Many Nintendo fans know and love Shigeru Miyamoto, and many will have watched him present various new Nintendo products during events such as E3, but hearing him address fans in English is a very rare occurrence - and especially if he's doing it in an Australian accent!

In this tweet from the official Nintendo Austraila and New Zealand Twitter account, a message from the man himself has been shared directly from the show floor at E3. Featuring classic colloquial Aussie and Kiwi phrases like "G'day", "you beauty", and even "choice bro", Miyamoto shared his thanks to those who have played Super Mario Odyssey, promising more treasures and costumes for the game in the future before signing off with a fantastic "thanks mate".

Not only is this a lovely personal touch for its target audience, but it's also a great demonstration of Miyamoto's friendly, great-guy nature. And, more importantly, we think it's absolutely adorable.

Feel free to share your personal admiration for Shigeru Miyamoto in the comments below. You never know - he might even be reading!

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