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Sun 26th Feb 2012

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shayminfreak commented on Pokémon Black & White Version 2 Announced:

Well, seeing as Black and White were in development before HG/SS were released, it makes logical sense that these two games could have been in development before the 3DS hit the market. That's probably why we can't play the game in 3D.... And also, what are you really missing aside from a bigger screen? Pokemon, like Professor Layton, just isn't a game that would benefit much from 3D. Using the Layton example, that European game was completely different in terms of controls, and as I have heard, was more awkward to play. They probably gave it this overhaul to capitalize on the 3D graphics, which they could do to Pokemon! Is that really what you want to happen to our beloved Pocket Monsters? Restricted to one screen with awkward controls while the other revels in 3D glory? Well, then, perhaps we shouldn't complain that Pokemon Black & White Version 2 won't be on the 3DS....