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Sun 21st Mar 2010

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Zsxdflip commented on FEZ Creator Insists The Game Wouldn't Work On ...:


I really hate this Nintendo fanboy mentality. Just because a game isn't coming to your platforms of choice it isn't good? I have seen this so many times on this site, even with really fantastic games, and when developers say they don't want to or can't develop a game for a Ninty platform, fanboys start spewing out hate. I'm personally very excited for Fez on PC, as I played it on my friend's Xbox and it was a really nice looking and unique platformer.



Zsxdflip commented on NOA: "Never Say Never," But No Plans to Bring ...:

That was the last straw. I feel like going to NOA's offices and punch every exec there in the nose (especially Reggie). I will NOT buy Wii Play: Motion, stop saturating mini-game compilitations Nintendo! You guys are turning into Ubisoft, and for the most part, that is a VERY bad thing for core gamers. They seriously have no respect for the core gamers in the Americas. I always read about European gamers complaining because it takes a couple more months for them to get games, but at least NOE cares about them, and it shows in their Club Nintendo service, pre-order bonuses, box art, etc. I would MUCH rather have games a couple of months late for a little respect, instead of a division that only cares about how many units they can sell to 40 year old moms and 7 year old boys when they consider publishing something. I swear in the next week or so Reggay gonna tweet a video or something saying something like "It seems some of our slave- eh, customers are disapointed because of 3 games that nobody cares about. But to show how much I care about my minions I would like to announce Wii Music: Encore will be exclusive to the Americas. Trust me, I know what the body wants"

Rant over, just needed to get some steam out



Zsxdflip commented on Features: Nintendo Life's Game of the Year 201...:

NO. Shantae should've won DSiWare game of the the year. I honestly think Cave Story is overrated. I played the WiiWare demo and I got bored after 5 minutes. And DKCR should have won Wii Game of the year, or at least something.