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Tue 17th Jan 2012

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SuperUberBear commented on Let Animal Crossing be the Soundtrack to Your Day:

I get mocked for playing Animal Crossing. I feel socially accepted on this page lol. Animal Crossing and Harvest Moon are the only games I know where you can properly chill out whilst playing. Why have we always got to be saving the world instead of going for a spot of fishing? ^_^



SuperUberBear commented on GAME Group Files for Administration:

The community on here are alot more considerate towards Game and it's employees than on other sites I follow (other than oldboy). Maybe us Ninty fans are the nice folk of the gaming community. I don't understand why so many gamers take the "bite the hand that feeds you" apporach towards game companies, retailers, publishers etc with fanboyism, trolling etc.



SuperUberBear commented on Feature: The Joy of Gaming Together:

It's so funny you've posted this article today, I've been up the loft earlier to fish out all my old consoles to set up. Sadly half of them don't work anymore but the N64 is going strong! Now I just need to convince some friends to join me on it!



SuperUberBear commented on Nintendo Wants to Keep Old Titles Fresh with DLC:

Personally I have mixed feelings. On one hand I'm thinking yay extra levels for mario etc... and on the other hand I'm thinking at the moment because there is No DLC Nintendo's offerings are always the full package. for example moving forward what levels don't make the retail release so they can be released as DLC? There's a lot of money to be had in DLC...