Limited Run

When this year's E3 was officially cancelled, physical specialists Limited Run Games was one of the first companies to confirm it would still be going ahead with its own digital conference (filled with announcements about upcoming physical releases).

The show was scheduled to take place on 8th June, but will now air at a later date. Here's the company's official statement:

We will not be hosting our yearly LRG3 show on Monday, June 8 as originally intended, but rather a later date to be announced next week. Thanks for your patience!

This isn't the only event that has been postponed in recent times. Earlier this week, IGN delayed its 'Summer of Gaming' until 8th June, and the Future Games Show has also been pushed back to next week - it will now take place on 13th June.

Will you be tuning in to any of these events when they do finally air? What announcements would you like to see or hear from LRG? Leave a comment down below.