still play it on 3DS.

Nice to see Nintendo throwing some curve-balls into the usually rigid Pokemon formula!



gemshine56 said:

I laugh at the people constantly whining about it being for DS.
Well, have they ever cared about the people without a 3DS?
But can those people just see that even though this game is DS, you can still play it on the 3DS? I see that some people just whine about something that might have some secret development in hand.
So wait till its made. Who knows what it has in store for us?



HiddenKey said:

@Facts-I completly agree with you. The fact of the matter is, everyone is so pissed off, because they KNOW the game seems cool, want to see for themselves and cant. I would recommend that two months after its release youlook up everyone's review on the game. That should give people some idea of how good/bad it is.



HiddenKey said:

Society today is based on hiding info to create anticipation. They create pissed off people and riots just so they can calm it down and seem cool. The same for this game. GameFreak wants all this hype so people will want to buy the game. Supply and Demand may be the countries foundation, but one of the bolts to this foundation is deception.



HiddenKey said:

@ryanthehedgehog You see. They cause you to not really like it, upsetting you. Then calm the situation by saying "hey theres gonna be pokemon from every generation". DECEPTION then REVEAL!!!

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