E3 2019 was a pretty wild time for Nintendo fans yet again; with Switch riding high and a decent number of top-name games on the horizon, there was plenty for the Japanese giant to shout about this year.

But what about next year? If there's one thing we've learned in the 13 or so years of running this very site, it's that people are always looking ahead to the next big thing - we're not sure when it became the norm to class something that happened just 24 hours ago as "old news", but here we are.

Well, the dates for E3 2020 have now been firmly locked in. You can expect to enjoy watching the madness unfold from 9th - 11th June (so yep, it's pretty much the same as it always is) and likely the day or two just before that, too. Will Sony return with its new console? Will Microsoft finally announce that Game Pass is coming to Switch? Will we get our first glimpse at Metroid Prime 4? Who knows?

Image: Lucas Patricio

We've shared plenty of round-ups and hands-on articles over the last few days, highlighting the best of this year's event. We'll leave just a few of these for you below should you want to relive your favourite moments.

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