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Tuesday12th Dec 2023

  • News E3 Has Been Cancelled, Permanently

    Yep, it's dead

    The ESA has announced that the Electronic Entertainment Expo, more commonly known as E3, is officially dead after multiple attempts at its revival. As reported by The Washington Post, multiple factors have been cited as catalysts toward the event's collapse, including new competitors (hi, Summer Game Fest), partner withdrawals,...

Thursday7th Sep 2023

Friday23rd Jun 2023

  • News E3 2024 And 2025 Have Supposedly Been Cancelled

    The ESA claims "no final decisions" have been made

    E3 2023 was cancelled earlier this year in March, and now in an update, it seems the events for 2024 and 2025 have also been axed. This information was featured in a slide during a Los Angeles City Tourism Board meeting. The Entertainment Software Association has come out with a statement,...

Friday31st Mar 2023

  • Poll Is This The Very End Of The Road For E3?

    Pour one out. Again.

    Yesterday the news came that E3 2023 is officially cancelled. The writing had been on the wall for a couple of months. Despite the ESA and ReedPop's stated intentions to "reunite the industry" with a new vision of the hallowed yet ailing industry event, hopes of a "return to form"

Wednesday29th Mar 2023

  • News SEGA & Tencent Have Also Decided To Skip This Year's E3

    “There’s no possible way this show can happen”

    Following yesterday's news Ubisoft would be withdrawing from this year's E3, it seems a few more third-party publishers have decided not to attend this year's event. According to IGN, both Sega and Tencent will not be in attendance. In a statement, Sega mentioned how it would not be participating...

Tuesday28th Mar 2023

Wednesday8th Mar 2023

  • Random Reggie Burns E3 With Miiverse Comparison

    Can we get a Rawst Berry please

    After reports that the world's big three console manufacturers would not be attending E3 this year (Nintendo's absence was later confirmed), we all settled into the idea of respective announcements being a little more spread across the calendar. PAX organiser ReedPop (who — full disclosure time! — is a partner of...

Friday24th Feb 2023

  • News Nintendo Is Officially Skipping E3 2023

    "We have made the decision to not participate"

    Nintendo has officially confirmed that it will not be attending E3 2023, following IGN's report earlier this year. In a statement made to VentureBeat and IGN, Nintendo stated that E3 did not fit into the company's plans for the year and it won't be having any presence at the Los Angeles

Thursday2nd Feb 2023

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Friday10th Jun 2022

  • News Geoff Keighley Announces Physical Event For Summer Game Fest 2023

    E3 and Summer Game Fest go head-to-head

    In the wake of the Summer Game Fest 2022 Opening Showcase, Geoff Keighley has announced that the event will return in 2023 in both digital and physical formats. Now you're probably thinking "okay - so?". Well, just to remind you, dear readers, ESA - the parent company of E3 - has recently reiterated its...

Wednesday8th Jun 2022

Tuesday7th Jun 2022

  • News E3 Will Return In 2023, Assures ESA President

    "We're excited about coming back"

    It's June, which means we should be celebrating E3 right now. But we're not, as it was cancelled for the second time in three years back in February. That doesn't mean we're not getting any video game news though, as we're being fed a glutton of gaming presentations, spearheaded by Geoff Keighley's Summer Game...

Thursday19th May 2022

Monday9th May 2022

Thursday31st Mar 2022

  • News E3 2022 Is Officially Cancelled

    Geoff Keighley, what did you do?

    [Update: Thu 31st Mar, 2022 21:00 BST] The ESA has provided an official statement to IGN, as reported by Rebekah Valentine: "We will devote all our energy and resources to delivering a revitalized physical and digital E3 experience next summer. Whether enjoyed from the show floor or your favorite devices, the...

Monday17th Jan 2022

Monday10th Jan 2022

Thursday6th Jan 2022

  • News E3 Is Going To Be Digital-Only Again This Year, Thanks To COVID-19

    "We are nonetheless excited about the future of E3"

    The Entertainment Software Association has confirmed that E3 2022 will be a digital-only event. The event was cancelled in 2020, and last year, it went online-only. Here's the statement the ESA has given to GamesBeat: Due to the ongoing health risks surrounding COVID-19 and its potential impact...

Wednesday29th Dec 2021

Friday23rd Jul 2021

  • Random Possibly The Rarest Nintendo e-Reader Card Ever Has Been Found

    Update: 1st Place promo Kirby card sold for over $10K

    Update #2 (Fri 23rd Jul, 2021): After a full week on ebay, bidding finally closed on the auction and the card sold for a whopping $10,600USD. Nintendo destroyed any 'winning' Kirby promo cards at E3 2002, so this incredibly rare 1st place survivor was always going to suck in some high bids. Five...

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  • Feature Nintendo's Most Iconic E3 Moments

    5 of the best, from live shows to pre-recorded puppets

    E3 2021 is just around the corner, though with a whole lot of competing events and streams it's not quite the industry-defining occasion of the past. Yet Nintendo will be 'there' with a day that'll feature an E3 Nintendo Direct and three hours of Treehouse demonstrations streamed for your...

  • News Here's What To Expect At E3's Wholesome Direct Showcase

    Including 70+ new and upcoming games

    How many Nintendo consoles can you spot in this artwork? E3 2021 sees the grand return of the Wholesome Direct, a relatively new showcase format that debuted last summer. Organised by Wholesome Games, the cosy and uplifting event will be back on our screens on 12th June at 10am Pacific / 7pm CEST as part of the...

