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Mon 8th Nov 2010

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zachts98 commented on StreetPass Mii Plaza Update Brings New Paid Do...:

@Rhinne what do you mean so much DLC. Its your choice your choice to buy it or not. I haven't really seen much DLC from Nintendo. It is clearly better than a lot of other companies DLC. Capcom is the DLC mastermind and nintendo is not following them, they are just experimenting with it. I am completely satisfied from nintendo's decision on DLC. At least they are not releasing costume packs!!!!



zachts98 commented on The Story of an Abandoned Mega Man FPS, Maveri...:

tell the entire gaming market while your at it.
Also don't be so biased and think that every fps sucks. For the record there have been many great first-peron-shooters in the past years. Halo,bioshock,metroid prime,borderlands, and many others are all great and amazing games.
This was also a prototype, just for demonstration purposes. So please think before judging



zachts98 commented on Nintendo Japan Drops Wii no Ma Service:

Just let the sony fanboy hate. They will learn.....soon....hehehehhehehehehhehehhehehehehehehhehe!!!!!!!!

also i am just joking if i would have got a ps3 i would love sony. But i went with microsfot's xbox



zachts98 commented on Review: Go Vacation (Wii):

WOW Ign saw the real features of this game gave it a much higher review!!!!. 20$ on black friday!!! I will so be getting that!!!!!!!!!!!!!



zachts98 commented on Reggie Defends High Download, Retail Price Point:

OK, the itouch does have at to keep you entertained for a while but what happens when your done after 5 min. The ds and dsi games can last you longer. Plus who would turned down a 3ds game, come on there in 3d.