Limited Run

Limited Run Games today held its second annual E3 2019 video presentation. Right before the end of the showcase, the physical distributor made an incredibly exciting announcement, revealing it would be teaming up with Lucasfilm Games to release definitive collector's editions of classic Star Wars titles.

As you can see, there are Star Wars games dating right back to the NES and Game Boy era. The first lot of titles are expected to arrive at the end of this month, on 28th June.

There's been no mention of a Switch release just yet, but with any luck, at least some of the games will be announced for the hybrid system – considering how many Nintendo titles are on the below list (thanks, Polygon):

LucasArts' classic Monkey Island games will also make a return:

  • The Curse of Monkey Island (PC)
  • Monkey Island 2 Special Edition: LeChuck’s Revenge (PC)
  • The Secret of Monkey Island (PC)
  • The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition (PC)

Would you be interested in playing any of these classic Star Wars games on your modern video game devices? Are you praying for a Switch release? Share your thoughts below.