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United States

Sat 29th Mar 2008

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WiiFreedom commented on Super Mario World:

This game tops over other mario games, Its a very awesome game. I've beat it in all 96 exits..........THERE SHOULD BE MORE LEVELS! =O



WiiFreedom commented on Super Castlevania IV:

@ vonseux

Seriously? Besides in SCIV, You get more control over Simon and control his limping whip, which is an good defensive move against magic projectiles. Infact you can shoot your whip in all eight directions which is a huge improvement. This game overpowers Bloodlines, even though you can play as John Morris and Eric Lecarde, SCIV has more feel in the castlevania franchise.



WiiFreedom commented on Milon's Secret Castle:

Besides It feels like Castlevania II: Simon's Quest, because in that game you have to throw holy water to find secrets and hidden drops. And in Milon's Secret Castle its the same way, but in bubbles.



WiiFreedom commented on Pulseman:

Does he relate to the mega man games? Cause he looks like he does.