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Wed 14th Oct 2009

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rafaelluik commented on Fresh Details Are Sucked Up for Kirby: Triple ...:

Kirby Fighters indeed looks like a simplified Super Smash Bros, it might be fun!

I hope the main game has better collectables/unlockables than Wii's Kirby's Return To Dreamland. That 120 sphere engines unlocked nothing worthy. I rather we have treasure chests back.



rafaelluik commented on Pokémon Art Director Would Like to Simplify t...:

@DarkKirby I'm your fan! Perfectly said.

Additionally there's no problem with the current Pokémon designs. And if they simplify the plot even more than what it is now I quit playing Pokémon. Gen I "clean up the towns of Team Rocket" sucked compared to Sinnoh and Unova legendary stories.



rafaelluik commented on Pokemon X & Y Designer: Creature-Making Isn’...:

Call me crazy but I think Vanilluxe is an example of creativity and diversity in the Pokémon world. I like it, it captivated me.

Please people don't pull that "human-made object" argument when there's Magnemite and Voltorb since Gen I.



rafaelluik commented on We're Getting Digital Right On 3DS And Wii U, ...:

I'm not buying anything which is also available physically until I can have an account to safely be able to re-install it in case the console breaks.

BTW I hate them for not releasing titles like Kirby and the Amazing Mirror (GBA) for anyone to buy.



rafaelluik commented on Review: Shantae (3DS eShop):

What????????? 8??? Not 10??
You lost all my respect NL.

This game has the perfect combination of exploration/labyrinths, gameplay, story, jokes, looks, music and charm!



rafaelluik commented on Soapbox: Mobile And Tablet Gaming Is Creating ...:

You're being biased and confusing consoles and games themselves.
The question is What are your thoughts on smartphone and tablet gaming?

My thoughts are that obviously it doesn't differ from consoles in any way, the same games can be launched in both. It's just physical buttons vs touch at the moment. I don't see how touch is less precise than buttons, touch buttons can mimic physical buttons and you can use an attachable/wireless/bluetooth joystick in your smart device if you want too... So games are games, regardless of platform. There are easy games on consoles and on smartphones, you can't blame the developers for that nor the people who are buying/playing/supporting what they want.



rafaelluik commented on Review: Kirby Mass Attack (DS):

It's a good game, I'm a fan of the whole Kirby series, but the sound of Kirbys' screaming gets irritating very soon, other sound effects are also overly reused. It definitely lacks the sound quality of the other games and the graphics are a little jaggy (resolution/AA-wise) but the fun in the gameplay and storyline is there.



rafaelluik commented on There's Still Plenty Of Interest In Older Pok...:

I wouldn't be interested on them in VC. Pre-GenIV gameplay mechanics are very outdated (like all fire-type moves were special and so on, differences of type-effectiveness to ghost, the calculation of various Pokémon characteristics [IVs, ...]). DP may still be selling because it has a pretty good level of today's standards. We also have the remakes for a reason, they bring the new mechanics and Pokémon to the previous games.
I don't know from where these people are buying though, as I bought Platinum recently and had to import to my country because it doesn't seem to be in manufacturing anymore.



rafaelluik commented on Nintendo Of America Rep Insists That Lost Digi...:

To use DSi Shop and Play Store (and I believe the other stores like iOS, and the new eShop, etc) you agree to a contract which says they don't guarantee the availability of the digital content purchased at any time after your initial download. You should know that.



rafaelluik commented on Feature: Pokémon's Controversial History:

Porygon's one is one of the best episodes ever, I'm happy I could find it on the web after growing a little.

Jynx design was truly compromissed when they changed it to purple.

I hope all these people who started these complaints love off.



rafaelluik commented on Shantae eShop Release Gets Closer:

I can assure you it's definitely worth it!! One of the best games I've ever played!

That's if you like platform games of course. There's a lot of exploration+puzzles. ^^



rafaelluik commented on Talking Point: The Future of Pokémon:

Gotta catch ‘em all is no more. hehe
It isn't the main point of the series!

StreetPass? -> C-Gear.

"uncharacteristic screeches" sorry but for me they're very characteristic, I can recognize them by their game's "cry", perhaps you meant something else...



rafaelluik commented on Review: Kirby & The Amazing Mirror (3DS Virtua...:

@102. milkman12 It took 9 years for an explanation because people simply didn't cared to ask!!

Do you like Mario? A stomp is enough! Now what are those weak enemies you're talking about? You can't even jump on them!

"you mentioned that you need a power-up to fly ["be hit by something, will need to go down to get a power to continue"]"
No, sorry, I meant you'd need to go down to get a power you need to advance in the game (or access some places), to press switches, get into doors, etc...

