I am Error.

Can you imagine the amount of power consumed inside of the Los Angeles Convention Center around this time of year? It's probably a lot – considering all of those big screens and video game kiosk showcasing a bunch of brand new titles.

Sure enough, though, there's been a power outage at this year's expo. On Wednesday, E3 2019 was sent back to the prehistoric era, when the show floor went into darkness. According to Polygon, every television monitor and internet router temporarily went down for a "few" minutes.

Nintendo, however, was prepared for the inevitable, when the interruption took day two of its Treehouse Live stream offline. During this interruption, the above image was beamed across to the screens of online viewers, showing Error, the villager from Zelda II: The Adventure of Link. If you're not familiar with the meme, you can read more about it here.

Later on, when the recording of the stream was uploaded to YouTube, viewers apparently discovered Nintendo had cut sections of the video due to the power outage. Update: Turns out the mishap is still in there:

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