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  • Video Work Up A Sweat With This NES Indoor Cycling Game

    Welcome to the RacerMate Challenge II

    Indoor cycling has really taken off in recent years, with innovations made with modern smart turbo trainers such as the Wahoo Kickr combined with software such as Zwift, which offers cyclists who wish to get in some virtual miles in their pain caves a gamified experience as they can user power-ups to gain an...















  • Parent Trap Wii Fit U Accepts Our Varied Bodies

    Family Gamer's Andy Robertson has another look at Nintendo's fitness title

    Video games reflect wider society’s desire for the perfect body. Having children only presses this issue home and means I’m pickier about the shape of our video-game protagonists. However, I have been happily surprised then to see how Wii Fit U handles this. Rather than...







  • News The Creator Of Retro City Rampage Suffered To Bring The Game To Market

    Brian Provinciano is keen to work with Nintendo again, though

    Vblank's Brian Provinciano has been speaking about the development of Retro City Rampage, and has revealed that getting the game finished came with a terrible price for him personally — it impacted his health. Talking to Wii's World, Provinciano explained the events surrounding the...

  • News Research Discovers That Old Timers Are Far Happier If They Game

    Video games are good for you after all

    It's not just surgeons who benefit from a spot of video gaming - old people do, too. A newly published academic study has concluded that older people are happier and gained a higher level of well-being through frequently playing computer games — even if only for short spells at a time. Researchers at the...




  • News Games Do More Damage Than Passive Smoking, says Doctor

    Excuse us while we smoke a Wii Remote

    Despite the best efforts of Nintendo to turn gaming into a healthy pastime, the potential link between poor health and video games will be mined for countless years to come, with one such study claiming the negative effect of video games are more widespread than first thought. Craig A. Anderson, PhD's article...


  • News Nintendo Refutes Claims of Widespread 3DS Headaches

    Responds to refunds, too

    Lynchpin of tabloid sensationalism The Sun has recently kicked up a fuss over the Nintendo 3DS, claiming thousands of users have suffered headaches and dizziness as a result of using the machine, but have been refused refunds at retailers. Now Nintendo UK has stepped in to respond, a spokesperson stating: Recent reports are...


  • News 3DS May Be Beneficial to Young Players' Eyes, Actually

    Could help with diagnoses

    Nintendo's no doubt covering itself with its recommendation that kids under 6 don't play 3DS, but the American Optometric Association has issued a press release stating the machine could actually have benefits. In fact, optometrists, professional health care providers committed to children's vision and eye health, say 3D...

  • News Nintendo Issues Warning on 3D Image Safety for Kids

    Kids under 6, stick to 2D

    We've heard plenty of times over recent months that 3DS could cause eye problems in later life, and now Nintendo is taking no chances by issuing a formal statement aimed at parents of young children, advising them to play with the 3D effect turned off. Nintendo quotes vision researchers who claim: There is a possibility...


  • News New Study to Investigate Benefits of Wii for Parkinson's Sufferers

    £35,000 grant to fund research

    Can playing Wii games help to combat Parkinson's? That's the question being asked by Queen's University Belfast's Dr Cathy Craig, who's just received a grant of nearly £35,000 to investigate the console's possible benefits to sufferers of Parkinson's. In a recent survey of Parkinson's sufferers, 68% of respondents claimed they felt the console helped them manage..


  • News Dropping Tetrominoes Might Help with Post Traumatic Stress

    Stacking blocks good for you

    Anyone who's played Tetris – i.e. everyone ever – can attest to its soothing qualities as they stack block after block aiming to create those lovely lines. Now a new study suggests that playing the game isn't just good for fun, it may help to reduce the symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder. Scientific journal...


  • News Wii Responsible for Worrying Wave of Bystander Injuries

    Won't somebody please think of the children?

    When the Wii was first launched there was practically a media frenzy regarding the supposed flood of waggle-related mishaps. People reported cut hands, broken TV sets and black eyes, among other issues. Nintendo duly issued rubber jackets for the Wii Remote and took measures to strengthen the fabric wrist strap, and all was seemingly well with the world..


  • News Hiroshi Yamauchi Gives Millions to Cancer Treatment Hospital

    Former Nintendo president opens new centre in Kyoto

    Under the fifty-year reign of Hiroshi Yamauchi, Nintendo went from a tiny company to the multi-billion pound giant we know today, so it's no surprise to hear Mr Yamauchi is still pretty well-off when it comes to cash. He's not buying solid gold race cars and diamond-encrusted TVs though: he's...

  • News Wii Fit Helped Injured Soldier to Recover

    University study finds balance board works out

    It may not be quite the exercise package some had come to expect, but it appears Wii Fit may have benefits in other applications. A recent study by Kansas State University found that use of the game in the recovery programme of an injured soldier helped to improve his balance after a serious brain...


