The former Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aimé is a relatively tall and well-dressed guy - in fact, at his first E3 with Nintendo someone thought he was a security guard. A member of staff apparently stopped dead in their tracks when they saw Reggie and fumbled about as they tried to show him their ID.

He relived the moment on a recent episode of the Talking Games Podcast:

So I’m there in a two-piece suit with a black t-shirt underneath, standing, looking out onto the crowd, and we had various staff running around, doing things. Everyone had to be badged. They needed to have ID that showed that they were allowed to be where they were. So I’m standing there, gazing out to the crowd, and there was a member of a staff that came close to me, and I turned and looked at them, and literally they just stopped – rigid. He starts fumbling for his ID, and he’s like, he’s showing me his ID, like ‘it’s okay for me to be there.’ This guy thought I was the security guard.

At the time, Reggie had obviously just been appointed as Nintendo's new top executive, so you can imagine how confused this guy must have been when he saw Reggie up on stage later on presenting:

So imagine what’s going through his brain when the conference starts, and the lights go up, and he sees me. I mean, he must be saying to himself, ‘What’s going on with Nintendo that they’ve got the security guard giving the presentation? What is this?’

While Reggie found this to be one of the more humourous moments of his first E3, he says it was that E3 in-particular that helped define him and the company for the years ahead. Not long after this, Reggie gained quite the following and was nicknamed the "Regginator" by fans - which is perhaps even more fitting now that we know this story.