The Evidence
Image: @New_WabiSabi

The American video game retailer GameStop has reportedly revealed the number of major releases that will be announced for the Nintendo Switch at this year's E3.

According to the same leaker, who last weekend shed light on a brand-new Ubisoft IP, GameStop's internal database has added SKU placeholders for more than 20 Nintendo Switch games. With this year's electronic entertainment expo less than a week away, these new listings are likely related.

Noticeably, the majority of these titles have a placeholder price of $59.99, while three are $39,99, $49,99 and $89.99, and another is priced at $199.99. The source speculates the last one could be a "premium edition" or perhaps even a bundle.

Underneath this is some information about what the competition has planned. PlayStation 4 supposedly has "over 20" game announcements on the way and Xbox One has slightly less.

What are your thoughts about this? What games are you hoping to see announced at this year's E3? Tell us down below.