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Mon 24th November, 2008

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Pastry commented on Nintendo Download: 13th June (Europe):

So excited for Shining Force GG. Apparently it's listed on Nintendo's website as coming out in the US on Thursday. That'll be a midnight purchase for me! Shining Force is one of my favorite games of all time.



Pastry commented on You Can't Use Your Wii Virtual Console Saves W...:

@Raylax The save data is actually completely separate from the actual ROM. The save can be stored on the Wii while the game is stored on the SD card. It would be very easy to port it, as long as their new emulator handles saves in the same way.



Pastry commented on Review: Paper Mario: Sticker Star (3DS):

I have a bad feeling I'm not going to like this game. I loved the darkness and atmosphere of Paper Mario 2, The leveling system and badges were the elements that brought me back year after year to replay it. It looks like this game has degenerated back to another sub-par RPG.
If you lose me on this, Nintendo, I don't know what I'll do.



Pastry commented on NightSky Rated for North America:

I just beat this game on the PC but I think I'll probably pick it up if the price isn't TOO steep. The developer is definitely one of my favorites (Within a Deep Forest and Knytt Stories) and I'll be glad to see it supported.



Pastry commented on Talking Point: Nintendo Should Offer Indie Gam...:

I feel like Nintendo has drifted away from this sort of behavior dramatically. I still see copies of Mario Kart DS and Super Mario Galaxy drifting around with $40 price tags, while I see copies of Halo 3 for $5. Nintendo either just doesn't understand this generation's approach to games and the people who buy them, or doesn't want to. If I want a Nintendo game. I'm paying the price they tell me to. If Nintendo goes at this in a different way now than they have in the last 25 years, I'll be surprised.



Pastry commented on Descent:

I thought Interplay went bankrupt when they sold the Fallout MMO license. Hmm...



Pastry commented on Review: 3DS Circle Pad Pro:

If it is played using infared, could you detach the Circle Pad Pro and do a dual player thing where one player controlled their character with that while the other used the actual DS?