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Tue 22nd Nov 2011

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Kitty_hime1 commented on More Tantalising Wii U Pricing Rumours Emerge ...:

hey im moving to china somtime this month and i rly want wiiu but the only kind of money well have is jaun (chinese money) can somone plz tell me how much jaun i would need to get an american wiiu (i would do it myslef but im to dumb -.-



Kitty_hime1 commented on Nintendo Download: 22nd March 2012 (North Amer...:

i'm sad u guys are lucky to even have money to buy games on e-shop i haven't even pre-ordered kid icarus: uprising T.T i'm going to have to wait until my b-day to get all of these wonderful games which is a month later of course!!!!



Kitty_hime1 commented on Hulu Plus Arrives on Wii:

hmmmm maybe i'll ask my parents to switch to hulu or at least start paying $8 a month and since i'd be the one bringing up the topic which means they would force me to pay for it myslef and the only time to earn money is summer, birthday, and some other holiday T.T



Kitty_hime1 commented on Nintendo Reveals More Kid Icarus: Uprising Det...:

damn i just spent all of my money on Pushmo (very good game) now i only have 2 months to get $40 T.T of course i could just get it for my b-day but that's one month after!!!!! T.T curse you Pushmo and your awesomely cuteness!!!!! CURSE YOOOOOOU!!!!!!!



Kitty_hime1 commented on Majora's Mask and Dr. Mario Join Club Nintendo...:

gamesake- o rly? i thought that game looked cute plus i can connect to pokemon pearl i heard because i have not yet joined the new 5th gen.

OT: maaaayyyybbbbeee i'll get majoras mask and when i get stuck i'll just ask my older brother whose beaten the game plus i just know i'll get kirby cause he's soooooooo cute!!!! <3