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  • News Nintendo E3 2021 Direct To Air 15th June

    Here are the times you need

    Nintendo's E3 2021 Direct will air on 15th June, the company has confirmed. The show will be "roughly 40 minutes" long, featuring info "focused exclusively on Nintendo Switch software." As you can see in the announcement tweet below, this will be followed by "around 3 hours of gameplay" in a special Nintendo Treehouse...

  • News Handy E3 2021 Infographic Shows All Confirmed Exhibitors And Sponsors

    Nintendo listed as a 'Pinnacle Sponsor'

    Only ten days remain until E3 2021 gets underway, and while we still don't really have any idea what Nintendo will be up to during the event, we can be sure there'll be a fair few game announcements worthy of our attention. Building up to the big day, the ESA has released a new infographic showing off all the...

Tuesday1st Jun 2021

  • News E3 2021 Will Have Its Own Awards Show

    Deciding the event's most anticipated games

    E3 will be adding something new to the mix this year thanks to the announcement of the 'Official E3 2021 Awards Show'. Set to be broadcast on Tuesday 15th June, the last day of E3 2021, this awards show hopes to "determine the most anticipated games of the event." Editors from games websites IGN,...

  • News E3's Just Days Away, Yet Nintendo's Being Oddly Quiet About Its Plans

    The company's leaving things late this year

    Nintendo at E3 2019. There'll sadly be no physical event this year, of course! Update: Thankfully this article has aged horribly, and Nintendo has finally revealed its E3 Direct plans. All the details you need are right here. We'd like to think Nintendo saw this and thought, 'hey, we better give those...

Tuesday25th May 2021

Monday24th May 2021

  • News E3 2021 Fan Registration Opens On 3rd June

    Get access to online booths, events and more

    More news on E3 2021 has arrived, as the ESA announces that fan registration for the event will open up on 3rd June. As has been explained previously, this year's E3 will be an all-digital experience running from Saturday 12th to Tuesday 15th June. It seems that a good chunk of the experience will be...

Wednesday19th May 2021

Thursday13th May 2021

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Tuesday11th May 2021

  • Poll Are You Excited About E3 2021?

    Come for the reveals, stay for the cringe-factor

    It perhaps wasn't surprising that E3 2021 was announced as an online-only affair; the logistics involved in staging an expo, not to mention all of the preparation and traveling for global exhibitors, made an in-person event impossible in the current circumstances. For the vast majority of those that...

Friday7th May 2021

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Wednesday28th Apr 2021

  • News E3 Announces Its Digital Event Hosts For 2021

    Here are your hosts for E3's four-day event

    After its break last year, E3 is really starting to feel like an actual thing again this year. We've already heard about a growing list of game publishers that are going to be on board, and now more details are being set in stone thanks to a new host reveal. E3 2021 will be an all-virtual global event...

Monday26th Apr 2021

  • News E3 Line-Up Potentially Expands With SEGA And Bandai Namco

    Update: list may be out of date

    Update: It's been highlighted (thanks to those that messaged us) that the participating companies page linked may be the list from last year's cancelled E3 event. Though the site header states E3 2021, direct links to the page obscure the fact that the current website doesn't directly point to that list. It's very...

Tuesday20th Apr 2021

  • News Square Enix Confirms Plans For E3 2021

    "Several" games lined up

    Another major publisher has confirmed that it will be making an appearance at this year's E3, as Square Enix joins the ever-growing roster. The news comes from an interview with Japanese publication Nikkei, where the company's CEO, Yosuke Matsuda, has revealed that announcements will be shared at this year's event. Here's...

Thursday15th Apr 2021

  • News Ubisoft Forward Event Confirmed For Day One Of E3

    Just Dance 2022 confirmed, surely

    E3 is back this year, and for many of us it'll be the same as always - sitting in comfort with snacks at hand and watching too many livestreams. Though we won't necessarily have the groan-inducing entertainment of a live show, the good news is that Ubisoft has dated its presentation with the 'Ubisoft Forward' brand...

Thursday8th Apr 2021

Tuesday6th Apr 2021

  • News E3 2021 Has Been Dated - Nintendo, Xbox, Capcom And More All Confirmed

    Online-only, and completely free

    The Entertainment Software Association has announced its plans for this year's E3 event, revealing that several major publishers are already on board – including Nintendo. A "reimagined, all-virtual" version of E3 will take place from Saturday 12th to Tuesday 15th June. The ESA says that "developers will be...

Friday2nd Apr 2021

  • News Don't Worry, E3 2021 Won't Be Locked Behind A Paywall

    It's the same as usual, according to the ESA

    Yesterday, VGC published a story suggesting E3 could potentially be locking some elements of this year's digital E3 event behind a paywall. The plan, according to "multiple publishing sources" was to apparently charge a fee for some of this year's content. This would include demos and a "premium" package...

Monday1st Mar 2021

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Thursday9th Jul 2020

  • News The ESA Reminds Us That E3 Will Return

    The show must go on

    E3 might have been cancelled this year due to the global pandemic, but that doesn't mean it won't be making a return. A fresh new tweet from the official expo account has reminded followers that the convention still exists "thanks to video games" and that it will be back. There's also a short promotional video attached, take a...