  • News Wii Sports an answer to Parkinson's?

    "Wii-hab" proving useful for sufferers

    A hope of improving the lives of people with Parkinson’s disease could very well lie in an unlikely source! Over the course of summer, the Medical College of Georgia researched the effects of “Wii-hab” on people with the disease. 18 people were asked to play Wii Sports for an hour a day, three times a week for four weeks. The results have shown that all..


  • News Wii Treatment for Parkinson's Trialled

    The health benefits of games like Wii Fit have been the topic for debate, but use in physical therapy looks more and more viable.

    A researcher at the Medical College of Georgia in the United States has recently released initial results of trials using Wii Sports in physical therapy sessions with sufferers of Parkinson's disease (a degenerative disease that affects motor skills) with some extremely..


  • News “Everything In Moderation” Says Nintendo

    The Big N responds to internet scare-stories

    Nintendo has responded to negative comments regarding the implications of playing too much Wii by insisting that the machine is perfectly safe, so long as players don’t “overdo it”. The advice came from the lips of Nintendo PR-guru Anka Dolecki and was intended to counter the flood of complaints from Wii owners claiming to suffer from problems such..


  • News Surgeons Could Benefit From Playing Wii

    We didn’t realize that Trauma Center was that realistic!

    If you happen to be unfortunate enough to find yourself needed brain surgery in the near future, you might want to check that your surgeon is a keen gamer. According to reports from a group of science-type boffins, playing Wii helps these skilled individuals to ‘warm up’ for the arduous task of poking around inside people’s skulls..

  • News Painful Wii Injuries Shocker

    Who are these idiots and what are they doing with their Wiimotes?

    Everyone loves a good scare story, don’t they? I’m sure we all recall the tales of SNES games making kids have fits in the early ‘90s and the relatively flimsy evidence supplied to support this theory. Well, it seems that history is repeating itself. The Wii has been so popular and successful a backlash was almost inevitable..


  • News Wii-hab

    Latest craze in the US, no not forest fires, its rehab companies now using Wii to help reabilite its "clients".

    There are a lot of things Barbara Everlith can't do since she suffered a stroke. Grasping objects with her left hand doesn't come as easily as it used to. She can't stand or walk as steadily as she once did. Everlith has learned how to play tennis on a Nintendo Wii video game system at..


  • News Sir, Yes Sir.

    It seems the Wii can absolutely do no wrong; even G.I. Joe has ordered a console for his squadron.

    Well, not actually fictional character G.I. Joe himself - but moreover the army have been using the Wii's cutesy graphics and innovative controls as a mental chill pill for working soldiers, and even as a recovery tool. With the Wii keeping physio-therapists in Germany busy as they research the..


  • News Play Wii, Burn Calories

    Personal trainer in Scotland explores the benefits of playing Wii every day.

    "Zander Urquhart, 32, is thought to be the first fitness expert to adopt the Nintendo Wii as an exercise machine. Four people at a time can exercise using the Wii's unique motion-sensitive controller to mimic a tennis racket, baseball bat, golf club or boxing gloves. University studies suggest players can burn 125..

  • News Interesting Wii Music And Wii Health Rumours

    Nintendo's Greek distribution CEO George Katrinakis has shed some light upon upcoming Wii titles Wii Music and Wii Health.

    Wii Music was seemingly unveiled at last years E3 whereby the gamer uses the Wii Remote as a baton in order to conduct an orchestra of Mii characters. Interestingly a stripped down form of this gameplay was seen in Wario Ware Smooth Moves. In Wii Music gamers will be able to..


  • News Wii Weights Will Enhance Your Workout

    A couple of weeks ago I was genuinely going to do a test for based around how fit you can get from playing the Wii. I was not the only one to notice an increase in the size of my biceps.

    Unfortunately some American blogger had already beaten me to the idea and recorded himself losing a total of 9lbs just from playing the Wii daily. While we all wait for a string of fitness games to..


  • Competition Woman Dying For A Wii, Dies

    28 year old Jennifer Strange was dead after a radio station contest to win a Wii console for her children.

    CNN have reported on the tragic conclusion to KDND's contest, the death of one of its contestants. She was one of a few whom stepped up to the challenge of seeing how much water they could drink before needing to goto the bathroom...


  • News Can You Handle The Wii Pain?

    Unfit Americans complain about the Wii, "mommy, it made me move my arms", perhaps a lawsuit waiting to happen?

    In the country where lawsuits are far to common, are Nintendo looking down the barrel of a gun? We've seen multiple reports of gamers "complaining" of aches and pains caused by hours of Wii action. "I woke up Saturday morning after a Friday filled with at least 10 hours of playing..