"does THIS look like a game aimed towards boys?"
Hum, it has mixed graphics for me.



rafaelluik commented on Rumour: Nintendo Considering Alternative Names...:

"Nintendo This Is The Console Where You Play Mario & Mii Games"

Seriously... What about "Nintendo US", when he said "Nintendo Wii and you" in the presentation it was much more appealing than the final name, so they could keep that idea somewhat.



rafaelluik commented on Review: Kirby & The Amazing Mirror (3DS Virtua...:

@100. milkman12 He shouldn't be fatter, if you really knew about it you'd know when Kirby inhale an enemy it's different than eating (not cannibalism), his belly proprieties or the process isn't explained but it's shown particularly in one or more episodes in the anime that when he inhales an enemy it goes into kind of an universe-like space.
Anyway, what if it was eating? Now jumping in enemies' heads and shotting is a better thing?

It isn't overpowered. It's possible to lose the star which contains the power, it's possible to lose lives in Kirby's games. The spark shield you mentioned doesn't allow you to move while using it.

Kirby can fly, as well as some enemies you see... And the stages aren't open skies at all!
I defy you to finish the game by simply floating through the levels. You'll be hit by something, will need to go down to get a power to continue, you can't defeat bosses with the air that's expelled from him, etc.

Seriously just because he's pink? And then you can forget the facts that happen in the game, the powers, don't you think there are elements that please boys too? You even just said he's a cannibal, this is a "boy thing" .
It was a meaningful sexist thing to say. But you're right, there aren't boys/men who play Kirby, they don't exist. I don't know how I'm writing this because I don't exist!



rafaelluik commented on Review: Kirby & The Amazing Mirror (3DS Virtua...:

You know what's funny?
Kirby xxxx is a easy game, people complain. Kirby xxxx is a hard game, people complain.

This review, it doesn't exists in reality!
One of the points where the game is criticized is about the confusion on L and R buttons, where you clearly have to hold the L to get the star and simply touch the R to get your <s>friends</s> other parts of yourself. See, the game even had a solution for confusion. What you did is comparable to simply complaining about using an item in accident instead of drifting in Mario Kart!



rafaelluik commented on Review: Kirby & The Amazing Mirror (3DS Virtua...:

@55. theblackdragon sorry, this is what I meant with my "PS.". In Internet discussions may seem a bit more harsh than they actually are. My comments are simply "direct" not "angry", the lack of the voice tone causes this I think.



rafaelluik commented on Review: Kirby & The Amazing Mirror (3DS Virtua...:

@45. Justus "The nostalgia can blind you" You should consider some people that "had" this game a while ago may still have it and replaying this game up to recently/today or with this release on the 3DS. Nostalgia also is kind of a weak memory thing (remembering only the good moments), what I think isn't a concept that should be applied to teens/adults+.

@52. cyrus_zuo then if it's not your kind of game ("Metroid-like" exploration) you have the right to give it a low score?

PS. I'm not trying to start a discussion with everyone or have the review changed, just replying to some I can't agree, leaving some thoughts...



rafaelluik commented on Review: Kirby & The Amazing Mirror (3DS Virtua...:

@37. Dodger keep trying to make them press the buttons, use a power to do so, it's possible.

Folks let's not use multiplayer as the big argument for justifying the AI (and thus the low score on 3DS) though, as you'd need a friend, another GBA and another copy of the game.

41. vvaluigi you don't compare controls between games released at different times/systems. I'd like to know what you call sluggish though. (Perhaps the port caused that, as I only played on GBA.)



rafaelluik commented on Review: Kirby & The Amazing Mirror (3DS Virtua...:

I can't believe this review. Let me just say that: How could you attempt ruin the best Kirby game ever?

1. This isn't a light world / dark world game, you didn't pay attention into the history.
2. Original title: "Kirby of the Stars: The Great Labyrinth of the Mirror" - It's a labyrinth of mirrors, it seems you just wanted the game to be easy? You want the map of a labyrinth where the point of the game is to explore the labyrinth!!!? o.O
3. The other Kirby (AI) do help, but most with enemies. It's you that are saying the other Kirby are there to help to press switches. By making it hard Nintendo pretends that we use the multiplayer feature of the game (but you can end up getting help from them with it if you try enough). Yes, it isn't easy to get them to inhale a big block with you, because they need to be synchronized with you, but you can do it. The thing is: the game was made that way on purpose so it makes your statement of "dumb AI" invalid. I imagine if they were "smart" enough, they'd be a step ahead of you, unblocking the right paths for you and it'd make the game (suck) be a breeze.
4. Cellphone: why can't Kirby have it?
4.1. I don't confuse L and R.

This game has a good plot, new abilities, different movements than the previous series, great music and graphics, exploration, collectible chests, isn't too easy... It's just perfect, I can't believe this 6. :/



rafaelluik commented on New Pokémon Game to Be Announced in January:

It may be Pokémon Gray. There's also a possibility it's playable in DS and enhanced in 3DS.

With all these big games (and remakes) just released for 3DS and Nintendo's plans I'm not sure if they'd start a new generation now or a remake.

Or Pokémon Dash 3D - please Nintendo NOOOOO