Eiji Aonuma

Earlier this week at E3 2019, Game Informer spoke to The Legend of Zelda series producer Eiji Aonuma and was asked about what it was like to work with other Nintendo producers such as Takashi Tezuka (responsible for Super Mario Maker 2) and the one and only Shigeru Miyamoto.

Teaming up with such famous faces within the video game industry, isn't something he necessarily thinks about, but the idea of "collaborating" with Miyamoto does make him chuckle:

"It's very interesting that you bring up Mr. Miyamoto. I've never thought of it as collaborating with him! Now that you've phrased it that way, I think, 'Oh, working with Mr. Miyamoto is a collaboration.' That's kind of exciting!"

As for how his own career has developed over time, Aonuma explains how before moving into producer and supervisor roles, he was previously required to be more hands-on with the Zelda series - designing dungeons. Nowadays, though, he has a great team to help him bring ideas to life:

"One thing that definitely has changed is that in the beginning, I had to create a bunch of things on my own, but now I have a great team with great people with different skills to help me create things together."

Are you glad to hear Aonuma is still enjoying himself after all these years? Are you looking forward to the Breath of the Wild sequel? How about Link's Awakening? Share your thoughts below.

[source gameinformer.com]