E3 is an exciting time for everyone involved, but also a very busy one for anyone working in gaming media. We're not afraid to admit that the days surrounding the event can often turn into one huge ball of stress, as announcements, reveals, leaks, and Keanu Reeves come flying at you from every angle just begging to be accurately and efficiently covered every ten seconds.

It's therefore rather interesting that Nintendo appears to be winning over the press during their E3 presentations, so much so that outlets are choosing to spend their very limited time covering more and more news relating to the house of Mario with each passing year.

According to ICO Partners, which has shared a report showcasing its data on media coverage from E3 2019 compared to previous years, Nintendo is seeing a steady increase in coverage. Xbox and Cyberpunk 2077 attracted the most media attention this year, but as you can see for yourself, Nintendo wasn't too far behind and is performing considerably better now than it was just three years prior.

ICO Partners
Image: ICO Partners

Also, perhaps owing to the unique nature of the console, the Nintendo Switch was covered in the highest number of articles which didn't also mention rival platforms. To explain this a little better, the PS4 was much more commonly referenced in articles which also talked about other consoles, likely thanks to the fact that Sony was not present at E3 itself.

Image: ICO Partners

It's worth noting that the data shown in the report for E3 2019 was gathered over an eight-day period from 9th - 16th June and does not include data for Google Stadia or EA. You can check out the full report here.

Do you think this rise in interest will continue going forward? Or do you think Nintendo might have a slightly harder time next year, potentially competing against new consoles from Xbox and PlayStation? Share your thoughts with us below.

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