At E3 2019 this week, our video producer Zion Grassl had the chance to catch up with Terence Calacsan from Hyperkin and have a chat about the Retron Ult - an N64 clone that is "super early" in development.

It's compatible with Nintendo 64 cartridges, controllers, targeting 720p HD output and will include a wired controller. Hyperkin's Admiral - a wireless controller, will also be compatible with the system, and there's a dongle that will allow you to transfer saves from your Memory Pak.

When we broke the story a while back, many of you spotted that the video footage was plagued by emulation issues that are common in a lot of N64 emulators for PCs and smart devices, such as the billboards in Mario Kart 64 not displaying properly.

When quizzed on what kind of tech the console will be using, Calacsan replied:

We have two different road maps we can go - we can do maybe emulation route, or we can do maybe sort of a cloned-console route. Right now, it's so early in development, that we don't we know what the end solution might be, it could be anything. For right now, we just want to get the best possible output picture at a good price point - basically, just something that people can plug and play, and play their N64 games without having to go back and find their old N64.

Find out more about this system in the video above and tell us what you think in the comments.