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Thursday20th Jun 2019

  • News We Believe In E3, Says Nintendo

    "We’re bullish on the show. We’re here. We believe in it."

    Sony was a conspicuous absence at this year's E3 event in Los Angeles, and with a trend of other companies reducing their presence at the show, the notion that the expo is losing relevance certainly isn't new. The dates for next year's event have already been announced, but it's hard to...

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  • News Suda51 Teases E3 Reveal With Intriguing Character Art

    No More Heroes 3? Something entirely different?

    Goichi 'Suda51' Suda, director of games such as No More Heroes, Killer7, and Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes on Nintendo Switch, has given us the first tease of something new set to appear during E3 next week. We've known that he's been planning on sharing something during the time of the event...

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  • News Bethesda Confirms E3 2019 Showcase

    "It’s going to be a hell of a night"

    After EA announced its press conference would be replaced by multiple live streams at E3 2019, a number of other publishers have been encouraged to reveal their own plans. Bethesda is the latest one, confirming it will be returning to E3 this year to host its annual video game showcase. Here's the rundown from...

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  • Video Watch 18 Minutes Of Nintendo Minute At This Year's E3

    A look behind the scenes

    To close the door on this year's E3, Nintendo Minute's Kit and Krysta have put together a video showing viewers what the annual video game conference looked like from their perspective. The series of clips mainly focuses on Nintendo's events, highlighting its tournaments and the games it announced during the week. At the 12...

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