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Tue 26th Jul 2011

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Supereor commented on Shigeru Miyamoto: People Need To Be Patient Wi...:

The new generation expects a new game every year, because they ask their parents to get CoD and AC for them to play, both of which release every year. The last generation knows that quality doesn't release every year, but the new generation is used to it.



Supereor commented on Feature: Classic Gaming Typos, Errors and Tran...:

When I first read that "I am Error" in my Ambassador's copy of Zelda 2, I was so incredibly confused, thinking to myself, "Is that a real name? Did Nintendo mean to put that? If it is a real name, who's actually named that?" I thought myself to sleep that night



Supereor commented on GAME Goes Large With 3DS XL Trade-In Deal:

Infinithanks, guys! I'd been having my dad trade-in all my handhelds at GameStop, no wonder they barely helped! Now I can sell my PS Vita for it's real worth so my dad will have a ton of an easier time buying stuff!



Supereor commented on Hardware Review: Nintendo 3DS XL:

Am I the only one who's actually put off about the stylus? I loved the original stereoscopic stylus and it's positioning kept it from falling out like it did lots on my Nintendo DS Lite. This feels like a step backwards to me, but still getting it, nonetheless.



Supereor commented on Review: MechAssault: Phantom War (DS):

I asked my mom for this last year thinking I could enjoy a totally awesome, handheld andmech-toting experience and relive the joyful days of when I was just a little 4-year old, staying up at nights to play demos of Psychonauts, MechAssault, and Spongebob on our Xbox(I didn't grow up on Nintendo Classics), but no, instead, I got a dull, heavily flawed experience on on my DSi XL that I could barely play, special thanks to the game's difficulty.

Thanks a lot, Majesco Entertainment. Thanks a lot.



Supereor commented on Atari Turns 40 Today:

I remember when the Xbox and PS2 was popular, and I grew up playing Nintendo DS.
But... what's Atari?



Supereor commented on Pokémon Dream Radar:

It better be:
·Free with the PBV or PWV games
·Free in general, like Pokedex 3D
Otherwise, I'll think about it. I've always wanted to shoot Pokemon with 3D handheld laser beams...



Supereor commented on 3DS XL Will Get Its Own Circle Pad Pro:

If Nintendo really starts thinking about a handheld with dual sticks, it could make a much wider and thicker system, so much so it can't be in the Nintendo DS family, and add the battery on the bottom, while the rest is pure gaming gear, like the PlayStation Vita.



Supereor commented on Talking Point: The Pros and Cons of 3DS XL:

It's usually easier for someone to sell their old handheld before getting a new one. Nintendo should really add a system where when you download a new game, it's synched to your account, and not the system you downloaded it on.



Supereor commented on Review: Pandora's Tower (Wii):

Well, it is a JRPG, it does have a real story, instead of being like Skyrim, where they put together a dragon invasion and a war between some hotshot group devoted to the Empire and a few generic rebels who decided to rebel in the first place for no actual/clear reason :/ (Not saying that Skyrim is a bad game, though!)



Supereor commented on Boulder Dash-XL 3D Wants to Rock 3DS in July:

Agreed. But I guess if it's a downloadable game on Xbox 360 and PSN, it's going to be a full retail game for a less-powerful handheld. After all, it's most likely going to have new features, graphics and gameplay styles the console versions doesn't even begin to have.



Supereor commented on Nintendo Europe to Host 3D Photo Contest:

That may just be the most hilarious picture subtitle I've seen on all you guys' sites. @1 Yeah, me neither, but like I learned when I tried the Vita's camera, it's not the quality of the picture, it's the feeling and thought it strikes in the viewer's mind. I reckon yet.



Supereor commented on 3DS, It's Your First Birthday in North America...:

Dang, I pre-ordered my Nintendo 3DS, I became a Nintendo 3DS Ambassador, got all my 20 games, but even if I didn't get those, I had a healthy supply of 3D and 2D games, both digitally and physically, to back up the fun, and I previously owned a Nintendo DS Lite, and then a Nintendo DSi XL. I've been a Nintendo guy from the start, and when I sold my Nintendo 3DS, I abandoned tons of wonderful, popular games from legendary franchises, with DSiWare and eShop games, all on my Nintendo 3DS. Now, on my Vita, I have two real games, and three areas on my LiveArea. I miss my Nintendo 3DS, and I miss it even more now...



Supereor commented on Darksiders II Creative Director: "Don't Compar...:


Yeah, and also why copy terrible games like Mario and Metroid?
I may not be a Nintendo guy anymore, neither may I be an adult, but I DID play the very first Zelda, and I want you to think about that comment you just made for a second. Games like ET are shipped away and buried underground, while the Zelda series has orchestration dedicated to it's 26-year existence. I want you to REALLY think about that.