Panic Button director of development and co-owner Adam Creighton has told Variety that the studio will be announcing another major port sometime next month.

Speaking at E3, Creighton once again discussed Panic Button's enviable experience with Nintendo's hardware - experience which has ensured it remains in high demand:

We’ve been working on the hardware for a long time, almost six years. That’s more than almost any third party. 

With Bethesda, between Doom and Wolfenstein II, they’ve shown you can put these games that are triple A on the hardware. 

Doom has been received very well. Zenimax is extremely happy with the external feedback.

What could this mystery title be? Fallout 4? Fallout 76? Or perhaps Panic Button is going to be working on Doom Eternal, which could be the first major AAA title it has handled which releases alongside the PS4 and Xbox One versions? 

Stranger things have happened, but let us know your prediction with a comment.