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  • Video A Look at Three Star Wars Games That Shared the Fate of Alderaan

    As if millions of lines of code were suddenly deleted

    Even when there are no movies or only controversial prequels, Star Wars games are ever-present. As many as we've seen, however, there are always those that go to the Dark Side and never see release. Liam Robertson, Unseen64 and Did You Know Gaming? have now shared a video that looks at some...


  • Video Check Out the LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens E3 Trailer

    Nice bedroom decor, Kylo

    Get ready to fight to save a galaxy far, far away in the LEGO adaptation of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. The E3 trailer below gives a good idea from what we can expect from LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens, which will be coming to Wii U and 3DS on 28th June in North America and Europe. There is plenty of voice acting in...








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    Wii U

    Review Disney Infinity 3.0

    The Force is with it

    This year's Disney Infinity game has a trump card in play, Star Wars. This, along with some triple-A development assistance from the likes of Studio Gobo, Ninja Theory and Sumo Digital adds up to an impressive overall pedigree. The game itself comes in the now-standard Starter Pack, although this year if you already have a...






  • Video Footage Surfaces of Cancelled Wii Star Wars Title

    A Rogue Squadron resurrection that never left the base

    In what at least feels like a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, Factor 5's Rogue Squadron games were all the rage on the N64 and GameCube. Following Star Wars Rogue Squadron III: Rebel Strike, the company would attempt some projects for Microsoft and Sony, but either found little success...


  • Nintendo 250x183 Star Wars: Rogue Squadron

    I'm Hit! Rear shields down!

    Taking everything that is loved about the grand battles of the original Star Wars trilogy -- the dogfights, the scale and the classic theme of good versus evil -- Star Wars: Rogue Squadron delivers an authentic aerial action experience with its own bespoke storyline. Produced with astonishingly high production values --...


  • News Lucasfilm Decrees That All Star Wars Video Games Are Non-Canon

    Forget they ever happened, people

    The Star Wars "expanded universe" is packed with bold adventures and epic stories, and contains more than a few video game outings — such as Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, which is perhaps the most recent example of Lucasarts neatly adding to the already impressive lore of the famous Sci-Fi series. However,...

  • News Details Emerge of a Cancelled Nintendo-Exclusive Star Wars Game

    It was about Darth Maul though, so never mind

    Star Wars remains as one of the most powerful brands in the entertainment industry, progressing from reasonably humble origins in 1977 to a never-ending multi-billion dollar juggernaut. Its power is such that Disney bought Lucasfilm for $2.5 billion, with no doubt that it was actually interested in...

  • Video The Awesome Super Smash Wars Trilogy Has Almost Finished

    Return of the Hero

    We've made no secret of the fact that we're fans of James Farr's work, having shared a number of his animated videos over the past year. His work to date has included some excellent Ghostbusters / Nintendo mashups, and his latest project has been to blend the big N's universe with the original Star Wars Trilogy. Before now we've...



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    Wii U

    Review Angry Birds Star Wars

    The one that flew over the cuckoo's nest

    Star Wars games have had something of a tumultuous journey in recent years. Whereas the nineties and early noughties saw a slew of fantastic Star Wars games, there’s no denying that quality control has taken something of a back seat in more recent times. The franchise has been increasingly used to primarily...


  • News Zen Studios Releases A Patch For Star Wars Pinball On 3DS

    Those crashing issues should now be no more

    Star Wars Pinball was released on Wii U and 3DS earlier this year but unfortunately the handheld version was liable to crash at certain points. Indeed, as we detailed in our review when you head over to the leaderboards the game simply stalls and throws you to the 3DS menu. It's fair to say we were a...


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    3DS eShop

    Review Star Wars Pinball

    Hard to see, the dual screen is

    The Wii U version of Star Wars Pinball activated the hyperdrive of success and shot off into the stars, promising many more adventures to come — the table designs were impressive and fantastic production values sealed the deal. Unfortunately, downloading the same title onto your 3DS results in a poor compromise,...



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    Review Star Wars Rogue Squadron II: Rogue Leader

    A force to be reckoned with

    In many ways, Star Wars Rogue Squadron II: Rogue Leader is the definitive Star Wars game. That's not to say that it's the best game that's ever been based on the franchise, but rather, it's the best at capturing the pure essence and magic of it. Developed by Factor 5 in collaboration with LucasArts, it's a technical...

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    Nintendo 64

    Review Star Wars Episode I: Battle for Naboo

    Tour de Force

    While it wasn't quite the workhorse that Rare was during the Nintendo 64 era, Factor 5 developed a handful of third-party games that arguably matched Nintendo's own efforts in terms of technical quality. The studio had a knack for getting underneath the hood of the system and exploiting its raw power to create fascinating visual...


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    Nintendo 64

    Review Star Wars Episode I: Racer

    Watto way to go

    Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace may have been panned by film critics and audiences alike when it released back in 1999, but not everything borne out of it was as big a disaster as Jar Jar Binks. One of these truly rare exceptions was Star Wars Episode I: Racer, a sci-fi racing game developed by by LucasArts. The game was a...

  • News DICE Tested Its Frostbite Engine On Wii U, Wasn't Enamoured With The Results

    Dat "unprecedented relationship"

    DICE's Johan Andersson has hinted that the company's future Star Wars titles won't be making their way to the Wii U. Speaking about the new publishing agreement between Disney and EA on Twitter, Andersson stated that the company's titles will be built using its Frostbite 3 game engine — which means that there's...

  • News The Force Is Strong In EA's New Star Wars Publishing Agreement

    But will Nintendo fans see any benefit?

    EA has signed up "exclusive" rights to Star Wars video games following the closure of LucasArts last month. The multi-year deal appears to cover original games, rather than those linked to the forthcoming movies. To confuse things further, Disney has retained the rights to certain mobile, online and tablet...


  • News LucasArts Shut Down By Disney

    Star Wars titles will be licensed out to third parties

    It has been confirmed that Disney has shut down LucasArts. The company's publishing and internal development businesses will now close for good. Disney picked up the company as part of its deal to acquire LucasFilm but has since decided to disband it. Star Wars games will still be made, they'll...


  • News Zen Studios Announces New Star Wars Pinball DLC

    The force is strong with Wii U

    Zen Studios has announced on its blog that it will be bringing new Star Wars themed pinball tables as DLC for Xbox Live Arcade's Pinball FX2 and PSN's Zen Pinball 2. There was no mention of Wii U, but fortunately it seems it will be coming to Nintendo's eShop after all as DLC for Zen Pinball 2. As you would expect,...



  • News First Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Details

    An elegant videogame from a more civilized age

    The first gameplay details of Lucasarts’ forthcoming Star Wars title The Force Unleashed have started to trickle in after the 2008 CES, and we have to admit it’s sounding pretty bloomin’ special. Opposable Thumbs had this to report: "Every time you hit that face button, we want you to feel that power," I'm told as I watch one of the..