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Sat 23rd Oct 2010

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D33G commented on E3 2012: Nintendo Direct Live:

I can already see the time wasted going through non-friend-video- feeds of naked men, and the inapropriate "doodles" for games, hopefully Nintendo can block/take down/suspend online acounts.



D33G commented on Pokémon Back on Top of Japanese Charts:

Found a game I'm importing, "If I Were in a Sealed Room with a Girl I'd Probably XXX" (damn region lock...) But seriously, nice job Pokemon, and Japan, making strange games since... well... the beginning of time.



D33G commented on Pokémon Black & White Version 2 Announced:

I was all excited at first, then it kinda died. But after thinking about it, it could have potential. A direct sequel could do a lot, considering I'm nearlly done with my black game. New starters would be great but pushing it, and lets face it, a 3DS third version was kinda farfetch'd, wasn't it? (pun alert)



D33G commented on Tetris:

I don't hav tetris DS or Party Live, so I'll get this!



D33G commented on Game of the Year: You Decide!:

Wii: Skyward Sword
3DS: Mario Kart 7
DS: Pokemon Black and White
WiiWare: FAST
eShop: Pullblox
DSiWare: Zelda
Overall: Mario Kart 7