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  • News PQube Is Bringing The Hyperkin SmartBoy To Europe

    Plays Game Boy cartridges on your Samsung phone

    European publisher and retail group PQube has confirmed that it will be bringing the Hyperkin SmartBoy to Europe. The SmartBoy is a device which bolts onto your Android phone and allows you to play original Game Boy cartridges. It's been released as part of the Samsung Mobile Accessory Partnership...

  • News Mario Paint Lovers Rejoice, Hyperkin Is Making A New SNES Mouse

    Coming next month for $20

    The SNES mouse never really gets the attention it probably deserves. Despite shipping with Mario Paint - which was as close to being a "killer app" for the device as you were likely to get - and offering compatibility with more games that you might expect, the mouse has been largely forgotten as time as gone on - but not by...




  • Hardware Review Hyperkin SupaBoy S

    It's back, but is it better?

    The industry's passion for "new" retro hardware has been growing steadily over the past few years, and the launch of the NES Classic Mini finally signals Nintendo's entry into this niche yet vibrant sector of the market. Given the astonishing success of that venture it is almost inevitable that we'll see a SNES Classic...





  • Hardware Review Hyperkin ProCube Controller for Wii U

    Wireless GameCube love for your Wii U

    The GameCube Controller is one input device that has lasted the test of time better than most, even beyond the hardcore Super Smash Bros. community, so it's not surprising that a company would take advantage of this retro love in the form of Hyperkin's ProCube Controller. This little number is essentially a Wii...



  • News Hyperkin's GameCube-Inspired ProCube Pad is Now Up for Pre-Order

    Comes in white, black or purple

    Last year we reported that Hyperkin took its GameCube-inspired 'ProCube' controller to EVO to get feedback from the competitive Smash Bros. community. It's wireless and compatible on Wii U as a Pro Controller (so no Wii Remote is needed), and takes the inputs and control style of the GameCube and makes them accessible...






  • News Hyperkin Finally Shipping Its Retron 5 Console This Week

    $140 in the US, £119 in the UK

    Hyperkin will begin shipping its Retron 5 console this week, according to IGN. The system is a retro powerhouse, and will play NES, SNES, Genesis, Game Boy Advance, Famicom, Game Boy, Game Boy Color, Sega Mega Drive and Super Famicom games. It will also play Master System games using the Sega Power Base Converter. It...




  • News Hyperkin Details RetroN 5 Super Console In Video Announcement

    Coming in July, plays 9 different game formats and upscales via HDMI

    We knew that Hyperkin would be officially revealing the RetroN 4 console at this year's Midwest Gaming Classic, but the company surprised everyone by lifting the lid on the RetroN 5 instead. It pretty much showcases all of the functions that were hinted at with the RetroN 4, and...

  • News Hyperkin's RetroN 4 To Support SNES, Genesis, NES and GBA Software

    Everything but the kitchen sink

    Hyperkin has been producing hardware clones for a few years now — clones which provide a decent alternative for those moments when your trusty SNES dies on you and you can't abide the feeling of buying a second-hand replacement. We've already covered the RetroN 3 and SupaBoy Portable on this site, and found them to...


  • News SupaBoy Is a Portable Super Nintendo for $80

    And it's out now

    After last year's pleasing Retron2 console from Hyperkin, the manufacturer's back with a brand new toy: the SupaBoy. A portable Super NES with a built-in 3.5" screen, the machine takes Super Nintendo and Super Famicom cartridges and features TV out and two controller ports, perfect for settling scores on Super Mario Kart. It...


  • News Boost Your 3DS Battery with Hyperkin's Powerplus

    Squeeze more juice

    The 3DS's battery life isn't the best around, but Hyperkin's newest accessory will keep the power light at the end of the tunnel on a little longer. The 3DS Powerplus is a rechargeable 1800mAH battery pack that nearly doubles the console's battery life, slotting onto the console and charging via USB, and is available now for...